The Game Controller

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A little silly sci-fi erotica. A new kind of game controller comes on the market, the one that lets you do everything hands-free…

Hailey was struggling to stop scrolling through social networks and get back to work when this ad caught her eye. “Free your hands! The new way to play and work!” She scrolled back and opened up the details.

– Mouse and joystick are things of the past!

– Free your hands to type, hold a cup, or anything else!

– 5-Fit gives you five independent degrees of freedom! (Sorry guys, only four degrees for you.)

– Unparalleled freedom of control! Steer, navigate, jump, shoot and anything else by contracting your vaginal, anal, butt, hip muscles and wiggling your toes!

– Think you cannot control them separately? Think again! In just one week of training, you’ll be amazed at yourself!

– Finely tuned vibration feedback.

– Automatic detection of orgasmic spasms. You won’t lose your progress!

– Compatible with almost anything.

– And much more.

– Why wait? Order now!

Hailey giggled, blushed, sent the link to her friends, blushed again, looked at the price (hmm… quite affordable…) and clicked “buy”.

The friends started replying. To Hailey’s surprise, there were only a few “lol” and “wtf”. Others thanked her for the suggestion, and several girls even said they were already using 5-Fit, and it was amazing!

Wow. Still blushing and shaking a little with excitement, Hailey opened the detailed instructions in the site.


The package arrived the next day. Hailey opened the box, bit her lip, boldly took off her bottom and started unpacking. Wow. It really was beautiful. A smooth, elastic surface of the controller (the shape with the three extensions was unmistakable), thin plastic cables (only a few of them; the thing was mostly wireless), soft silicone rings, straps, and the manual (she didn’t really need it, she’d already read everything online). Hailey read the first step and grinned, almost not blushing anymore. Ok, let’s do it!

She sat down on the carpet, spread her legs wide and started gluing the sensors, putting on the toerings and adjusting the straps. Finally, she lubricated the controller and slowly pushed it in, both holes, the whole length. Ohhh… She wasn’t a virgin, but the sensations were still unusual.

She stood up, took a few steps, turned around, squatted… Everything held. Not bad. And it did not restrict her movements…

She sat down in front of her laptop and flipped the switch on her hip. The computer immediately recognized the new Bluetooth device and began installing the drivers and training software.

Hailey followed the calibration wizard, smiling shyly during the tutorial part (“Move right toe up… Raise your left hip… Tense both buttocks… Squeeze vagina…”)… and finally got to the training part. The program was a simple platformer/runner game that gradually increased in complexity, introducing the controller features one at a time. Hailey obediently moved her toes, squeezed her vagina and anus, and laughed out loud. That was so weird!

She continued. Now she had to work the same muscles separately: right hip, left hip, vagina, right toe, left butt… She had no time to think about how she looked now, wiggling her whole bottom in fine little movements, otherwise she might be embarrassed.

The game turned on the vibration feedback. It was really fine-tuned, her feet, hips, buttocks and all her private parts separately. Soon she could steer almost without looking at the screen, just by the tactile feedback. She ran faster, jumped three platforms in a row, caught the diamond… and the pleasure slowly building inside her exploded, flooding her entire body. Hailey let out a soft cry and shook, her eyes closed and her mouth open, her face red and sweaty.

Ohhh… She relaxed and looked at the screen. The game was paused. The orgasmic safeguards were really working.

Hailey smiled dreamily. She liked this thing! She took a deep breath and started the next level.


She mastered 5-Fit in two weeks. Not only for gaming, it made her 3D design work a lot easier, and for 2D painting she no longer had to look away from the tablet to switch layers, colors and everything else with her bottom (Photoshop even had a plugin for that!).

The control allowed her to detach the leg parts, leaving just the butt, vagina and anus, and control her mobile devices on the go. Hailey achieved such precision that the butt-dialing stopped being an annoyance and became a real thing. She could even text hands-free. And just unexpected incoming calls, with vibrator notifications, sometimes took her off guard.

Her friends – almost everyone had bought 5-Fit by now – were just as excited.

There was another effect. Hailey had no boyfriend, but when she went on a random Tinder date and had sex… mmm… wow. Her partner was amazed at how flexible Hailey was. They tried every position imaginable, and even some unimaginable ones, and she could squeeze, vibrate, and shake her bottom whenever she wanted! Hailey had orgasms, lots of them, and her partner had all of his, more than he expected.


5-Fit became the gadget of the year. Although the drivers allowed remapping of controls and actions in almost any application, developers rushed to add direct support for the controller, giving its users the kind of control flexibility not possible with mice and joysticks.

And then this game came out. “Fight for the Federation”. It was for the 5-Fit only. Elaborate multiplayer role-playing and combat environment, rich Sci-Fi story about space Federation fighting its enemies, lots of battle robots and fighter ships, everything. The graphics was amazing, it looked almost drawn from nature, and the developers kept adding new events.

Hailey and her friends were immediately hooked, spending hours playing together, competing for the best scores and achievements. They became expert pilots, slowly climbing to the top of the leaderboards. They talked a lot about the game, wrote fanfics, and imagined themselves to be real Federation pilots. And they learned to delay their orgasms until another target exploded from their gunfire.

Soon they noticed something strange. The most famous players with the highest scores quietly disappeared from the game, never to return. Where were they going? No one had a clue.

There was only one way to find out.


A month later, Hailey did it. She literally nailed the main quest, blowing up the Empire’s flagship with perfect speed and precision. And the game congratulated her. First place, first place!

Then the screen went dark and the letters appeared. “The Federation salutes you, Hailey! We need your help to fight the Empire. To proceed to the next level, on another platform, you will need advanced equipment. We will be waiting for you…” And there were the coordinates (an empty space outside the city) and the time (she barely had time to think if she wanted to get there in time).

Hailey’s eyes widened and her heart raced. Of course she had seen the movie “The Last Starfighter”. And even if she had not, this was the classic trope.

She just texted her friends, turned off the computer, and ran out.


She stood at the edge of the opening in the late evening darkness, her clothes fluttering in the wind, staring with her mouth open. The R-2000, the light shuttle, was landing on silent thrust. It looked just like in the game. Only… it was real.

The side hatch opened and a naked woman jumped out. Hailey immediately recognized the 5-Fit straps on her hips. The woman came over and patted her on the shoulder, laughing.

“Welcome to the Federation, pilot! Leave your clothes and controller here, we have a better version for you. Hurry up! We have to pick up five more pilots and the schedule is tight! I’ll give you the second pilot seat…”

Hailey nodded, swallowed and started to unbutton her shirt hurriedly.

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  • Reply SB ID:1uh00lt0a

    Keep it going I remember when the last star fighter came out in 1984. 15 going on 16, it wasn’t a patch on starwars but a good film, hopefully have a good mix of characters to make it interesting, a good simple storyline will keep people interested.

  • Reply Nunya ID:1ck98tcu4gc9

    Being a sci-fi nut, I found this one not so much erotic but, really entertaining. And I love a good twist ending. Speaking of which, how about part 2?

    • Bisamrattan ID:oyo0jq06i9

      Some time, maybe. It’s a challenging task to write something not too boring…

    • Nunya ID:1ck98tcu4gc9

      Oh, I know. Nobody cranks out a bestseller in just 5min.