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Piper gets baptized

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Piper gets baptized and pastor Jim teaches piper about the Bible

I grew in a somewhat small church even at 13 I didn’t want to go but I put on a fake smile and pretended to enjoy it. I’m 5’7 B Cup size petite i weight maybe 100lbs
Blonde hair older men at church would compliment me and tell me how big I’ve gotten.
I’m no where near innocent at church camp I always found a boy to play with I was really good at sucking dick and twerking on guys I started wearing thongs and g strings my mom bought them for me I feel naughty and excited wearing them to church with my skirt.

My parents sat me down on a Saturday night I just got done taking a shower and using the shower head on my clit they told me I was getting baptized tomorrow morning I would need a extra set of clothes.
I woke the next morning and picked out my clothes
A black skirt with g string panties and a sweater
My baptism clothes were black low rider booty shorts and a crop top (it felt appropriate) I would be getting wet.
I make it to the car my mom and dad are explaining to me about getting baptized an all I just put my AirPods in, we arrive at the church we make it to pastor Jim’s office he’s 63 tall white bald guy
He welcomes me in my parents go to the seating area
“Well piper you can go ahead and change so we can get this started” smiling and checking me out I asked “where do I change pastor” as I grab my clothes
“You can change in here no worries piper im your pastor you can trust me we will go over some things”
I kinda hesitated taking my sweater off I wasn’t wearing a bra.
He’s rubbing his thigh looking at me
I unzip my skirt and let it fall revealing my Red g string
Pastor Jim’s eyes light up “Woah piper stop is that a g string you’re wearing”
My heart started racing “yes pastor Jim”
I slide them down and Pastor Jim leans forward in his chair “come here piper turn around and bend over”
I lean forward I’m starting to get wet and I’m stuttering breathing heavy.
Pastor Jim spreads my ass and slides his finger in
“Piper you aren’t a virgin very tight and wet”
I’m trying to not enjoy it or make noises
He grabs my hips and sits me on his lap rubbing my little clit.
“Listen piper we’re going to baptize you and come back in here for the next step I have to bless you with love it’s okay I do it with all girls your age”
He lifted me off I put on my booty shorts and crop top
He walks to the tub of water and announces I’m getting baptized to the church. He helps me in the tub
I hold my nose and people can’t see his hands while he’s talking and explaining stuff he has his hand inside my shorts finger fucking me 2 fingers knuckle deep
He dunks me in the and would push deeper each time I went in the water he helped me out of the tub.
My parents came and hugged me in his office I had a towel around me and pastor Jim says “piper will need to read some scripture she is such a bright young girl”
My parents leave and pastor Jim undoes his belt and pulls out his 7in uncut cock. He sat in his chair legs apart I crawled over to him naked and was stroking him licking his balls “oh yes piper that’s it”
I was sucking the head and his shaft while gripping his balls he was really thick and big I kept tasting his pre cum which made me horny as fuck.
“God damn it piper that’s good” he grabs a handful of my wet hair and puts me on his chair doggy he spits on his hand and rubs my pussy making it super wet
“Pastor Jim go slow”
He inserted the head and was slowly stretching me open with small thrust each thrust I would yelp and move.
He started pushing more in “piper I have to cum in you I order for you to be full baptized” my eyes light up
He starts speeding up uh oh I thought
He’s going balls deep balls slapping my clit and the loudest flesh slapping noise
“Piper I’m gonna bless you”
I’m biting the chair trying to take it all I can taste my tears rolling down my cheeks
He pulls out and slams back in me a big load of warm cum filled my pussy “Jesus loves you piper”
I was given a purity ring after I can’t have sex until I’m married from now on I used pastors shirt to clean up his cum I stormed out of there after getting dressed to show my parents the ring I got
They took me home and I was baptized I think every girl should get baptized and follow what there pastor says 😊

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    Great story! wish there were girls this age or younger that want a daddy to help them with their needs,
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