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My Aunty whom I now control

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After 6 months of sex I now started to control my Aunty Jan and she loves it

If you had read my other stories you would have know that my Aunty Jan wanked me when I was 13 and I started fucking her soon after, and I was starting to control her.
I was now 14 and was starting to make her into a exhibitionist, she had flashed a few older men in the car park but that’s all.
She is a lovely looking women she is 31 5ft 2 and a size 8 with 34b tits.
Since we have been fucking I have took control of her and she does as I say this weekend was going to be a whole weekend as she is looking after me while my parents are at a works conference out of town so she is staying from the Friday till Sunday.
I didn’t have anything planned but I wanted to see how far she would go at showing off her body.
I heard her pull up in the car my parents had already left about a hour ago I went to open the door, I looked as she got her overnight bag out of the car, she was wearing a denim knee length dress with buttons up the front and she had on black tights and a pair of white trainers.
She smiled as she came in I told her my parents were already gone and they had left money to go have pizza for tea.
When she came in I tried my boss bit I said Aunty Jan when you put your stuff in the bedroom come to mine I want you to give me a bj, I was waiting for a reply but she went upstairs and put her stuff in the room and came to mine, she got down on her knees and undone my jeans and pulled them down and my boxers and took my semi hard cock in her mouth and started to suck as she moved her head back and forth my cock got harder she was taken my whole cock in her mouth I put my hands on her head moving her hair so I could watch as she bobbed back and forth I could feel my balls tighten my cum was getting ready to shoot out and then I happened my spunk shot down her throat I felt her gulping it down her tongue licking my cock as it emptied into her .
She looked up smiling that’s once let’s see how many times you cum this weekend. She stood up wiped her lips and kissed me now she said should we go out for some food , I pulled my trousers and boxers up and we went downstairs it was then she just blurted out your the boss were we going and what we doing, pizza I said the sit in one were you can tease some of the men showing off your legs .
She looked and said before we started this together I had never flashed anyone but now it turns me on especially when with you , I love you so much you might have just turned 14 but your mature and when your 16 we can be together,she had it all planned and I wanted it to, we have been having sex for 6 months now and I love it and even better now I’m starting to get her to be a exhibitionist, turns me on so much
So now we headed to the pizza place I had undone a few of her buttons from the bottom of her skirt and when she sits driving I could see the top of her hold up stockings and she had on a pair of bright green lacey panties, I slid my hand between her skirt and panties feeling them panties I just loved them, as I moved my hand her legs opened allowing my hand between her legs,as we drove her legs gripped tighter on my hand i could feel her pussy juices leaking all the time my cock was hard, as we arrived at the pizza eatery she said you need stop doing this I’m so high with you doing that my pussy is soaking .
I laughed and replied look at me a hard on she reached out and grabbed my hand as we walked in a took to a table near the corner and sat down she lent over whispered in my ear Alan I’m so happy I would do anything for you, as I lent in to her ear I want you to flash you panties when we are eating as if you don’t know your doing it. She smiled is that all yes I replied then when we get to mine I want to fuck you all night her hand went under the table to stroke my cock through my trousers and she said that won’t be a problem.
We ordered the food the waiter called me her son which made me smile as her hand was still on my cock, when the food arrived there was 4 lads about 18 on a table in view I mentioned to Jan who opened her legs to give them a view up her dress revealing her green panties, it wasn’t long when they were keep peeking over making me horny and Jan horny too this went on all the time we had our food.
It just looked like a 31 year old mom and her son but they didn’t know that I was her lover, after the food we walked to the car she held my hand as we walked past the lads who’s eyes were straining as she walked past her dress opened up enough to see.
When we got to the carJan said should we have a drive around while you finger me and I will wank you before we head home.
So off we drove I was first I pulled off her panties sniffed them and the smell was intoxicating I was in love with the smell of her love juices I reached between her legs soaking wet pussy awaiting my fingers .
She set off driving as my fingers played with her pussy it was getting dark as we drive around we pulled into a carpark while I finished her off and she took hold of my cock wanking slowly I put her panties over my tip as I was getting ready to cum on them I pushed out so much cum it went through her panties she licked it all up turned to me and kissed me now let’s go home and have some real fun .

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    Keep this going this is so hot

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    Put a collar on her, make her wear it constantly, never taking it off.