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Amy does NiS Wednesday

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The third day of Amy’s NiS experience. She is not in School today, but discovers something interesting.



I felt much better when I woke up this morning. The events of yesterday shoved deep into the darkest caverns of my mind. I was under no Illusion though that they might not crop up again. I was just determined that they will not get me down. If I let it, I lose. ‘Stay Strong!’ Became my mantra. Besides, this story is far from over. I might have to testify in court some day.
“So, what happened? After I mean. I passed out.” I ask Dad and Marcia at breakfast.
“Well. One of your teachers, a Mr. Cartwright went into the toilets. He did not have class at the time. He saw what was going on. He kicked the door down and apprehended your assailant. He might have ruffed him up a bit. I know him from gym. He is a fairly good boxer. He then called for help on his cell.” Dad explains to me.
“Oh. I owe him big thanks I suppose. Who was it? I could not see his face and I forgot to ask. Or was afraid to.”
“James Fyfield. Do you know him?” Dad asks.
“No. I’m new in school. It is impossible to get to know two thousand people in a week.”
“Well he was one of the students that got held back. So he is already eighteen. He will be tried as an adult. My lawyers are throwing everything at him that they can. Him and the school.”
“I don’t think the school had anything to do with it.” I say.
“They are legally obliged to provide security to program participants. If you are in the program you are more vulnerable than normal. They ought to have kept that in mind before sending you out into the wild. We are using the legal leverage that we obtained against the school to get the security upgraded. Not for compensation. It will not help anyone. We have enough money.” Dad says.
“Ok.” I agree. “Let’s work towards something like this not happening again.”
“You look kind of chirper. Do feel up to going back to school again next week?” Marcia asks.
“Tomorrow.” I answer. “Need to get back in the saddle. William… I forgot to ask. Is he ok?”
“He should be fine. A slight concussion. Will be right as rain next week.” Marcia says. “You should call him. He is worried.”
“I will. I should maybe go visit. If that is ok with you guys.”
“Sure. If you’re up for it.” Dad says.
“Maybe you should take me… I’m still a bit sore.”
I phoned William’s house after breakfast and spoke to his mom. I got us all invited to come over as soon as possible and stay for lunch. Apparently Williams’s father took the day off.
So we all jumped into a car and drove the few blocks to the Smith’s house.
We arrived and issued the normal greetings. I assured the Smiths that I was all right multiple times before they let me go. William was still resting in his room so I went in to greet him.
“Hi! I’m coming in!” I bang on the door before walking in. William’s mother did not let him sleep until early in the morning. Afraid that he won’t wake up again or something, despite what the doctors said. William is just waking up as I pounce on the bed beside him. He is just wearing some boxers lying on his back above the covers. His morning wood making an amusing tent in them.
“Hi… Hi! How are you doing?” He asks as he opens his eyes.
“Fine… Doing better. Thank you. And you?”
“May I hug you?” He asks.
“I would love that.” I say as I hug him and he hugs me.
“I broke my promise… I’m so sorry… I should have…” He says after a while. A tear comes down his cheek and he sniffs.
“There is nothing else you could have done. We both know that. You are here for me now… That’s what counts.” I squeeze a bit in reassurance after I said that.
“You’re not mad at me?” he asks.
“No. Why?”
“Irrationality I suppose. Thank you.” He squeezes me. “I need to pee.” We both look down at his tent and begin to laugh.
“That would make things a bit difficult.” I say as I reach out and start to play with it. “Let me help you get it down.”
I go down and sit on his legs before freeing his cock by pulling his boxers down. I stroke is erection up and down a bit before planting a kiss on the head. I kiss him a couple of times before slipping his cock into my mouth. I suck on his erect penis and lick his balls. I administered the ‘therapy’ until he said that he was about to come. I clamp my lips down on his cockhead just as he came, and I swallow every last drop. I milk him to make sure I got everything before letting him go.
“Now that’s a good way to wake up in the morning. If you’re not careful this could turn into a habit!” William laughs.
“I thought you say that you want to pee.” I say as I watch his cock wilting. “I wanne watch.”

“You sure?” He asks. I understand what he means.
“Get back in the saddle. Plus, you owe me!” I answer.
“Ok. Let’s go to the toilet.” He says as he kicks out of his boxers that were around his knees.
We go into his bathroom. It is a room that I’ve never been in before. It is clean and tidy. Spartan perhaps. William stands in front of the toilet and takes hold of his penis in his right hand. It takes a couple of seconds before a stream of golden piss came out from the front. I watch intently. Fascinated.
“I think I may need to take a shower.” He says as he shakes off the last drops. “Care to join?”
“Ok.” I say as I drop my short shorts. I’m not wearing any underwear. In about two seconds I am as naked as he is.
“All right then. Back on the horse.” William says as puts a shower cap on. “For the stitches.” He says. He looks silly like a blue capped mushroom.
I giggle at the sight. William opens the taps and wait for the temperature to come right while brushing his teeth.
We enter the shower and I put my arms around his waist, giving him another hug before standing on my tiptoe and giving him a kiss on the mouth. I taste the fresh minty flavour of the toothpaste on him.
“Thank you, again for being here for me.” I say as I put my hands on his hips. “There was something that I was planning on giving to you. But I lost it. It got stolen. I only have the other one left.” I can see that William looks puzzled. “I meant to give you my virginity. It is something that can only be given once. I wanted it to be special. Now I can’t really. I can only give you my other hole if you’re interested.”
“I am very much interested in taking your anal virginity. It would be an honor. What I’m concerned about, is that you make it sound as if I would not be interested in your vagina.” William answers.
“It’s not like that. It came out wrong. But for now my vagina is off limits. At least until it has healed. I got some minor tearing to deal with. It should clear up in a week or so.”
“So you want to…?” William asks and I can feel his erection growing against my stomach. Boys. Will get hard looking at floor tiles!
“Yes!” I say as I go down on my hands and knees on the shower floor. I go down on my elbows and stick my twelve year old butt into the air. My tiny little pink hole blinking at William as he stares mesmerized at the sight on the floor in front of him. “You might want to apply some lubricant first.” I tell him.
William jumps out of the shower. He grabs something from the medicine cabinet before coming back.
“Will this work?” He asks. Holding a bottle of baby oil in his hand.
“Mmhm…” I mumble and nod. “Just work slowly. I prefer to use olive oil. It’s organic, better for the skin.”
“I only have this…”
“It’s all right for one time.” I wink at him. Letting him know that I plan on more.
William goes down on his knees behind me between my legs. He strokes and softly massages my upturned butt. He goes down and kisses my ass cheeks before licking my tight anus. He kisses and sucks and licks my tiny little butthole before pouring some oil onto it. He smears the oil around my entrance before slipping a finger in. William pours some more oil onto my twelve year old anus as he works it in with his finger. Soon he adds a second digit as he finger fucks my behind. I am dripping wet and panting by the time this happens. He pours some oil on his cock before placing the head against my now ready asshole. He presses in slowly when I nod for him to proceed. I gasp and he froze as his head enters my ass for the first time. It took a couple of seconds for me to get used to the sensation. He slowly moves his thirteen year old penis deeper into my bowls when I tell him to carry on. Soon he is all the way in up to his balls. I feel so full. William slowly retracts until just his glans was still inside my butthole before plunging in again faster. In and out. Slowly picking up the pace. I find myself diddling my clit as William fucks my ass. He grunts and I mewl. I orgasm as he leaves his seed deep inside of me with hard, powerful thrusts.
We collapse on the floor on top of each other, taking a minute to catch out breaths.
“Thank you.” William says as he stands up and helps me onto my feet. “That was the most incredible thing ever. We’ve got to finish up though. We’re running out of hot water.” He says as he grabs the soap and starts to wash me off. “I’ve given you my virginity as well.” He says.
We dry off and steps out of the bathroom.
“I don’t feel like putting my clothes back on.” I say.
“I guess we could go without. We can put them back on if they complain.” He answers
“Ah! Our two nudists finally emerged from the cave!” Mr. Smith laughs as we steps out onto the back porch were our parents were lounging.
“From the sound that came out of that room, it does not seem that you hurt anymore.” Marcia says.
“My pussy is still plenty sore. So we didn’t go there.” I blush.
“So… Oh..! My word…” Mss. Smith lets out.
“Adventurous indeed.” Dad laughs.
They all laugh. William and I just shuffle around awkwardly.
“Well I’m not gonne ask how it was. It sounded like fun. Sit down. Tell us what’s the story with the clothes? Or lack thereof?” Mr. Smith asks.
“Well… We’re still in the Program, aren’t we?” I say as I take a seat next to William on the porch swing.
“Only if you still want to be.” Dad says.
“I think that I must do this. I don’t know about William.”
“I’m with you all the way.” He says squeezing my hand and looking into my eyes.
“Ok then. So this is outreach. I feel slightly overdressed all of a sudden. What do you think Marcia?” Mss. Smith chimes in.
“Oh! Well you know that I don’t need an invitation to take my clothes off. The ones that haven’t seen me naked before does not have internet.” Marcia laughs.
“That’s settled then. Let’s go take our clothes off.” Mss. Smith says.
Dad and Marcia stand up and follow her into the house. Mr. Smith however has a deer in the headlights look on his face before drowning it with one gulp of his drink. He follows the rest of the adults into the house.
“Did you see the look on my Dad’s face?” William whispers as the leave.
“Yeah.” I say. “He just needs to get used to it. Dad, Marcia and I spend a lot of time nude. We even go to nudist camps and so on. We’re used to being naked and seeing others in the nude.”
“It’s something that does not happen in this house. I’ve never seen my parents naked before.”
“You will now!” I laugh.
We wait a bit on the double porch swing before our parents came out of the house. It is also the first time for me to see the Smiths without their clothes on.
They are both pale with tan lines marking the portions that have never seen the sun before. Both of them are blond, with Mss. Smith showing off a sparse blond bush. At around one meter and seventy centimeters she has full hips and breasts that are a bit smaller than Marcia’s with large areolas and perky nipples. Mr. Smith however is taller at around one meter ninety centimeters. He is much more muscular than he looks with his clothes on and is sporting a decent semi erection at the moment.
“Pose a bit.” I joke as they move to take their seats.
“Like in the Program?” Marcia asks.
“Why not?” William adds. Laughing.
“Ok. It sounds fair. Me first.” Marcia says. She stands up and moves to the middle of the porch while the rest of us move our chairs in front of her.
“Wait.” Mss. Smith says. “This needs some music. We’re not in school after all.”
“Great idea!” Dad says. “We can work some dancing into this.” He laughs.
“Pity we don’t have our clothes on. This could have been a strip tease.” Mr. Smith adds.
“Next time then.” Marcia says as she begins to move to the beat of the music.
She dances, swinging her hips and large breasts to the energetic music playing in the background. She turns around and twerks her ass at us before the music ends.
“Wow! That was hotter than any Program pose that I’ve ever seen!” William says. I look and he was sporting an erection. I guess that is Marcia’s superpower as I also feel myself becoming horny again. Dad and Mr. Smith also look excited.
“Ok. I’ll give it a try.” Mr. Smith says. “I’m not much of a dancer though.”
A new song starts and he takes position in the middle of the porch with us watching. The song starts out slow, so he puts his hands on his head and strikes a standard pose first before slowly swinging his hips. He speeds up with the music and soon his half erect cock is swinging and bouncing to the delight of everyone watching.
“Now that was something!” Dad says as the music stops.
“I warned you that I’m not much of a dancer.” Mr. Smith says.
“A tough act to follow. See you’ve got the ladies drooling. My turn.” Dad says as he stands in the middle of the porch.
The music starts off again and Dad copies the choreography in the music video of the song. He does not stick to the script entirely and shows off a bit more of his ass than in the video. I love looking at his butt. I might have a fetish I think. Marcia clapped as the music ended.
“Ok… I think it’s getting a bit warm around here.” Mss. Smith laughs. “I think it is my turn. Marcia, pick us a song please.”
Mss. Smith starts moving to the sound of the jazzy tune playing in the background. She makes slow sensuous movements with her full hips and perky breasts. I know that I was practically panting when the music stopped.
“Go Mss. Smith!” I clap excited.
“I think that it’s your turn now.” Dad says, looking at William and me.
The song starts and we soon realize that it’s a line dance. We take positions and start dancing to the song. Now I know that there is nothing overtly sexy about a line dance, just a lot of fun. It is however a completely different story if you’re naked. We ended the song to claps and whistles from the adults.
“That was fun. We should do this more often.” William says.
“Yes.” Mr. Smith adds. “Just look at me. All this dancing got me very excited!” We all look at him sporting a full erection with pulsing veins and a drop of precum at the tip.
“Oh! It looks like you need some relief!” Mss. Smith laughs.
“Need me to help you?” Dad asks Mr. Smith. William and I both almost choke on the air we are breathing. We did not expect Dad to make the offer.
“Program rules. You can only get relief in front of the class. And you only have five minutes.” Marcia says.
“Ok…” Mr. Smith went and stand in the middle of the porch again. “John… Some assistance please.” He says to the whooping of Marcia and Mss. Smith.
We give him and Dad a shocked but intrigued look as Dad stands up and take position beside him. They both turn to face each other as each of them takes hold of the other mans cock. Dad’s penis is erect by now as Mr. Smith begins to slowly jack him off while receiving the same treatment. The whole time they are focusing on each other and the pleasure given by the other man. They look each other in the eye and are soon kissing, opening their mouths to allow the other access. Mr. Smith and Dad pull each other closer by their butts. Soon their penises are grinding against each other as they are encased in the men’s right hands and the left ones are playing with other man’s butt hole. They lick and suck on each other’s tongues as they buck their hips against each other. Soon Mr. Smith comes followed by Daddy shortly after. They let go of each other after they make sure the other man is milked dry.
“That was steamy!” Mss. Smith says handing them a box of tissues and helping the men clean up their cum smeared bodies.
“Agreed!” Marcia says as she grabs some tissues and help Mss. Smith.
“Dad… I never thought that you are into other men!” William says.
“Not many.”Mr. Smith answers. “One or two maybe. John is the only one I ever go this far with. We come a long way you know.”
“So… You’ve done this before?” William asks.
“Well… I guess that if mom is ok with it… I’m as well. Turned on actually!” William says.
“I am.” Mss. Smith answers. “They usually do this kind of thing in front of us. Marcia and me, that is to say. We sometimes swap around a bit and I get to play with either John or Marcia… Or both…”
“You get to learn something new every day.” I say as I idly stroke William’s erection.
“Now I’m horny as hell.” Marcia chimes in.
“I can help with that.” Mss. Smith adds as she stand up and walks the few paces to where Marcia is sitting. She picks Marcia’s legs up and pulls her forward a bit by them before draping Marcia’s legs over the armrests of the large chair she is sitting on.
“Oh no! In front of the class!” Mr. Smith says. Both him and Dad gets up and pick the chair with Marcia on it up, and places her in the middle of the porch facing us. She now has her legs spread wide open with her pussy and asshole visible to us all.
Mss. Smith performs some acrobatics before lowering herself onto Marcia with her legs also on the arm rests of the chair and her back towards us. She lowers herself until her pussy is right on top of Marcia’s. Bucking her hips, Mss. Smith begins to rub her clitoris against Marcia’s, exuding sighs from both women. I later learned that it is called tribbing or something. Mss. Smith bends down and starts to kiss Marcia while keeping the pressure and rhythm going on her clit. Marcia for her part is massaging Mss. Smith’s breasts and ass as their orgasms build up and they both explode and collapse in a tangle of arms and legs.
Claps come from all of us watching this exhibition, with a couple of whistles from Dad.
“That was hot.” I say. “I should try it some time.”
“It is a lot of fun!” Marcia says. “It looks like William is about to burst. Are you going to help him out?”
“In front of the class!” Dad says.S
“After that it’s time for lunch.” Mr. Smith says.
William and I look at each other and communicate wordlessly before taking a boring sixty nine position on the floor in front of our parents. With me on top, we begin to orally stimulate each other while being watched intently. I suck and lick on Williams hard thirteen year old cock while he laps and slurps at my oozing twelve year old pussy. It does not take long for William to stiffen up and come into the back of my throat. It wasn’t much this time, as it was his third time this morning after all. I swallowed all of it before coming into my own orgasm. I collapse on top of William with his near hairless balls in my face.
There might have been some noise coming from our parent. I didn’t hear it as I was basking in the afterglow.
“I’m hungry.” I say as I kiss William’s scrotum.
“Well… Don’t eat my balls!” He laughs from between my young little legs while idly stroking my butt and thighs. “You are so soft and delicious.” He adds. “I could eat you!”
“Your five minutes are up.” Mr. Smith says. “Time for lunch.”
We washed up and we all pitched in to prepare some burgers. We remained nude of course, except for Mr. Smith when he handled the grill and wore an apron. I must say that he looked good in it with his butt sticking out like that.
At lunch our parents explained to William and me that they have been having sex with each other on and off for years. After mom died it was just the three of them until Marcia came along.
After lunch we went home as it was decided that both William and me needed to get some rest if we were to go to school tomorrow. We took a detour for me to get a box of chocolates for Mr. Cartwright.
We spent the afternoon lounging around in the nude until bedtime. I slept with Dad and Marcia again. I just could not face being alone.

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