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Teen crossdresser first time and old man neighbor

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First of all I was raised in a very small town. When I was a baby I was given experimental drugs which had very bad side effects left me completely hairless permanently except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and hair on top of my head. Another side effect was had very tiny dick and balls an could not get hard .I was raised by my mom she raised me very well but very feminine. My ears pierced and wore earrings my hair cut and styled feminine and she always made me get my nails done square tip just clear polish and eyebrows done thin and arched feminine. Always girl clothes since I was home schooled due to nobody else in town my age an closest school was 50 miles away.
Well she did let me help a older man in his 60’s at his house. He was very sweet and nice and loved to rub my legs and arms and ass I even let him run between my legs. Well as I got older and started to wear makeup and lipstick and lip gloss he started to kiss me. He if I said stop whatever he was trying to do he did.
Well on my 15th birthday Mom and I drove 75 miles away and got my eyebrows done thin and arched feminine and hair cut and styled completely feminine style what I wanted and then I got a full set of square tip finger nails done and painted and toes painted cherry red. Mom was very surprised that I got them painted. She was even more surprised about when I told her that I used the industrial super glue and glued myself down and stuff to look like a woman’s virgia she said that it really did look like a woman’s virgia for real. Well I ended up with a whole new wardrobe of long lasting smug proof non-transferable makeup and lipstick and mini dresses and mini skirts and blouses and corsets and stockings and high heels and bra’s and thongs sets and pantyhose and jewelry everything else need to be Paula 24 7 including 3 pairs of silicone glue on breast. At that time mom had a car phone payed by company she worked for. Well she got a call and she was going out of town for a few days. Well after we got home and I thru old clothes out. I put away the 3500 dollars worth of new clothes and shoes and stuff she bought me.
She packed her bags and told me if I needed anything Mr Carter will help . I said ok well after she left that night. I played with her toys .
The next morning Mr Carter called asking if I wanted anything. Thinking to myself I wanted to suck him and he fuck my gurly-boi-pussi virgin hole. I said no but I would love to see him and let him see the new look . He said that anyway I looked I was beautiful and sexy to him. I told him that I would be over there later an that if wanted to play we could. I hung up and went got dressed. I put on my long lasting smug proof non-transferable makeup and cherry red lipstick first then glued on my silicone breast and put on purple and white full corset and suntan seamed back stockings and hooked up to the garter straps. Then I put on a tight purple micro mini dress that covered only half of my ass. I put on a pair of 5″ strappie spiked high heels so he could see my painted toes , a necklace and bracelets and dangling earrings and rings . I put my hair up in a bun and put perume on . I had the g-string but didn’t wear it I wanted him to know that I was ready for this. I put makeup and lipstick in my purse and keys and left my house.
I knocked on his door and he opened it . He jaw hit the ground and he said omg you are so beautiful and sexy and hot. Well he was in his boxers only. As soon as I got inside of the house and the door closed. I drop my purse and I put my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist and hands on my ass cheeks and we kissed very passionately. As we kissed passionately he pulled up my dress and was feeling my my boi-virgia and my virgin gurly-boi-pussi hole. He said are you still sure you want to play with me a 60 yr old man. I felt his cock with my hand and said yes as unzipped my mini dress and I took it off . Then I push his boxers down so he was completely naked was first time I have ever seen a man nude and felt his cock and balls.
He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed and laid down next to me. We kissed passionately and made out feeling each others body. When he kissed my neck drove me nuts. Then I started to kiss my way down his body chest and stomach. I kissed and licked his big balls and his hard thick 8″ of man meat. I wanted to taste an feel it in my mouth like the toys.
I opened my mouth and wrapped my lipstick lips around it and then went down on it all the way. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt and tasted. As I was sucking him from balls to tip. He keep telling how good it felt and I was natural at it. Well he could not believe that I was deep throating him every single time he was moaning in pleasure . After a good 20 plus minutes he said that he was going to cum I went down all the way and he shot his hot creamy load into my throat and mouth and I swallowed every single drop of it loving it. I keep licking it and sucking on it till he had me come back up. We kissed and cuddling and talked . He was playing with my gurly-boi-pussi hole even putting a finger in me.
Well after a while of that he said I really want this and want to make love to you for a long time . I kissed him and told him that he could and I wanted him to. Well he really kissed my neck and sucking on it also kissing me from head to toe. Then kiss and lick my boi-virgia and then my virgin gurly-boi-pussi hole omg it felt so wonderful as he was licking it all over again and again. He buried his tongue in it making me moan in complete pleasure. After a few minutes of that he stopped and I felt something wet and cool slippery on my hole and inside of me he had me put my legs up on his shoulders and kissed me and said tell him if wanted him to stop.
I felt the tip of his hard thick 8 inches against my virgin gurly-boi-pussi he gently started to push his cock against me there was some pressure as he push it slowly in stretching my virgin hole open. I took a couple of deep breaths and relaxing more. Thinking about how much I wanted this. He slowly pushed the head of his cock completely in I gasped and moaning loudly in pleasure. He kissed me and asked if I wanted to stop I said no . He finally had all of it completely in me. I couldn’t help but moan as he made slow passionate love to me. Omg it felt so wonderful and natural to me and I knew that I would always be wanting more for a good hour he made love to me till he shot his hot creamy load deep inside of me.
Well I spent the night with him and having sex . Well over the next few years we had sex regular along with him.

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