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Seducing uncle (mandy)

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I knew he would be watching. Giggling we took our blouses and skirts off. When I seen her plain cotton panties I said, “Want to try on some fancy panties?”

“Oh yes.”

She stripped off her plain ones as I went to the dresser winking at the teddy cam and got a real skimpy pair of panties and turned and handed them to her. She was facing right towards the cam as she lifted her leg and slipped them over her foot and up her leg then the other foot before pulling them right up into place. I’m sure daddy got a real good look at her nice hairless pussy.

She run her hand over the front of them saying, “Oh mom would have a bird if she seen me wearing these. I love them. Wish I could show your dad them on me.”

This was going better than I thought it would. “Sure why not. He bought them for me and has seen me in them.”

“I couldn’t. He might get mad or something.”

“More likely something, come on.”

I grabbed her hand and dragged her protesting out of my room and down the hall to daddy’s office. We were both just wearing skimpy panties as we went in and up to daddy.

“Hi daddy, do you like my panties on Mandy?”

“Yes very lovely but should you be dressed like that in here.”

He looked and sounded pleased. “Sure why not you’ve seen me wearing them and you didn’t mind.”

I climbed up on and sat on one of his legs and the robe he often wore when he worked at home slightly parted. That gave me an idea and I persuaded Mandy to get up on his other leg and sit. With a little wiggling I managed to uncover a little bit of daddy’s cock. Mandy noticed right away and became mesmerized by the sight. I had a hard time not giggling so I looked up at daddy with a big grin and winked at him. He frowned a bit but didn’t say anything. I slid off and debated if I should stay or go to my computer and watch. I stayed not wanting to miss a thing.

After a few minutes daddy made like he just noticed what she was looking at and said, “Oops, sorry, guess I had better cover that.”

Mandy shook her head hard then realizing she had been caught looking at his cock looked up in panic blushing brightly. “Sorry I didn’t mean to.”

“That’s okay Mandy look if you want to I don’t mind. Look all you want.”
She looked at him in shock, then down at his lap and back at his face. “Really?” and then in a whisper, “I’ve never seen one.”
“Why don’t you uncover it and have a good look then.”
I almost laughed at the look of eagerness and fear that crossed her face but her hand went to the flap and pulled it back exposing his cock to her view. I was amazed it wasn’t hard as a rock but it wasn’t at full limp either. It wouldn’t take much to bring it to full hardness in all its glory.

Daddy was lightly stroking her arm as we watched Mandy get her first good look at a cock.
“You can touch it if you want.”

“Really?” her hand slowly approached his cock and she put her hand around the shaft. “It’s growing.”

“Yes it does that when a pretty young lady touches it.”

She looked up briefly and smiled before putting her total attention back on daddy’s cock. It didn’t take long until it was fully hard. As she explored it with her hands and eyes.

The phone rang and Mandy jumped and pulled her hand away like she had been caught doing something bad. Well I guess in some people’s opinion she was. Daddy smiled and put her hand back and reached for the phone. He talked for a short time then hung up.

Looking at me he said, “That was your mother, she’s got a client that wants to see a house right now so she is going to be a few hours late.”

I just grinned, now we had time to do more. Mandy was stroking his cock now and moving her pussy back and forth on daddy’s leg. She was really horny now and looking like she was trying to get up the nerve to say something.

Finally she blurted out like she had to say it before she chickened out, “Will you put it in me. I really want you to. Really, really want you to, please.”

“Well if you really, really want me to I guess I had better.”

“Really, really, really, really want you to do it.”

He led her over to the couch letting his robe fall off of his shoulders on to the floor. He sat and stood her in front of him and peeled her top off then pushed the panties down her legs. His hand went between her thighs cupping her pussy. “You’re soaking wet with juice, you really do want to fuck.”

She blushed and nodded her head, “Really, really, really.”

“Well promise me you won’t go bragging to your friends that we fucked.”

“I’ll never ever tell anyone. I know you could get in a lot of trouble if I did and I don’t want that.”

“I’m glad you’re such a mature young lady so I will fuck your lovely little pussy for you if you ask me to.”

“Please…um…fuck my pussy Mr. um…Jenny’s daddy.”
Realizing she didn’t know his name he said, “Jim, you can call me Jim or if you want Uncle Jim”
“Ok Uncle Jim, please do it.”

+++++ He smiled and pulled her towards him and kissed her as he looked over her shoulder at me standing near with my fingers buried in my pussy. He winked at me before breaking the kiss and sitting her down on the couch and kissing her again as he fondled her small titties. Then he slid off the couch and parting her legs he lowered his head between them. She gasped as he kissed her pussy lips then moaned softly as his tongue probed gently. Slowly he got more intense as her hips rose and her moans increased in volume. Then she screeched as she had a huge orgasm. She even passed out for a few minutes. Daddy waved me too him and put his fingers in my sopping wet pussy and I immediately had a wonderful cum.

“Do you want to play with her a little too?”

“Not this time. I just want to watch her lose her virginity with you.”

Mandy started to stir and daddy got her laying on the couch with her legs wide apart and positioned himself between them. She looked up at him smiling and raised her hips a little.

“Are you ready Mandy sweet?”

“Oh yes, really, really ready. Fuck me Uncle Jim.”

His hips moved forward sinking his cock between her juicy pussy lips. He pushed deeper bringing a squeak from her. She squeezed her eyes tight as she lost her cherry. Daddy held still with his cock a little ways in her cunny waiting for her to recover from the pain. Soon she lifted her pelvis for more and daddy pushed further in. She moaned softly as she took more and more of daddy’s cock until she had it all.

Slowly he fucked her steadily increasing the pace bring moans of ever increasing pleasure from her. Daddy started fucking her harder then began cumming bringing a screech from Mandy as she also cum hard. They breathed hard recovering from their cums.

When they parted I asked, “Well Mandy how was it? Did you like it?”

“Oh yes, really, really like it. You got to do it there’s nothing better.”

I chuckled, “Yeah, I’ll have to do that.”

“Oh I want more. Can we do it again?”

“Not right now, you drained me right out and it will be a little while before I can again. I’m sure we can some other time.”

“Can I come over after school sometimes and do it?”

Daddy looked over at me and I smiled and nodded. “Sure sweetie you can come over and cum sometimes.”

“Not every day I guess.”

“No not every day.” Daddy looked at me and I whispered ‘Wednesdays’. Daddy continued, “How about you come over on Wednesdays when you can and we will see how that goes. Now you both had better go and get cleaned up.”

When we got to my room I suggested, “Why don’t you go have a shower.”

She nodded and headed for the bathroom and I hurried to daddy. “Mandy is having a shower, put the cam on.”

He turned it on and we watched Mandy getting into the shower. The glass was a little steamy but we could see that she was rubbing her pussy as she leaned against the wall.

“That was nice of you to give up some of your time with me for Mandy.”

“Well it really excites me seeing you fuck her and maybe we could get to do it together with you. Wouldn’t you like to have one girl riding your cock and one riding your mouth?”

“Very much. The only thing better than one girl is two.”

“How come mom is taking so long showing a house?”

“Let me tell you a little secret. You see she’s probably getting fucked not showing a house.”

“Doesn’t that bother you?”

“No, I ignore her little diligent and she ignores mine and we fuck like bunnies after. Guess you could say that it adds a little spice.”

“Oh, is mom really going to a retreat next month?”

“Yes, but I bet she has some fun too. She takes our relationship and her business serious and wouldn’t let anything interfere.”

“Hmm, do you think that Uncle Dave could come visit that week end without bringing Aunt Emma?”

“Not sure but I’ll find out. I think that could be fun it’s been a long time since we shared a girl.”

“How about two girls I bet Mandy would love to spend the weekend whether Uncle Dave is here or not.”

“Sounds like fun, now, do I want two girls all to myself or…”


“Okay, okay, Mandy is getting out of the shower, I think pizza for diner.”


Mom got home just after the pizza arrived and she looked happy. The thought crossed my mind that I was the only one in the house that had not been recently fucked. Oh well I had a nice cum and seen my best friend lose her virginity with daddy. It would be a long time before I forgot that.

That night Mandy and I talked. She told me she was really, really pleased getting fucked by daddy and couldn’t wait for the next time. When I brought up the idea of spending a weekend with my uncle, daddy and me she got real excited and wanted to do it as soon as possible. I told her that we couldn’t until next month when mom would be away and although she was a little disappointed she understood why.

Getting to school Monday morning Mandy came running up to me and the first thing she said was, “Is it hump day yet?” we both had a good giggle realizing the double meaning of that. As she would put it she really, really liked fucking now that she had experienced it and Wednesday seemed like a really, really long time to wait for more. I was getting it more often having daddy around all the time so it wasn’t quite as bad for me although I would have been quite happy to get fucked at least three times a day every day but I guess daddy really couldn’t manage that and take care of mom too although she was getting a little on the side.

Hump day came and I had to convince Mandy that if she ran all the way to daddy she would be all sweaty and stinky by the time she got there. We did walk fairly fast though and started shedding clothes as soon as we were in the house. We were almost naked by the time we got to daddy’s office but he wasn’t there. Next we checked his room and he wasn’t there. When we got to my room we found him on my bed with just his boxer shorts on. We dumped our clothes on a chair and peeled off our panties then jumped on the bed and started tugging his shorts off freeing his cock for action.

I had told her earlier that hump day was her time with daddy and she had first dibs on his cock and so she jumped right into action taking his cock into her mouth and sucking vigorously. Daddy slowed her down warning her that if she got him off too soon she might miss out getting any action in her pussy. That slowed her down and I think they both enjoyed it more.
She looked disappointed when daddy lifted her head from his cock but grinned when h
e laid her down and she spread her legs. Daddy didn’t go for her pussy as she expected but held her and kissed her. She wasn’t a very good kisser yet and after a couple of minutes daddy pulled back.

“Would you like to learn how to kiss better Mandy?”

She nodded vigorously.


Our lips came together with Mandy watching closely. We even parted our lips just a little so she could see daddy’s tongue in my mouth and then my tongue in his mouth. She tried it again and with a few instructions improved a lot. It wasn’t hard to see she was getting off on kissing as she started to pant. She looked disappointed when daddy pulled away but when he got to her nipple and sucked on it she held his head to her quit fiercely. They may have been very small but by her reaction they must have been very sensitive. She tried holding him there but when she realized where he was going pull turned to push and when he kissed just above her slit she moaned softly and raised her pelvis to get more. She must have been almost ready to cum when his tongue licked her slit because she moaned loudly and began to tremble. A few swipes of his tongue on her clit did it for her and she had a real good cum but daddy didn’t stop he kept licking he pussy and penetrating her with it or his fingers.

Daddy waved me closer and pushed my head down towards her nipples. I was a little hesitant having never done anything with another girl. Mandy I guess felt the same as she tried pushing my head away but daddy was holding my head to her tit and soon push turned to pull as I did my best to make her feel good. I guess daddy and I did that pretty well as she had a massive orgasm and even passed out briefly.

Daddy was ready to penetrate her when she came around. She felt his cock pressing at her cunt and whispered ‘oh yes’. Daddy pressed in as her hips rose to receive his cock and she moaned in pleasure. I think she was even more cock hungry than me if that’s possible.

My pussy was itching and I thought about maybe sitting on her mouth and getting it licked but that just sounded too lezzy to me, then I got a better idea.

“Daddy get her on top so she can ride your cock that way.”

He looked a little puzzled but did as I asked. When they were in position I watched daddy’s cock going in and out of her for a minute before I mounted daddy’s mouth. I heard yummy coming from between my thighs just before his tongue started doing my slit. After a few seconds I had to hold on to Mandy as I had a little cum but that was just a little tremor before the big one. Mandy was riding daddy’s cock pretty hard and I felt her tense up as she rammed hard down on daddy and cum she clung to me and I had to hold her in place as I hoped she got it back together soon because I could feel the big one coming. When she recovered daddy held her by the hips and began pounding his cock hard up into her cunt as his tongue probed deep as he could into mine. My cum started building until I thought I would explode then peaked with wonderful intensity.

The only thing keeping me from falling over was Mandy clinging to me as she got close also. Then I heard and felt daddy groan as he shot his load of cream up into Mandy’s cunt. She started cumming again and somehow we managed to hold up each other with a little help from daddy until it was all over then we fell sideways off daddy and lay there holding each other panting to get or breath back.

We managed after a few minutes to squirm around so we were snuggled up against each side of daddy. Daddy gave us some time to recover before he suggested that we go and get cleaned up.

Mandy asked, “Will you come and wash me up?”

He said, “That sounds like far too much fun and there really isn’t enough time to do that but on our weekend together I would love to have showers with you.”

“You promise? That would be one hot shower in more than just water temperature.”

“I promise. It is so much fun showering with someone.”

She ran off to the bathroom to clean up and I asked daddy, “Well daddy, how did you like two girls at the same time?”

“You bet I liked it. You really fed me a lovely quantity of delicious girl juices. Have you ever licked a pussy?”

“Daddy! That’s lezzy.”

“Not necessarily unless you don’t want anything to do with cock. Maybe you would be bi-sexual if you like both. I tried sucking cock once but it wasn’t my thing and although I wanted to try it I became a real chore to go through with it and I never had the urge to do it again. I guess it was just a learning experience of my likes and dislikes. After that I stuck to pussy.”

Mandy returned and kissed daddy then said, “You taste good.”

He smiled and said, “Yes I can still taste Jennifer’s pussy juice in my mouth.”

She looked a little shocked but could only say, “Oh.”

I successfully prevented a giggle at her reaction to tasting pussy juice.

After Mandy left I told daddy, “Sometime I’m going to suck your cum from her pussy.”

“Mmm, that would be interesting to watch.”

“Daddy, you’re a dirty old man.”

“Yup. That I am. Let me show you something.”

He went to my computer and did a couple of thing and there was daddy sitting on my bed and Mandy and I taking the last of our clothes of and approaching daddy.

Oh wow! You recorded it.”

“We better turn it off for now though, here’s how you find it and after you watch it put it on disc and erase it from your computer. Go get cleaned up before your mom gets home.”

“Okay. Have you got anything else I could watch?”

“Perhaps, but you have to be real careful with all of it or there could be big trouble.”

“I’ll be real careful and not let anyone see it, not even Mandy.”

“That’s my girl. Now get cleaned up.”

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