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I only went in to pee

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When I was 14 my mom worked in a sex shop and I needed the toilet. I went in to the wrong room and made lots of money.

When I was 14 my mother had a job working in a X-rated store and one day after school I went to meet her at work because we were going to go to the movies. Normally I’d go straight home but as we were going to go out it was easier if I met her there. Kids my age weren’t allowed in but I was desperate for the toilet and mom was taking ages because it was really busy inside and she couldn’t finish until she’d served all the customers and because mom worked there it was alright that I went inside and used the toilet.

It was dark inside, loads of loud music and dirty films showing on screens on the walls, it was full of dirty old men. I kept my eyes down and walked quickly to the back to the toilets, mom said she wouldn’t be long.

I found the toilet went inside and started to pee I felt so relieved then I heard some male voices come inside and go into the toilets at the sides of me, suddenly some money was pushed through a hole in the partition, it was $50, the same amount came from the partition on the other side, then a penis came out of a hole in the partition wall and just hung there, then another one from the other side. I froze and didn’t know what to do it was scary at first. That’s when I noticed a sign on the inside of the toilet door, it was a price list for sexual acts.

Before I could process the fact I’d unwittingly walked in to some kind of glory hole booth a man started banging on the partition and shouting yelling ‘come on rub it then’ mom would kill me if she knew I was in here, even by mistake, I couldn’t run off in case the men complained and mom got fired, she needed this job, the man yelled again so I yelled back, ‘alright!’, I picked up the money and started rubbing his penis, the man at the other side banged on the partition but didn’t yell, so I rubbed his as well and I tried not to laugh as they got bigger and bigger. I wasn’t completely innocent, I knew about sex, I’ve given my boyfriend a hand job before so I knew what I was doing, $100 for a quick hand job, deal.

After a few minutes the man on my right pushed another $50 through the hole, sliding it underneath his balls, I wasn’t sure why and then I looked at the price list on the door, $50 for a hand job, $100 for a blowjob, I haven’t given head before but I’ve been wanting to try it so I did, I leaned over and sucked his cock, I was still jerking off the guy on my left when he suddenly came, squirting his semen all over my school shirt, I let go of his penis and he pulled it out of the hole leaving me to concentrate on the other guy, who was getting angry that I’d stopped sucking him off.

Another man entered the booth on my left and pushed his penis and $100 through the hole, ‘shit’ I thought, now I had to suck them both off, somehow I managed it alternating between them, I eventually finished the guy on my right, he came in my mouth, I swallowed some and spat the rest out, it was a bit nasty, he left and I sucked off the other guy, then another guy came in to the booth on the right, he pushed $200 through the hole followed by his penis, which was quite large, much bigger than the last guy, I looked at the price list on the door, $200 for anal, ‘Shit!’ I yelled loudly, the man I was sucking off shouted, ‘You alright in there’, I didn’t reply, I just kept sucking him off.

This is a lot of money, I have to try it eventually, lets just do it, I told myself, I pulled off my panties and got down on my knees, somehow I managed to do it without taking the guy on lefts penis out of my mouth, I pushed up my ass and pushed it against the guy on my right’s penis, he was so hard and long, I had to reach my arms behind me to pull my butt cheeks apart and slide his penis in to my asshole, I did it, I accidentally bit the left guys penis when the guys penis on my right stretch open my asshole and went inside of me, he wasn’t fazed, but I was, fuck this man’s penis was huge, I was now pinned from both sides, rocking back and forth with one penis in my mouth and another up my asshole, I must have looked like a hog roast.

The guy on my left filled my mouth with his semen and the guy on my right filled my ass with his, they both came almost at the same time, the booth wasn’t that wide and I didn’t have enough room to get his penis out of my mouth when he came, I swallowed the whole lot and gagged when he pulled his penis out of the hole, the guy behind me had come but I kept going for a little while, being fucked up the ass actually felt nice. His penis went soft and he pulled it out so I sat down on the floor, the cold tiles felt good, cooling down my ass, I picked up the money off the floor and put it in my pocket, then pulled up my panties and flushed the toilet.

After straightening my hair and clothes I unlocked and opened the door, the coast was clear, I walked back out in to the store, I remember thinking and wondering if one the guys here right now were one of the guys I just sucked and fucked, mom was waving at me with her coat and bag in her hands, she asked me if I was ready to go but I told her I was too tired and just wanted to go home.

It was scary being in there, at least at first, but after a few days I realised I could make some serious cash here, so I went back a few days later, pretending I needed to toilet, I made $700 the second time. Throughout my late teenage years whenever I needed any money I would always go there because you can make so much in a short space of time, and get plenty of sex to boot.

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  • Reply Geb ID:1jybr2m1

    I would love to visit a sex Shop for quick cash but i can’t because of my overly christain family.

  • Reply Geb ID:1jybr2m1

    I would love to visit a sex Shop but i can’t because of my overly christain family

  • Reply Mab ID:lk4mikoij

    Can you send me pictures of you I’ll send some back

  • Reply Female ID:cq1wbbem4

    I wouldn’t mind using myself to get some cash

  • Reply Rrfghhj ID:dglj64p8l

    Plot twist, your mom actually knew and purposely directed you to that “bathroom”

  • Reply Kate ID:dbjpukd9b

    Wow i am also underage and i would like slide in a sexshop but i dont know how.

    • Anonymous ID:bo2qeor8k

      Where u form

    • dll*** ID:2c3g7uer8l

      to bad not in oregon i would teach you

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qj

    Do you still do it?

    • Darkknight ID:43y16p2zm

      Lol very well could have

  • Reply AP ID:1db7syrys3jc

    GREAT story! Well written and hot!

    • Nathan4886 ID:nnmnhdkk8

      Kate what’s your snap?

  • Reply Naughty Knight ID:1ah770let0a

    Excellent story