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Hanna’s Story, Part 3: A Night Encounter

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After having sex with Mary, Hanna still wants to convince herself she is straight, so later that night she meets with a neighbor boy to prove she is!

I did my homework alone for about thirty minutes until Mary came into the living, now with her clothes back on, carrying the black, satin bag with her ‘toy’.

She put the bag into her backpack, then asked me, “why are you doing your homework now?”

I shrugged and told her, “I had to do something after we…”

“Had sex?” She finished what I said with a giggle, then got out some of her own homework and started to work on her own, commenting, “might as well join you. It’s still to hot to go out and walk all the way home.”

I smiled and nodded my head, being as friend as I could to the girl who right after we got out of school wanted to rip my head off, and after we got to my home, had sex with me, and even broke my hymen!

I paused for a moment, and realized what had just happened. I truly lost my virginity to a girl! I always thought I would lose it to a guy, because I’m straight!

I am straight!

“Why can’t I convince myself of that?” I asked myself. Probably because the first two times I had sex it was with two different girls. Plus, tomorrow I was suppose to go on a date with both of them. A date, and who knows what else.

My parents wouldn’t think anything of it. They would just see it as three friends going to a movie with each other. They wouldn’t see it as a three-way date. I’m not sure if they even knew that Mary was bisexual, more or less was in a sexual relationship with Vicky. I mean, my dad could find out if he wanted to, but why would he. He had no reason to.

If I ever did have a boyfriend I would have to keep him secret. My parents had made it very clear to my brother a couple of years ago that he would not be allowed to date anyone until he was in highschool. Granted they never said he couldn’t have a girlfriend, and he did have one last year, but that was in secret. The only reason I knew this is because my sixteen-year-old neighbor, Kyle Wyndale, told me. However, I never told my brother.

Now, the reason why is because I thought the rule my parents was kind of stupid, and the other reason is because if he ever found out I could use that knowledge as a way to encourage him not to rat me out, and to show him his little sister really is looking out for him and his private life…

Or blackmail him. Whichever one is necessary.

We did our homework for another hour before my mother and brother came home.

“Hello Hanna, how…” She paused for a moment when saw Mary sitting on the floor, doing her homework with me. “Mary Chang! How are you doing?”

“Hello, Mrs. Smith. I’m doing good,” Mary said with a smile before turning to my brother with an even bigger, teasing smile, and said, “how are you doing, Rocky?”

My brother rolled his eyes, and reminded Mary, “it’s ‘Dwayne’, and I was in a good mood, until you called me that.”

Both me and Mary burst out laughing, which caused my brother to roll his and announce, “I’m going to go take a shower and change.” He then slowly headed to the bathroom, taking off his uniform shirt in the process which had several dirt stains on.

My brother hated his nick name. He didn’t mind it at first, but grew to dislike it after he found out he was named after a very popular professional wrestler from the late 1990’s to mid 2000’s who later became a very successful movie star. Because of this my brother hated professional wrestling, or any movie that guy starred in.

Mother just shook her head at my brother, and commented, “he really needs to get over that.” She then looked back over at me and Mary, and asked my ‘guest’, “so what brings you here, Mary?”

Mary continued to smile at my mother, and answered, “we were going over to Vicky Anderson’s place to hang out with her, but she and her dad and bother are at a family party, so we came here instead.”

That was all true, for the most part. She fortunately left out the parts where she was going over there to force Vicky to decide between me or her. Or that me and her had sex. I decided to also add in, “it was to hot for her to walk all the way back home anyways.”

My mother asked Mary, “would you like me to drive you home? It’s still pretty warm outside.”

Mary looked at me, then looked at my mother and said, “thank you, Mrs. Smith.”

Mary gather her homework into her backpack, stood up, and asked me, “do you still want to go to the movies with me and Vicky tomorrow?”

I hesitated for a moment before answering, “umm… sure, if it’s okay with you mom?”

My mother’s smile got even bigger, and said to me, “of course! Vicky needs to spend some time with her friends, especially after… what happened.”

All of our smiles fell a little, because we knew what my mother was talking about.

We were silent for a moment before Mary and my Mother walked to the front door, with Mary telling me, “Bye, Hanna. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye,” I told her, waving at my ‘friend’ as my mother took her home.

That night me and my family ate dinner, and I was more talkative than ever before. Despite my brother being in a grumpy mood his team won the game, but only by one point, which is why he was in such a grumpy mood.

“We should have won by three,” he grumbled, to which my father told him, “a win is a win.”

Both me and my mother giggled at their exchange, and when dinner was over my father opened up his briefcase, took out a small plastic object, and handed it to me.

It was a cellphone! Well, it was one of the old fashion flip phone types that you can only call and text on. You can get the internet on it, but it sucked so much it wasn’t worth it.

Still, it was a cellphone, and I could finally call and text my friends, and…

“I have my number, the house number, your mother’s, brother’s, and several other relatives and family friends numbers on it,” my father told me. That was expected.

My mother then told me, “we know you will be talking to your friends on it too, so we’re not going to try to make you not do that. All we ask is that you try not to talk to much on it.”

I smiled at my parents, and told them, “I promise.” I then hugged my father, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and told him, “thank you, dad.”

My father hugged me back, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I then asked my parents, “would it be okay if I go for a walk? It’s cooled down a lot.”

My parents looked at each other, before my mother said, “okay, but don’t stay out too late.”

I gave my parents one more hug, grabbed my pocket book, put my new cell phone in it, and headed out the door.

It had gotten cooler out. Perhaps a bit to cool out, because I was having to rub my arms to get them warmed up.

During my walk and attempts to warm myself up I accidentally walked by a house I a I did not want. It was the house of Jennifer Lucas.

I wasn’t worried about being bothered by the children being out, because I knew that the ones that were still living there were strictly made to go inside before sundown, regardless of what the actual time was, unless they were doing something at their ‘church’. The parents however…

“Is that little Hanna Smith I spot?” I heard ‘almost’ pleasent voice call out.

That was Jennifer Lucas’s mother, and while not as ‘fiery’ as her husband is, she was still very much a ‘nut job’, as my grandmother would like to say.

I sighed, put on my most pleasent, fake face, and in my most pleasent fake voice, “Hello, Mrs. Lucas.”

For a family of nut jobs, their house was very nice. It was two stories tall. The grass was always cut. The bushes next to the house were always trimmed. There were beds of flowers on the porch railings and along the walk way. The exterior of the house always looked clean, and the wood parts painted. There was even a flag pole with and American flag proudly waving in the little bit of breeze we had.

Really, the only things weird about the house is that it was a little bit to picturesque. There weren’t even any children’s toys in the yard or the porch, despite the face that Jennifer had three younger siblings.

Infact there were other in the front yard other than the flag pole, that had a Christian flag above the American one… and a giant sign in their front lawn that basically said that all LBGTQ people, and people of different religions were going to Hell, and even implied that using violence against them was okay. Ofcourse there was scripture on there to try to “back-up” their beliefs.

I wanted to ignore her… badly, but my parents told me to try to be nice to them, or atleast their children.

“God has blessed us with such a wonderful evening,” she said in a almost sing-song like voice, “may he be praised!”

I kept my fake smile and fake voice when replying to her, “yes. May he. Now I must be…”

“Have you had a chance to talk to with Vicky Anderson since you came back?” She asked before adding in with disgust, “I’ve heard she’s been hanging out with that pagan, Chinese dyke.”

“Can you possibly shut the fuck up, you hypocritical bigot?” I thought to myself, which is what I wanted to say to her… badly, but I kept up my fake smile, and lied, “I’m not sure whose she been hanging out with really. She’s really more or less talked about her family and what happened to her mother.”

I was hoping that would cause her to stop spewing her hateful nonsense, but it didn’t, and instead she replied with of the most awful things she could have said. “Yes, it is a real shame, dying so soon after giving birth to her son. Not only that, but I worry about her soul, because her family is part of one of those liberal churches, so I do wonder if she is in Hell right now, but if she is, it’s her own fault for following the beliefs of a religion that uses the Bible, but isn’t truly Christian. It’s almost as bad as being Muslin.”

It took all of my will power not to slap the Hell out of her and curse her out right then and there. In a couple of sentences not only did she manage to say that Vicky’s mother was probably in Hell because her family were Methodist, rather than the hate-filled cult that they her family was apart of, she also insulted people of the the Islamic faith.

Oh, and I knew she also meant my family’s religion too, which is Catholicism. I knew this because her daughter, Jennifer, and a couple of other kids that belonged to her ‘church’ that went to my school, had tried to convert me a few times, and told me that my religion was a sham, and that the Pope and all priests worshiped Satan. They even showed me clips of sermons from their ‘church’, one of which Jennifer’s father gave, trying to backup their views. Eventually they were told by the principal to stop doing that, or they would be kicked out of school for harassment.

I knew Mrs. Lucas probably wanted to say that to me outright, and may have too if I didn’t get myself out of that situation by telling her, “it’s been nice talking to you, but I need to keep going, otherwise my parents will start to worry about me.”

Mrs. Lucas smiled and said, “that’s to bad, dear, because we have some church members coming over for Bible study. We would love to have you and your family join us.”

I sighed and told her, “maybe another time.”

She kept smiling her fake smile, and told me, “just remember dear, it’s never to early to follow the path of the Lord, but it can be to late.”

I made another sigh and told her, “see you later” and waved at her while walking away. She on the other hand said, “I shall pray for you” and started singing some made up hymn that included lyrics about LGBTQ people going to Hell, and that it was okay to send them there.

I walked fast, wanting to get away from her as quickly as possible while also asking myself, “how do her neighbors put up with her?”

Once I got around the street corner I leaned against the nearest tree I could, and cried, angry and upset that someone who claims to be a ‘woman of God’ could say such… horrible things.

My last thought before picking myself up and heading home, “don’t pray for me, bitch. God might actually send me to Hell if you did.”

I got home twenty minutes later, not as upset as I had been, but you could tell I had been crying.

My mother was the first one to noticed my state, so she came over to me and asked, “what’s wrong, Hanna?”

My father also came over to me, concern in his eyes. He clearly wanted to know what happened too, so I told them, “I… accidentally walked by the Lucas house. Mrs. Lucas was out doing some gardening, she spotted me and started talking to me.”

My mother gave me a hug, because she knew how upsetting Jennifer Lucas’s parents were. They always said horrible things about others religions, even other Christian religions who’s ‘beliefs’ weren’t simular to theirs.

My father asked me, trying throw some humor into the situation, “you didn’t… slap the heck out of her, did you.”

I knew my father wanted to say ‘slap the shit out her’, but her couldn’t say that infront of my mother. Not while I was so close, so he did the next best thing. Still this made giggled a little, which caused my mom to break our hug. I then answered my father, “no, but I was very tempted to.”

My father smiled and told me, “good thing you didn’t. There’s to many witnesses, and they probably have a porch camera.”

My mother gave my father a dirty, which caused me to burst out laughing. I then looked at my parents, and told them, “I’m going to go take a bath.”

My mother dropped the dirty look she was giving my father, which made him cower a little, “okay dear. Hopefully that will help you relax.

I filled the tub with warm water, but not hot. I heard sitting in a tub of warm water after having your hymen broken will help with the soreness. I was still sore, but not as bad as I was earlier. I was able to walk okay, but not able to run, plus I feel my little walk around the neighborhood helped work out some of the soreness, despite my ‘conversation’ with Mrs. Lucas.

I took off my clothes, and admired my body in the mirror. I had freckles at the top of my chest, as well as my face. My breasts were tiny, barely larger than bumps. I don’t know why I should even wear a bra, but my mother made, insisting that even if they were this small, that I needed to start wearing one.

I rubbed my breasts gently, and moved my right hand down my body, over my stomach, and to my pubic area. I felt traces of hair over my mound, but only a few. Person would have to get up close to see them. Besides my doctor, the only person whose been up close to my pubic area is Vicky.

“I need to get my mind off of that,” I said to myself. “I’m into guys, not girls.”

I keep trying to convince myself that I am straight. That I like guys. That I want to have sex with guys, despite the fact that the first two times I had sex it was with two different girls, and I’ve kind of been talked into a three-way relationship ship with both of them, assuming that Vicky agrees to it.

“I really need to fuck a guy,” I said to myself as I slipped into the warm bath water, the temperature of it feeling good against my now devirgined pussy.

“Maybe I should have let that guy in Belgium fuck me atleast once,” I thought to myself, remembering a guy I had had met at a party I had secretly went to in Brussels. He said he was sixteen, and we made out at that party. I even let him suck my tits and rub my pussy over my panties while I jacked him off. I even licked his cum off of my hand, so I knew what the stuff tasted like.

We were going to meet a few days later, but another girl a couple of days after my encounter, who was fifteen-years-old, and had a baby with her, revealed the truth. He was actually actually twenty-three, that the baby was his and hers, and that he was in a sexual relationship with her, two other girls, one who were younger than her, and one who was ten-years-old. All of them, and another guy, who he was having sex with as well, were in a sexual relationship with each other.

Oh, and there to scare me off either, she was there to welcome me into this multi-person relationship. She even told me that I was pretty, and couldn’t wait to have sex with me.

However despite the fact that she didn’t want to, she did scare me off, and I got away from her as quickly as I could, and then went home and threw-up.

I was sick for the rest of the day and the next day. I just told my parents that I had ate something I probably shouldn’t have while I was out, and they bought it.

I never met up with the guy a few days later, and was thankful I never saw him or his girlfriend again, but now I wonder, should I have let him atleast fuck me once? He wouldn’t have gotten me pregnant, as I still haven’t gotten my first period, so I would have been safe from becoming the mother of another child of his.

“No, Hanna. You don’t want to fuck a guy like that,” I told myself as I relaxed in the tub.

After a couple of minutes my hand slowly went to my vagina, and I gently began to rub it pussy.

I tried thinking about some of those guys with the giant cocks in those porn movies I would sometimes watch, and pretended that they were shoving their cocks into my little, eleven-year-old pussy.

I tried to, but my thoughts kept going back to Vicky and Mary, and I imagined both girls were taking turns licking and fingering me.

I stopped pleasuring myself, not wanting to pleasure myself to them again.

“Damnit, Hanna! You like girls, I mean guys,” I told myself again, noticing the slip-up, but dismissing it.

I gave myself a few deep breathes, and the continued to pleasure myself, this time thinking of my neighbor, Kyle. He was actually pretty good looking, and he always treated me nice and told me I was pretty. While I think he has a crush on me, my brother told me he was probably just using me as a stand in little sister, as he didn’t see his younger half-sisters to often, and that was because his step-mother didn’t want the children she had with his father to have much, or any interactions with him. From what I’ve been told she doesn’t want anything to do with Kyle, or even be called his step-mother.

I imaged Kyle licking my pussy before sticking his dick into my pussy. I knew what his dick looked like, I watched him a few days im the forest behind our houses’ getting a blowjob from a girl that he went to school with. It was the first time I had seen an actual blowjob, and not just one on a porn movie. The girl never released his cock until he came into her mouth, which she swallowed with a smile on her face. I then saw Kyle’s dick, and while it wasn’t as huge as most of those guys in those porn movies I watched, it was still pretty big. Maybe as big as that dildo Mary had.

I rubbed myself as I imagined Kyle shoving his cock into my young pussy, filling it up as his fuck me with his dick.

I rubbed myself to orgasm, and had to fight myself from making to much noise as I came. I then breathed a sigh of relief, glad I had released my pent up tension, but that I had did so with the image of a guy in my head.

After I got done pleasuring myself I took some soap, and cleaned my body. I then took a glob of shampoo, lathered up my hair, and dunked my head under the water.

After a couple of more minutes in the tub I got out, drained the water, grabbed a towel, and dried off. I then put on my bath robe, and went to my bedroom to put on my sleeping gown and watch some videos on my secret tablet.

I sat on my bed and watched some videos, not all of it porn, by the way. I felt like I need to get my head off of sex.

After I got done watching so many videos I hid my tablet under my mattress. I looked at clock. It was only 8:30 PM.

I sighed and decided to get some fresh air, so I put my shoes, told my parents I was going out back to get some fresh air, and that I would in a little bit.

They didn’t question this, because me and other children played outside at night all the time, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, and during the summer.

I walked over to a picnic table that had been set up in the middle or the forest years ago by the people that had previously lived in the house that Kyle Wyndale and his mother lived in now. Atleast that’s what my father told me when I asked him about it one day.

Out laying on the top of the table was Kyle, his hands behind his head.

“Hi, Kyle,” I said, approaching him, which made him sit up, and scream like a girl. I laughed at him when he did this.

After he took several deep breathes, he looked at me and said, “oh, hi Hanna.”

He motioned for me to come over, and I sat on the bench attached to the table. He didn’t even get mad at made for scaring him, because even he admitted he gets scared easy if someone sneaks up on him, or someone says hi to him, and he doesn’t know you’re there.

“How was work?” I asked him, just trying to make pleasent conversations with the guy I just masterbaited to. I wasn’t sure if I was going to fuck him or not, or if he would let me, but I needed fuck a guy, if nothing else just to prove to myself I did like guys!

“So how was Europe?” He asked, “did you meet any boys while there?”

“Is he teasing me?” I asked my, and then answered, “sort of.”

“So what you do? Meet a boy your age, but really couldn’t have a relationship with him?” He asked, already speculating about what happened.

I took a deep breath and answered him, “not exactly. The guy I meet, we were at a party, my parents didn’t know I went, he said he was sixteen. We started talking, I thought he was really cool, and we started making out.”

Kyle looked at me with wide eyes, and then started laughing, commenting, “I didn’t know you were into older guys.”

I giggled and told him, “oh, I am. Most guys my age are to immature, and to ‘short’, if you know what mean.”

Kyle blinked a couple of times wondering what I meant. Once he did figure it out, he feel on the table, laughing.

Once he got done laughing he sat back, and asked, “so how old was the guy really?”

I deep a breath, and told him, “twenty-three.”

Kyle put his fingers to his temples, rubbing them before asking, “you didn’t have sex with him, did you?”

I shook my head, and answered, “no. Not with him, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyways, because I haven’t had my first period yet.”

“It doesn’t…” he began saying something to me when he paused, and then asked me, “wait. Have you had sex before?”

I was silent for a few seconds, and then confessed to him, “I’ve had sex twice.”

Kyle stared right at me, and asked, “who?”

I took a deep breath, and decided to admit to him, while hoping he doesn’t tell my parents, or anyone else, “Vicky Smith, and I’m not sure if you know her or not, and Mary Chang.”

Kyle is silent for a moment, and told me, “I know who Mary. Me and my mom eat at her parents’ restaurant a lot, so I’ve met her a few times. Nice girl. Pretty too. It doesn’t surprise she would have sex with you, since she is bisexual.”

Kyle took a moment to take his breath, and continued to talk, “Vicky on the other hand surprises me. I didn’t think she was into girls. Now that I think about it, I didn’t think you were into girls either.”

“I’m not into girls!” I insisted, almost yelling. I then stood up and told him, “I’m straight!”

Kyle put his hands up defensively, “okay, I believe you!”

“You… you do?” I asked, not truly believing that he did.

He nodded his head, got off the table part, and sat down on the bench, looking me in the eyes. Kyle then said to me, “you’re only eleven, and you’re probably still trying to still figure out your sexuality. That’s not unusual, because there’s people my age trying to figure out their sexuality. But if you say you’re straight, then I believe you until you say otherwise. It’s not like you’re apart of a religious group that forces you to hide your sexuality.”

I giggled and told him as I leaned in closer to him, “I know which group you’re talking about too!”

Kyle chuckled a little, and at that moment I leaned in further, and put my lips on his.

I could see that Kyle was surprised by what I did, but he didn’t push me away. Infact, after a few seconds he put his arms around me, drawing me in closer.

We kissed what seemed like forever, but really it was only a couple of minutes. I wasn’t sure if he wanted to go further than what we were doing, but after broke our kiss I took off my sleeping gown, standing infront of him in nothing but my shoes, as I hadn’t bother to put on any underwear because I wanted to air out my vagina.

Kyle took the gown from me, and laid it on the table. He turned back to me, and sucked on my little breasts.

His lips and tongue on my tits felt so good, and he sucked on him like they were much bigger than they were. He even pulled on my nipples a little with his teeth. I was afraid it would hurt when he did that, being that they were kind of sensitive, but it actually felt really good!

Kyle sucked on my tits for a couple of, and while he was doing this he placed he hand onto my almost bald pussy, and began rubbing me.

I was brought to near orgasm due to his rubbing, but he stopped before he bring me to it. I wondered why, but found out quickly he intended to do, as he picked me up, and laid me down on the table and over my sleeping gown, my legs hanging over the edge of the table. He then gott down, and placed his mouth on my pussy, sucking my lips and sticking his tongue into me.

I twitched and moaned in pleasure as he gave me oral, pleasuring me with his mouth and tongue while I held his head in place. It again seemed like forever, but it really only took a couple of minutes for me to come.

I laid there, breathing heavy for a couple of minutes, wondering how I was going to make Kyle come? He answered this for me when he picked me up off the table, and bent me over, most of my body still on the table.

I could hear his zipper unzip, and I knew he was pulling out his dick. I could tell him no, I couldn’t do this, and I was pretty sure he would stop, but I didn’t want him too. I wanted him to put his cock into my pussy… or atleast I hope he put it in my pussy and not my asshole!

Well, fortunately he put it in my pussy, slowly pushing pass my lower lips, and into me.

“So this is what a real dick feels like!” I thought to myself. It weird felt both soft and hard at the same time, and his flesh sliding next to my flesh just felt better and warmer than the piece of plastic Mary used on me.

“Finally, I can prove that I’m straight!” I thought to myself as Kyle began fucking me, sliding his shaft in and out of me, and doing so for several minutes, and I came twice before he came, shooting his seed into my womb! It felt good. Warm.

He pulled out of me after two or three more strokes, and I just laid there, recovering from what just happened.

After a moments, after he saw I wasn’t standing up, Kyle asked me, with some worry in his voice, “are you okay? I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

After a couple of deep breathes, I answered him, “I’m fine. I’m just recovering. I didn’t expect it to be… that good.”

Kyle gave me a kiss to the back of my neck, and left me alone until I stood back up. I then turned around and smiled at him, and he smiled back, kissing me for a few seconds before leaning down, and giving my tits another suck, this time harder than the ones he gave me earlier.

He sucked on my tits for another couple of minutes before standing up straight, and informing me, “I need to go in.”

I giggled and told him, “me too.”

He gave my nipples a kiss, and asked, “Wanna met out here tomorrow?”

I quickly nodded my head at the thought of having his dick in me again. He gave me another kiss, and help me put my sleeping sleeping gown. He then gave me another kiss, and told me, “see you tomorrow then.”

We went back to our respective homes, all the while I kept thinking to myself, “I am straight! I am straight!”

But… what do about tomorrow?

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