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Emma’s story 2 – Waking up

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My aunts boyfriend wakes me up like he promised

After Peter caught me with my boyfriends head between my legs, working his tongue around my pussy I was mortified.
He was not angry but the look he gave me worried me. What would he do.
I didn’t leave my room until my aunt came home and called me out for dinner. I went and sat down at the table, Peter was already there.
I avoided his look and ate quickly, answering my aunts questions about my day.
When I was finished eating I asked to be excused because I have a headache. I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed and when I got out Peter was there in the hallway, blocking my way.
I just stood there, trying to avoid looking him in the eyes. He said don’t worry baby girl, I won’t tell your aunt what I saw, and don’t be embarrassed, you are turning into a beautiful girl and it’s no wonder boys are trying to get with you.
He came closer, he lifted my chin up and looked into my eyes, he told me I have beautiful eyes and face. And sexy full lips, with that he kissed me, I was just standing there, scared, while he forced his tongue in my mouth and lightly caressed my boob over my nightie. He gave my nipple a light pinch and said remember, I’m waking you up for school in the morning and left. I was left standing there, trembling. His kiss felt good, his touch was so gentle but firm. He was over 30 years older then me, why wasn’t I screaming, did I like it? Did I want more with him? A fully grown man just kissed me and touched me, I was afraid of what would happen in the morning. He told me he was waking me up, he was going to come to my room. To my bed. Did I want that? I was scared and maybe a little excited.
I went to bed, but I couldn’t fall asleep.
I was lying awake, my thoughts on Peter, he wanted me. Why did he want me, I was only 13. I was so much smaller than him, he was a big guy, could we really have sex.
It was the middle of the night and I was still awake, I heard moaning from my aunts room, it was her. Was Peter fucking her? I got up and before I knew what was I doing I was at their door, I put my ear to the door and listened. My aunt was moaning loudly, repeating harder, harder, fuck me.
He was fucking her, and by the sound of it she was enjoying it immensely.
I was standing there in the hallway, listening to the sounds of sex, my hand brushed lightly across my clit, over my panties, I was wet. My pussy got wet while I was listening to my aunt getting fucked.
I listened until I heard a loud grunt from Peter and all fell silent. I went back to bed and masturbated until I fell asleep.
I don’t know how long was I sleeping when I felt a hand on my naked thigh. It was rubbing gently, making it’s way up slowly, up towards my panties.
I just lay there silently, afraid to move. He was here, in my room. I felt him getting in the bed, lifting my comforter and sliding in next to me. I felt his skin on mine, omg he was naked.
I could feel his cock pressing against my ass, just the thin material of my panties between us. He must have lifted my nightie over my panties while I was sleeping. His hand went under my nightie, resting on my belly for a moment ad then going up. He grabbed my boob, massaging it, twisting my hardening nipple between his fingers. His other hand moved under the hem of my panties and caressed my but.
I could feel his breath on my ear.
Wake up little girl he whispered, time for school.
I opened my eyes, but didn’t turn around, I couldn’t.
His finger moved from my ass and touched my pussy lips, sliding in just a little bit.
He moaned, you’re so wet, so hot. To bad I don’t have time to do something about it now.
With that he got up, and left. I stayed there, lying in my bed, to stunned to move. I felt down in my panties, I was soaking wet.
I was so hot, he made me so horny, how could this be?
I was horny and confused, maybe I did want it, maybe I want to let a grown man fuck me. Take my virginity. A few things he did to me got me hornier than anything I did with my boyfriend. Why was that?
I got up and got dressed quickly. I went to school still horny, still confused.
My boyfriend didn’t come to school that day so I didn’t have a chance to talk to him. I was a little glad of that because I didn’t know what to say to him. I half dreaded and was half excited about going home after school. I didn’t know what would Peter do, or what would I do for that matter. I wasn’t sure I would be able to stop him if he tried anything. I wasn’t even sure I would want to stop him, even though I knew it was so very wrong.
I guess I was silent and distant in school because Anna was very worried about me. She kept asking me what was wrong but I just brushed her off. I wanted to talk to her, to tell her what was happening, but I knew I shouldn’t.
I got through the rest of the day and went home. I didn’t take the bus, thinking that a walk in the fresh air would do me some good. And it would take me longer to get home.
When I finally came home my aunt was there and Peter wasn’t. I was a relieved and felt I could try to relax a bit before dinner. I did my homework and lay down on my bed. I took out my tablet and played some music, closed my eyes, trying to relax.
I must have fallen asleep because I was awaken by someone getting in bed with me. I knew who it must be off course, and it was confirmed when I felt his hard on pressing between my butt cheeks over my panties. I felt his hands around me, going under my nightie, and massaging my breasts. My nipples hardened under his touch and then his hand traced down over my belly, into my panties. As he began rubbing my clit gently he whispered in my ear, time to get up for school baby girl. He continued kneading my breasts with one hand and rubbing on my clit with the other as his began kissing my cheek and neck. I felt wetness between my legs, I ground them together, moaning and shivering. He took that as a sign that I was enjoying what he was doing to me. He moved his hand from my clit and moved it on my ass, he moved my panties to the side and I could feel his hard disk pressing between my cheeks, it was wet and he ran his finger over my dripping pussy, between my lips, and then spreading the moisture between my ass cheeks. He started grinding his dick between my cheeks while his finger went down to my pussy again. He tried to stick hid finger in my hole, but I was so tight he couldn’t get much of it in before a felt slight pain.
As his dick ran up and down on my ass, I felt his tip pressing on my asshole on each upward stroke. Hi continued like that for a while and I was afraid he was going to try sticking it in.
I’m not sure I would be able to say no if he did, I was so turned on by what he was doing to me.
Then he continued rubbing my clit until I came, bucking and shaking under him. I guess that it pushed him over the edge because then I felt his cum spurting om my ass, weting my little hole so that his dick went just a tiny bit in my ass.
I moved from him quickly, afraid he was going to stick it in.
He got up then, told me to clean up and get dressed an he would drive me to school as we were a little late getting up. Then he smiled and kissed my lips telling me I was his good little girl……

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    This is a really nice story. I love it. Keep writing.