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Daddy’s little angel – part 7

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My little angel has been begging me for a pet and I gave in. See parts 1-6 for the build up to this story.

A few months have passed since Ariana’s birthday, and she has turned into an insatiable little slut. She is now a beautiful little 11 year old, still with her silky smooth little pussy, but with tiny nubs starting to form. Her tiny pink nipples just poking out like little bee stings on her chest. She has learnt the power of being daddies little angel and how she can get her way and anything she wants.

We sleep naked together every night, and perhaps her little preteen hormones are going crazy but she has turned into a total little nymphet. Although we fuck every night and most mornings, I still find her with her little legs spread open and the little bullet vibrator that I bought her held against her little clit at least once a day! It’s impossible to keep up with her and perhaps I should have guessed why her sudden interest in getting a puppy had come up.

For weeks now, she has been obsessing over videos of dogs, begging me to get her a pet to be a play mate and best friend. It’s hard to resist when a pretty little girl has her mouth wrapped around your cock, looking up at you with those innocent little eyes before raising her head and saying “Please daddy, I will be such a good girl I promise”.

What could I do? Obviously I couldn’t deny my little princess what she wanted and so we began to look at puppies for sale. We browsed the for sale sections and she had very specific ideas of what she wanted. It had to be a Husky and we eventually found a breeder and arranged to go and visit who had recently had a litter of puppies. I arranged to go on Saturday morning and she was beside herself with excitement.

Saturday came and I was shaken awake at 6am. “Daddy, it’s Saturday we need to go get my puppy!” Still half asleep I snapped at her “Ariana, let me sleep another hour”. She didn’t say a word, but slipping under the covers I felt her take me in her mouth she began to suck my cock. She has certainly learnt how to get her way! It didn’t take long before I was hard and throbbing. She then slowly lowered her tight little pussy onto my cock and began rocking herself back and forth on my cock, her little legs straddling me. It didn’t take long before she was moaning softly her pussy dripping wet and with a groan I gripped her tiny little waist and pulled her down onto me as I came deep inside her bald little pussy.

“Come on daddy, let’s get ready she demanded” as she hopped out of bed my cum running down her legs as she ran off to shower. I got up and joined her in the shower, marvelling at her perfect little body. Together we showered, taking turns to soap each other up before rinsing off and getting out. As we always did I got a towel and dried her off. She gave me a naughty little smile before running off to get dressed in a pretty little sundress and cotton panties.

An hour and half later we were at the breeders, Ariana excitedly jumping up and down. The breeder met us at the door smiling at Ariana, and leading us to the kennels out the back. There were 4 young pups all playing and she squealed with excitement. The breeder pointed out the parents, the male dog was black and white, but what caught both Ariana and my attention was the enormous red cock pocking out, it must have been at least 8 inches.Ariana whispered in my ear “Daddy look at his cock, it’s huge!”.

The breeder let Ariana into the kennel with the puppies. She seemed to be instantly drawn to one that had the same markings as his father. Picking him up and snuggling him against her, kissing it she said “Daddy, I want this one”. We paid for him after being told hold how to care for him, and left.

Ariana refused to let him be put in a carrier and insisted that he sit on her lap for the long drive home. She played with him on her lap and decided that he would be called Ceaser. As she sat with him on her lap he fidgeted around after a while getting restless and he climbed into the footwell by her feet sniffing around and exploring for a minute or two. Ceaser, then put is front paws on the seat between her legs and stuck his nose up her sundress causing her to squeal.

Caesar sniffed for a bit, Ariana stroking her head, when he suddenly licked her panties causing her to jump “Oh that tickles!” But she didn’t stop him, instead she spread her legs wider. She giggled as he licked her panties “Look daddy, Ceaser likes my pussy just like you do”, before reaching down and sliding her panties to the side.

Ariana moaned has his tongue ran up and down her little slit, “Daddy it feels so good!” It didn’t take long before I saw the signs my little girl was going to cum and with a moan, her little legs shaking she shrieked “Daddy I’m cumming!” Panting as she came down from her orgasm she picked him up “Daddy, I love him so much, thank you”.

I think it is obvious that she had a new best friend and I suspect that Ceaser is going to be an excellent little pussy licker as time goes by, and judging by her interest in his dad probably quite a bit more than that!

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    There is nothing better than daddy touching, licking, sucking and owning my titties, bum and pussy. He taught me how to be a needy little toy for him to use whenever he want. I love when he is fucking me from behind in the living room while mommy is in the bathroom having a shower. Nothing makes me cum like when daddy deposit his potent love baby juice inside me. Daddy’s cock is all l crave and need, and l know he will breed me….

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    Yes PLEASE. Fuck me I need more.

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      Hi Princess slut,
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      Cum and sit on Daddy’s fat cock!
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    Need more on this , I want to hear about caesar fucking Arianna

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    Please more of these!!