First experience with my cousin sister

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It’s was my first experience with my cousin sister navaneetha .

Hi all I’m bhaskar . Im in to textile Business. This my first store with my cousin sister .
While coming to store me and my cousin sister navaneetha had a affair before her marriage but now she got divorce After her divorce she started living independently .
Navaneetha age is 30 and I’m 25 . I came to know about her divorce matter and thought of having a chance with her .so I normally call her. navaneetha asked me to come to her flat . I went to her flat. It’s was very long time we both meat. So we had general tock about family. Then we recalled our affair before her marriage. Navaneetha had a lot of changes in her body shapes as she got in to sex with her husband. Before marriage she used to wair dresses. After marriage she started warning sarees. Then she started explaining her sex life with her husband . Navaneetha never has satisfaction with her husband . Her husband never fucked her completely. The reason for taking divorce because of her sexual life with her husband.
Then I understood that navaneetha is in Hungary of sex.
After all this tock we had food then I left to my home .
After one week navaneetha called me and asked me to come to her flat . I went to her house with in 30 minutes . As I opened the main door she was waiting for me . I asked her what was the reason for calling me .
Navaneetha: Bhaskar I’m feed up Waring sarees . I wanted to buy some dresses . Let’s go for shopping.
Me: Huff ..ok go get ready.
Navaneetha was wearing a saree I asked her to ware dress so that she is comfortable in trial room .
Then she ware a nice top and jeans .

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