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Author: Twocrows

Oh daddy

Shortly after I turned eleven was when I discovered how good it felt when I rubbed my hand over my little dick. It would get hard and maybe just a little bigger. From then on almost... # # #

1824 words | 4 |4.11

Birth of a butt slut

I was in my early twenties the first time I went to a sex shop that had a section in the back that mostly men went into to watch porn. Well, that is what I thought then. A friend thought... #

2080 words | 3 |4.73

Seducing uncle (mandy)

I knew he would be watching. Giggling we took our blouses and skirts off. When I seen her plain cotton panties I said, “Want to try on some fancy panties?” “Oh yes.”... # # #

3347 words | 3 |4.50

Seducing uncle (daddy’s turn)

I had a week before school started so I was pretty busy getting ready but I still had time to watch daddy and how he behaved towards me. I wondered how much he was like his brother.... # #

4470 words | 0 |4.71

Seducing uncle

I love to spend the summer at Uncle Dave’s and Aunt Emma’s farm but I was now twelve and this year I wanted something else. I had no clue what but I was restless and a little... # # #

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Glory hole

The old sex shop had done some major renovations over the past few weeks and I was looking forward to checking it out. The main part of the store looked good, nice and freshly painted... #

711 words | 3 |4.25

Enjoying abner

Three days I had been in this town and been busy almost every minute of my time. This client sure wanted to get all he could from the expense of bringing me in to deal with their problem.... #

1422 words | 0 |3.71

Molly house

I had been passing the place every day on my way to work and on my way home. One day I got curious about the place. Most of the businesses along the way were easy to tell what they... #

1380 words | 3 |5.00

What’s a gurl going to do?

What’s a gurl to do in a small town with little chance to dress up for a nice man? Gay men were scarce around here and it seemed that I needed to go to town anytime I was in real... #

2069 words | 5 |4.40

My New School

I had been home schooled for the first five years but things changed and I was enrolled in a boy’s boarding school for my sixth year. I found myself living in a room with two other... # # #

4016 words | 2 |4.13

Cock sucker

I love to suck cock I love eating pussy too for that matter. Lately though it has been cock I crave and can’t get enough of. A while back, I was at the peep show and not a single... #

2415 words | 13 |4.88

What the fuck

What am I doing sitting her staring at that man’s huge cock? I’m not one of those gay types. I’m a married man, wait a minute not any more. that’s why I’m here sort of, getting... #

1050 words | 7 |4.58

The party

Even at the young age of eleven seeing sex was nothing new to me. I had seen my dad fucking women and men on may occasions. I was supposed to stay in my room when dad had someone over... # # #

1126 words | 7 |4.74