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Nicky Deer I fuck on crystal meth

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I’m Nicky Deer I’m 40 yrs old I live in McComb Mississippi and I’m single but living with my dad. He is a retired truck driver and he to likes meth,so it isn’t a problem when guys come over to see me and we get high and have sex. I have 4 children 2 boys and 2 girls never married so you know that I love to fuck. When I smoke meth it gets me horny and I want to fuck..now.. Last night I had a friend come by with 3 black guys,they had some glass and was told that if they got me high that I would fuck their brains out. My dad invited them inside, they introduced themselves to us because I didn’t know any of them. My friend will knew that he would get a free high and fuck me all at the same time. Deron said I heard that you like burning meth, would you like to try some glass? Glass of yes I have smoked it before it was fire. Deron handed me glass straight shooter and I put some fire on it as it filled up I inhaled clearing the bowl, choking I tried holding it back , passed it to my dad,he took him a hit and passed it on . It found it’s way back to me and they I was told to go ahead and smoke that rock. I took several hits and started feeling like I need to be doing something. Deron asked me are you there yet? Oh yeah I’m there that’s for sure,he got up and walked over and took the pipe out of my hands and passed it over to my dad. When he turned around he reached over and put both hands on the side of my face and started to kiss me. His tongue inside my mouth playing with my tongue got me horny as hell,I started sucking on his tongue, pushing my tongue deep inside his mouth as spit was running down the side of my face. Will and the others stepped in , they stood me up in front of my dad and undressed me. Deron ant the others started taking off their clothes. Oh my God the size of their black dick’s was mind blowing.. I was laid down on the couch with my legs spread,one over the back and the other down on the floor. It wasn’t long before I found a big black dick in front of my face,I opened my mouth wide and let him put it inside my mouth then closed my lips around his dick. He started throat fucking me as Will started to eat my pussy, since Will was the smallest,get him in our of the way,I have fucked Will several times before,he is not big in size like his black friends. My pussy was now a hot ,wet ,messy,hole wanting a dick no matter what color it was. As I was getting deep throated,I thought Will was going to fuck me,but was I wrong,I felt someone crawling up between my legs and started feeling something pressing on my Ulva,I felt it opening up wide ,wider,wider, oh God unable to make a sound as Deron pushed 11″ deep inside on me. I was being now fucked at both ends , I’m gagging on dick inside my esophagus,I felt his dick getting very hard and he grabbed my head and held me tight as I felt his hot sperm shooting down inside my stomach.. shit he said as he pulled out of my mouth. My pussy is responding as I started to have my first orgasm.. I’m cumming God yes uhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhh then I heard oh shit I’m cumming and he explodes inside of me uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh fuck as I felt his hot sperm pumping through my uterus filling my tubes looking for one of my fertile eggs. Will came up and put his 6″ white dick inside my mouth and I started sucking his dick.. I was toweled off , what do you think Pop your daughter just got my black baby inside her stomach and before we leave her,we all are going to put a baby inside her. I want you to get up and let Nicky suck her dad’s dick. Will cummed inside my mouth and I swallowed it, needing some beer to wash it down. My father came up and pulled out his old wrinkled up dick. I put my hand on it and started to suck my daddy’s dick,to my surprise he started getting hard as I sucked him. My father surprised me when he shot his sperm inside my mouth saying that’s it mom suck it mom yes uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I swallowed my dad’s sperm. Then I had another Black guy lay down and ask me to get on him and ride him. I crawled up on top of him, strattled him and lowered myself down on his 10″ dick,umm it felt good as my ass was bouncing up and down, someone came up from behind and held my butt as I felt another dick pushing into my asshole uhhh uhhhh uhhhh uhhhhhh uhhhhhhh I was an Oreo cookie I was the white filling between 2 black dicks. Oh fucking God oh fuck , shit my insides were being ripped.ih God we fucked hard for about 5 minutes with all 3 of us cumming, more sperm inside my fertile pussy. . When they were finished, they told my dad to come over and eat my pussy,he came over and got between my legs, that’s it suck that black sperm out of your daughters pussy,he spread my pussy with his fingers and pushed his tongue inside of my pussy and sucked that sperm out of me,then my asshole as his dick got hard he crawled up on top of me and started fucking me,his own daughter I could feel him sloshing in and out of me oh yes fuck me daddy,yes I’m cumming daddy cum in me oh God God yes uhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh my daddy hot sperm shooting inside of me. After 3 hours of fucking I was asked you want to take a couple hits.yes oh God let’s fuck again we fucked well after sunrise to around 10am 12 hrs of wonderful sex… [email protected] find me on Facebook and send me a message

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  • Reply Bob ID:bifp5n7d9c

    Hopefully you got pregnant 🤰 from this not sure if I’m hoping for you to have a mixed race baby or your dad’s baby

  • Reply Nastyfuntime ID:3zxjrennoik

    What’s your profile pic on your face boo

  • Reply Rugged guy ID:2kyhpc18rd

    Pt3 forcing me down her throat she started blasting dildo up her ass and then she put my hand on it and guided it to her pussy and pushed 2nd dildo in pussy too then playing with her clit she had me alternatly savagely blasting them iup her pussy a dildo dp ….

  • Reply Rugged guy ID:2kyhpc18rd

    Nicky Deer ,,, I’ve recently found a girl /woman who absolutely has .out insane sex drive and so first time chilling together she invited me to hers , she lived with her 2 kids and her mom yh and so took me to her bedroom and locked door yh… and rhen she took mirror and a bag of coke out draw tipped it out and asked if I sniffed i laughed said yes and so took my stash out and tipped out 6 big bag s full lol she looked and biggest smile on her face yh and so I made up 6 gigantic lines and sniffed 2 up then told her them 4 for yiu but gotta do them all now ok… she did and then said you mind and pulled out a cigarette I said hel no … its a big turn on .. so she light cigarette up and then dropped my bottoms and licked and sucked my cock and balls yh and then basically stripped herself naked and then took her phone and cast a video to her TV and I heard moaning and sex noise so looked up to see her on TV in vid and saw her being gangbanged and they treated and used her like the most pathetic worthless slut ever seen ,,, and so she moaning in vid plus real life as watching herself and so as I manhandled her and took control she loved this so bad yh,,, so then I tied her arms and legs to headboard and then throat fucked her till gagging so messy ol and used it wiped on her holes and took her 2 dildos out draw and lubed both with it and then I pushed 1 up her ass and then cock in pussy pounding her and then stopped she asked why stopped so put dildo in pussy and rhen shoved my cock in aswell and she screamed omg arrrggghhhh as dp her first time and then took other dildo and grabbed her face squeeze mouth open and just put tip in mouth and then as she looked at me I pushed it fully down throat and she wrenched bad and so pulled almost out then rammed down again but furiously and savagely non stop and no mercy either her eyes streaming and bulging and then when said was Cumming she grabbed dildo from mouth and told me cum in mouth and as put cock in and she was

  • Reply Dan ID:1d3bgl1ayv0l

    Absolutely amazing. I would love to be part of your group.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ij

    Get your kids involved.

    • Dan ID:1d3bgl1ayv0l

      Agree. Start by letting the boys or sisters and grandpa sisters lol mom as fuck in their boys after that the black dude get the fuck everybody.

    • [email protected] ID:1i2lyuz0b0a

      I agree with this I’ve always wanted my parents to get me involved with sexual stuff I’m currently 16 right now and male