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Three days I had been in this town and been busy almost every minute of my time. This client sure wanted to get all he could from the expense of bringing me in to deal with their problem. But tonight, after dinner I told them I was going to relax and rest up so don’t call me until morning.

I could see the river valley from my room and the unusual thing about it was that the entire distance along the river though the city was park with most of it wooded area with trails. Looked like the perfect cruising area to me and I was aching to check it out.

Wearing a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt I headed down the stairs near the hotel into the valley park. It didn’t take long to show my thoughts had been right. Not far in there was a small parking lot surrounded with wood with half a dozen cars with men sitting in them in ones and twos. Walking into the wooded area I seen several men even one walking around with his cock out. Instead of approaching any I walked on checking out who was there. This seemed to be a popular place to meet with the numbers of guys looking or displaying and the variety of guys, older men who I knew would be good at sucking cock middle aged who might be sucking or looking to be sucked and then the twinks, tasty young men who would be a treat.

Coming to another set of stairs coming down into the park I spotted a young man that I thought was beautiful. I sat on the bench at the base of the stairs and waited for him to descend. I made a bet with myself that he would be wearing panties. By the time he stepped off the stairs my cock was beginning to rise and looking down I seen it was quite obvious. He looked and I smiled although I don’t think that he seen that.

“Hi sweetie, come sit a spell.”

He looked up and smiled as he came to the bench. He smiled and sat down checking out my package that had grown a little. “Hello sir.”

Aw I thought, not just a twink but a submissive, all the better. “Hello, do you come here often?”

“No sir, just in town for a few days.”

“So am I, were are you staying?”

He pointed at my hotel, “That hotel there, sir.”

“So am I, I’m James.” I offered him my hand.

He took it in his soft hand that I longed to have on my cock, “Abner, sir.”

“Good to meet you Abner.”

I got the feeling he was as horny as I was so I put my hand on his thigh, “Would you care to come to my room for a night cap?”

He put his hand over mine and rubbed it gently. “Yes sir, I would like that.”

We walked back to the stairs I had come down drawing many looks from others on the way. I had him lead the way up the stairs so I could admire his ass but half way I moved up beside him willing my cock to behave itself. In the elevator I cupped one cheek in my hand and he hummed a little and wiggled his ass a bit against my hand. I could hardly wait to get that ass naked.

In the room as I prepared drinks, he removed his outer clothes. I had won my bet; he was wearing black lace panties with a small cock bulging and matching garters and stockings. Very lovely I thought.

“You looking really good sweet Abner.”

He giggled, “Thank you sir, I’ve been dying to see your cock ever since I laid eyes on your big bulge.”
“Oh? And why would you want that?”

“So, I can worship it, stroke it, suck it, fuck it and give you as much pleasure as I can, sir.”

“Then you can get it out and do so.”

I knew he was going to be good as he went to his knees before me and hooked his fingers in the waist band of the sweats and slowly pulled them down over my cock and down to my ankles. I lifted each foot and he took them right off. He lovingly cupped my balls in his hand as he kissed my cock head.

“Oh sir, it is such a lovely member that is going to give me much pleasure as I pleasure it.”

I’m not small at almost eight inches and thick but my whole cock disappeared into his mouth.
Damn could he suck cock.

I enjoyed his sucking for several minutes before pulling him up to his feet. Didn’t want to cum yet. I kissed him, he wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed back with passion as my hands explored his body. His skin was smooth and warm and his ass felt so well shaped. He wiggled a little rubbing our cocks together.

The kiss broke and he sighed and snuggled against me. “Sir?”

“Yes sweetie, what is it.”

“Will you take me to your bed and make love to me sir?”

I led him to my bed and before laying him down took his panties off and admired his shaved cock and balls. They were small but so nicely formed.

“Do you like my clitty sir?”

“Yes, I do, and I’m looking forward to getting some clitty juices from it.”

“As I want your man cream from your mighty sword sir.”

We lay down and came together in an embrace kissing and stroking each other. He had said make love to him and so I did as if he was a woman, sort of. Kissing down his neck I soon came to his nipples and kissed and tongued them. Although not large they were sensitive and he moaned and arched his back. After spending some time on them I moved down lower across his belly to his belly button giving it a little tonguing and being rewarded with a moan and squirm. Down kissing around his clit but not touching kiss the thighs a quick kiss to the balls with a good reaction from him. A brief kiss to his clit and he moaned and thrust his hips upward for more.

“Please sir.” I looked up at him moving slightly away. “Please sir, suck my clitty.”

I smiled and went for it, taking his entire cock in my mouth. He may be a little on the small size but he reacted strongly to my tonguing. It wasn’t long until with a loud groan he fed me a surprising amount of cum. Sucking him dry and giving his little cock and balls kisses I lifted his legs and licked downward. He gasped as he realized where I was heading and when my tongue swiped across his puckered hole he jerked and moaned.

After a few minutes of licking and tongue probing, “Please sir, will you please put your cock in me and breed me.”

As I moved up between his thighs, he lubed up and was ready when my cock touched his puckered hole. He was holding his legs almost beside his head and I watched my cock pressing in pushing the flesh in then opening him up and I was in. It felt good slowly fucking deeper until I was pressing up against his ass. Full strokes deep into his ass had him moaning and humping up to meet each thrust.

“Oh sir, that is so good, your cock is wonderful. Oh yes.”

It was feeling so very good to me also as I fucked him a bit harder as my cum approached. He groaned and raised his hips; I slammed in and blew my load with a groan of my own. Definitely a good fuck and hopefully we would be repeating it. We lay together stroking each other’s bodies as we rested and fell asleep. I woke in the early morning and he was gone but there was a note left for me.

That was a very enjoyable evening. Could we meet for breakfast at 7:30? My cell is — — —- if you want to contact me. By the way I still need to taste your sword.


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