Bear In My Ass

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A great day at the bath house on bear day

Bear day was coming soon to the bath house in the nearby city and and bears needed cubs to pleasure there fat cocks so I had every intention to be there and take good care of their meaty cocks. Oh yes, they would taste so good feeding me and feel so good fucking me. I was hoping there would be a good turn out of those horny bears to be looked after.

Well, it was a long two days until the day. I was half hard most of the time and hard as rock the rest of the time. Oh, I was so looking forward to being fed and bred over and over again. I was at the door at eleven to be ready for the noon bears to arrive. Clean inside and out I was ready, all I needed now was a little lube and a bear. Passing the lockers there was one, half undressed and as I passed, he patted my butt.

Turning with a smile, “Room 412 when you’re ready.”

That wasn’t long, just finished with the lube when he was at the door. “I see you are all lubed up for me.”

I turned and displayed my boi pussy between my spread cheeks. He rubbed my hole a few times before he pulled me up and after a kiss with tongue, he pushed me down.

“A little suck before I fuck your tight cub pussy.”

I didn’t have any objections to that and took his big fat cock between my lips and took him in enjoying the sensation of his cock growing and hardening up in my mouth. He moaned softly as I attempted to swallow his big fat cock. I almost did but he was just a little too big for me but I still had fun trying. Then he pulled me up, turned me around and bent me over the bed. I prepared myself, pulling my cheeks apart and relaxing my hole. I felt the big head of his cock pressing against me.

“Are you ready to be fucked cub?”

“Fucking yes, I’m ready for your hairy bear cock.”

It stung as he pressed in, I hadn’t been fucked for a while and should have used my dildo to stretch my hole but he was doing a fine job of that. Half way in and it was feeling just fine as he fucked in deeper bringing moans of pleasure from me. I wanted to see his big cock in my ass and reached over and grabbed my phone.

“Please take a couple of pictures of your big cock in my pussy.”

He took several and a short video before laying the phone down beside me. “I’ll take a couple more after I breed you of cum oozing from your pussy.”

I smiled back at him and he increased the pace, driving harder into my pussy. He felt so big I was surprised I wasn’t feeling him coming right up into my throat so I could lick the tip on each thrust in. Then with a groan he rammed in and his cock pulsed so good as he pumped his cum into my pussy. A few more strokes in and he pulled out with my phone ready and took several pictures of my still open pussy and the cum that was slowly oozing out.

“Oh daddy bear, that was so good. Hope you fuck me again.”

“Well if I don’t there are a few bears around that would love too. Go to the play room and get in the sling.”

A clean up and I made my way to the play room and arranged myself in the sling. A bear approached fisting his cock. He wasn’t too long but damn he was sure thick, gonna feel that one going in. He fingered me a little as I spread my cheek as wide as I could then he was pressing to my pussy. I felt it alright to start with I thought I was being stretched more than ever before. It hurt but I took it, he was good enough to pause and wait for me to adjust to such a fat cock in my pussy then pressed deeper and fucked me with slow deep thrusts. It started to feel good.

“Oh fuck cub, your cunt is so tight, not going to last long.”

Soon he was groaning and I’m sure his cock got a little bigger before it started to pulse and pulse as he filled me with his hot cum. He stayed in me for a bit slowly fucking before he pulled out. What a fuck. To my surprise a twink jumped in and covered my still open pussy with his mouth and began tonguing up the cum leaking from me. That turned out to be quite exciting. Finished he stood and with a grin licked his lips and wandered off. Enough fucking for now, I needed a break.

As I was heading to my room I was passing the other play room and seen several cocks being sucked or waiting to be sucked. Thinking that would be just as good a way to rest my pussy I went to the nearest and after fondling it a bit sucked it into my mouth. It was what I thought of as the perfect cock to suck, long and not too fat and after a bit of sucking I went for it all. He moaned as I buried my nose in his pubic hair with his cock in my throat. A few bobs and back out for a bit then back for more. A few more times of that and he was ready to cum. I wanted to taste so pulled back and he filled my mouth with a good load of tasty cum. Mmm good.

I finely got to my room and lay down ass up and dozed off with thoughts of all the nice bear cum I had enjoyed. I woke with a hand stroking my ass, I turned for a look and seen the hairiest bear I’d ever seen smiling back at me.

“You have a lovely butt cub, I would very much like to fuck you.”

I smiled and glanced down at his magnificent cock and spread my cheeks. He grinned and began fingering my hole as he brought his cock to my mouth for a little suck. He was a good mouthful and would be a good pussy full.

“That’s nice cub, but time to give your pussy some attention.”

He got up on bed between my legs and lifted my hips so I was up on my knees. His mouth covered my hole and his tongue probed. He had me wiggling on his mouth for a couple of minutes.

He pulled away, “Mmm, got some cum in your boi pussy already I see.”

He lubed up my hole and his cock and pressed the head to enter. I opened easily and he went in. His big cock felt so good as he slowly began fucking my pussy going deeper with every stroke. Fully in he paused then with long full stroked fucked me deep and hard.

“Oh fuck cub, your pussy feels so good, going to be adding more cum in you soon.”

He fucked me harder for a couple more minutes and then with a groan he rammed in deep and his cock pulsed as he pumped more cum into my pussy. He had me turn around and suck on his tasty cock for a bit before we stopped.

“That was a fine fuck cub, I do hope you’re here next bear day so I can fuck you again.”

I went into his arms running my hand over his hairy chest, “Damn right I’ll be here for you to fuck me again.”

That was pretty much it for me for the day so to the showers and clean up. After the shower I went to the sauna to get all nice and toasty warm and there was another bear with hard cock in hand and when he offered it to me I just had to have a taste. I was tired but he didn’t take long to flood my mouth with tasty cock cream that I sucked up and swallowed. That was a tasty end to the day and soon after I was dressed and on my way.


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  • Reply bad story tbh ID:4bn00en3fia

    wtf u must be retarded or sum shit

  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck6jcydxpr9

    Right up this Bears hairy ass. Why don’t we have type of club in my city. Damn, I would live there. How many cubs out there would like a place like that to go to for real ??? Text me, I might have a place and a plan
    [email protected]

  • Reply Anonymous ID:4bn00en3fia

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    What a wonderful, filthy day!!