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Beach Stories – 3 little girlies

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I decided to take a drive to the coast and found 3 pretty little girlies stranded in the rain, so I give them a ride, in more ways than one.

I woke up the other day and the sun was shining brightly, and it was roasting hot outside, a perfect day for girlie hunting, so I got in my car and I headed for the coast with my caravan in tow, I stopped off at a nice secluded field to drop of my caravan and then I headed towards the beach in my car.

When I arrived driving along the promenade it was packed with families heading to the beach, I drove in very slow moving traffic, my window rolled down, checking out all the cute little girlies walking around in their little shorts, summer dresses, swimsuits and bikinis, such a beautiful sight.

I parked up near a hotel and crossed over the road towards the beach, they were girlies everywhere and it was absolute paradise for a man like me.

I sat on a bench and just watched all the girlies walk on by, giggling, laughing, skipping and having the time of their lives, on my left a few meters away was an ice-cream truck with kids all lined up waiting to be served, I saw a few nice girlies standing and sitting around licking their lollies and ice-creams, and I was wishing it was my cock they had in their little hands licking away, the young ones have such lovely tongues.

I was having a great time, and then out of nowhere it started to rain and everyone rushed off, so I got up and crossed the road, I was about to get in to my car when I saw 3 young girls aged between 12-14 all wearing small cycle shorts and tank tops, standing under the awning outside the hotel I was parked near, they looked cold and soaked.

I thought those 3 would do just nicely, so I ran over to them, “Coming down heavy isn’t it?” I asked them, making conversation.

“Yeah.” They replied, in the cute giggly girlie way that they do.

I was distracted for a moment when I saw a family running towards the hotel entrance, I saw a little girl about 7-8 wearing a tight pink swimsuit, she had a nice little ass, and her brother was running behind her staring at it, he looked over and I give him a wink, I knew what he was thinking, I could see it in his eyes, I hope he fucked that girl, I certainly would have.

The girls I was talking too all had their arms folder and were shivering, “Why don’t you go inside?” I said.

“They won’t let us in because we’re not staying there.” One replied.

“Oh – where are you staying, is it nearby?” I asked.

They told me they came on the train and lived about 10 miles away, this rain wasn’t stopping and they knew it, they were stranded until later that evening when their train would come, so I made my move, “That’s my car over there – you want to come sit inside.” I asked them

Naturally they were all weary of strangers, as all good girls are, “Uhm – No, that’s okay. Thank’s though.” They replied.

“Come on – I’ll put the heater on. Just until it stops raining.” I said.

Cold and wet, they caved in and we ran to my car and got inside, I sat in the front and the girls in the back, I put the heater on and they started to warm up, and I put the radio on for some music to listen too, I found out their names, Sarah, Emma and Naomi.

We talked for a while, mostly about where they were from and what they’d been up to that day, we’d been sat in the car for nearly half an hour and the heavy rain wasn’t stopping, so I asked them if they fancied a drive around the promenade just for something to do, and they said yes.

I was driving around and the girls were looking at all the sights around them, “I’ve got some fruit sweets here if you want one.” I said, holding a bag of sweets to them.

They all took one and eat it, over the next few minutes they all slowly drifted off in a nice peaceful sleep, and I turned off from the promenade and drove back to my caravan with the girls in the back.

When I arrived I carried them out of my car one by one and laid them down on my bed in the caravan, taking one last look outside to make sure we were alone before the closing and locking the door and pulling the curtains shut.

I’d drugged the girls with the sweets I make at home, I lace them with a small amount of ketamine sedative, which knocks them out for a few hours, and gives me time to do my thing and have some fun.

They were all laid out on my bed looking so peaceful, I started my camera’s recording and I stripped them naked one-by-one, such beautiful young girlies, their gorgeous sexy little bodies shouldn’t be hidden behind clothes, they need to be seen, felt, and enjoyed.

I took off my clothes, my cock was already erect, eager to experience the pleasures their bodies had to offer, I knew this was going to be a hard job and I needed to be quick before they woke up, so I took a Viagra just to keep me going, then I got on the bed and rubbed my hands all over them, giving their breasts a feel and a squeeze, Emma was blonde, my favourite hair colour, and her breasts were the biggest, but not too big, just a perfect hand full size.

Then I moved around between them and opened their legs up, then I went down and tasted them all, such sweet tasting pussies, you can actually taste the purity and freshness of little girls, it’s so arousing.

I straddled them all over their chests, and I rubbed my hairy balls on their pretty little faces before pushing my cock between their cherry red lips and slowly mouth fucking them one-by-one, with my balls knocking against their chins, I ejaculated in Sarah’s mouth, she moaned unconsciously and coughed as her body reacted to my sperm shooting down her throat, good girl she swallowed it all down.

The Viagra kicked in and kept me hard, so I moved on to Emma, I climbed on top of her and immediately forced my cock inside her pussy, I felt her cherry pop I pushed hard in to her, she moaned lightly feeling me penetrate her, then I just fucked her tight wet pussy for about 10 minutes, watching the other girls breasts wobble around as the bed bounced.

“Ung-Mmm.” Emma moaned out, arching her back and grabbing the sheets, having an orgasm, moaning pleasurably, her pussy soaked my balls and then she relaxed as I fucked her hole for a few more minutes and then filled her pussy with my warm seed.

Her pussy was so tight, when I pulled my cock out it made like an air-pop sound and my huge ejaculation started flowing out of her hole, I closed her legs to keep some of it inside her, then moved on to Naomi.

I played with her breasts for a little while until I regained cock strength, Naomi was cute, she was half cast and her skin was the colour of light caramel, she had nice curly black hair and nice big nipples.

I rolled her over on to her front and placed a pillow under her belly to raise her ass up in to the air, I squeezed her butt cheeks and gave them a good hard slap watch them wiggle, I pushed my cock between them and then penetrated her ass hole, her butt hole was so tight and lovely and warm inside.

She was moaning very loudly unconsciously, and her nice moans made me pound her ass harder and harder, I came inside her ass hole and then throttled my cock to stop ejaculating midway through, I pulled out of her ass and pushed it in to her tight little bald pussy and thrust in to her several times, as fast as I could and then ejaculated the rest in to her, I flooded both her holes with my seed, and it felt amazing.

Then it was back to Sarah, I wasn’t going to let her go without feeling her pussy, she was the cutest of the 3, probably the youngest because her breasts were so tiny and adorable, she also had the tightest pussy, I had to use my fingers to break her hymen because my cock wouldn’t squeeze in, but once I’d opened her up I managed to force my cock inside her and I fucked her real good.

Took quite a while for her pussy to fully stretch and open up enough for me to go balls deep in to her though.

She soon got lovely and wet, and all the lubricant let me slide my cock in and out of her with ease, it was fucking glorious.

I filled her with my seed and pulled out, victorious in fucking all 3 of those girlies.

After a brief rest I took some photos of them and then re-dressed them all, I panicked at first because I forgot who was wearing what, and had to check my cameras to make sure I put the correct clothes back on them.

Then I carried them out to my car and drove back to the promenade.

I put the music back on and waited about 40 minutes for them to start waking up, the sun had come out and the streets and roads were slowly filling with people again.

Emma woke up first, looking drowsy, and she woke the others up, “What happened?” she asked me.

I pretended like I didn’t notice them waking up, “Oh, you’re awake…” I said, turning in my seat to look at them, “…You all fell asleep. Think the car got too warm.” I replied.

“Weren’t we driving around?” asked Sarah.

“Yeah we were. Then you fell asleep and I didn’t have the heart to wake you, so I just pulled over and we’ve been here for a few hours now. But good news is the sun is out.” I said, “Your train is due soon isn’t it – I’ll drop you off at the station, that alright with you girls?” I said.

“Yes.” Said Sarah.

“Thank you.” Said Naomi.

I heard them talking on the way to the station, they were whispering and talking about how they ached and felt a bit stiff and sticky, and their clothes were all wet, but that was from the rain, and bodily fluids… ha-ha.

I pulled up outside the station and the girls got out of the car, “Well, it was nice to meet you girls. Get home safe won’t you. Be careful, there’s some weirdo’s out there.” I said.

“We will – Thanks.” Said Emma.

“You’re welcome.” I said, then they walked in to the station and I went back to my caravan to tidy up and upload my video footage online to my buddies.

That was a great day.

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