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Mom was a flirt part 1

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I was 16 mom was 38 at time. She was 5 foot tall
Nice tight body. She had a perfect bottom and she knew it.
She treated dad like shit. She bitched at him all the time. When other people was around she was a angel. I would go to store with her shopping and she would flirt with every guy that looks at her. So I had this desire to see her naked. Her little fits smooth legs. Round ass got everyone’s attention including mine.
So at school I was in bathroom and these guys was smoking and talking about roofies. Not I knew what they were
They were the date rape pills. He pulled some out and showed them to his friend. I was washing my hands and a teacher came in . They both left in a hurry and I heard something hit the tile floor.
I look and a pill was rolling under sink. I bent and picked it up and left.
So did I have a roofie . I go home and google it looking at pictures I did have one.
Instantly I think of mom.
So dad was gone during week driving.
Mom always had a glass of wine in evenings.
My plan was simple
Drop the oil crushed into her wine and see what happens.
Well let’s say she passed out in less than 20 minutes.
I help her to bed. Not really passed out more like in a hypnotic state sleep walking.
So when I get her in bed she said I can’t go to bed in my clothes on slur speech.
I said ok I pulled her jeans off shirt. She removed her own panties on her own clumsily.
She was shaved bald. I was so nervous about what I did it took me a minute to really realize what I was really doing.
At this point I am so excited so hard I pull my pants down enough and Mon had laid down I spread her legs and started fucking her. I know I jump right into it. But that’s how it happened.
No for play no thinking.
Just pure list over took me and I was jack hammering her within minutes..
She even started rocking her hips to meet my thrust.
I came quickly and lay on her out of breath.
I kissed her tits and climbed off looking at the cum on her lips.
After some time of rolling her over looking at her bare butt. Playing with her tits. I fucked her again. And again..
Cumming in her every time. When I was spent which was about 5 in morning. I cover her up and go to bed.
The next day was hard at school I left mon was still in bed.
And I was worried she would know.
When I got home she was doing dishes. Her ass was shaking as she vigorously dried the dishes.
She smiled at me and said she was sorry for not making breakfast she must of forgot to set her alarm last night.
Acted perfectly normal. After dinner she went to take a shower. After she was done I took one. When I put my clothes in hamper. I saw her underwear. I pulled them out and they were streaked with globes of my cum. I came several times.
She had to know something but didn’t act like it.
To be continued

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  • Reply Luis ID:brx1qep0d2

    Waiting for continues

  • Reply pete ID:7ylren88ri

    I caught my mom having sex with another man and she didn’t want me to tell dad so I started fucking her and I made her my slut I even let my best friend have some

    • Jason ID:5vn556rozri

      fuck that is amazing you’re lucky man

  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ithfij

    The next week when she got home and I was sleeping she came in to lay down and told me that it was ok if I wanted to take my underwear off and lay with her it was just so nice and when I felt her touch my legs and moved her feet next to me I was just getting ready to see her pussy when she asked me to play with her feet

  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ithfij

    My mom worked long hours and sometimes she would get in my bed with me and sleep once in a while she would take off her robe and lay down with me her panties on and her robe still on after working one night she got in the bed with me and was only wearing panties when I asked her how her night was she was already a sleep as she was laying there I could see her pussy was right next to me and when I asked her if she was ok she just moved down on the bed a little bit and I could see her pussy lips my first thought was to get up and when I did she told me it was very warm in the room and took her panties off when she got naked and I looked at her ass against the sheets she moved over and slid the sheets off

    • Charles ID:1ftmt7ww44

      I’m living it