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Loki before he gets neutered part 1

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I wasn’t gonna do this but changed my mind And am gonna tell this story

once I have these last Loki story’s done I might do some stuff on my friends and I.
Before Loki was neutered my parents went on a 4 day haven holiday. I stayed behind to ‘look after’ Loki.
This takes place the day after my last time with Loki story.

Me and SD we in my room and it was about 11pm we both went to sleep tired.
At about half past 1 I was woken up by something lubed slamming inside my ass. Loki’s dick
SD had lubed him and gotten him to fuck me on my sleep
I just lay there in pleasure and shock as he fucked me
He was so big and so good I didn’t like Anal normally but with Loki I was something different.

I lay on my bed with a massive boner and just heard Loki slapping me
Slap slap* and then suddenly he just had a burst of speed going faster and faster.
When Loki fucked me I felt amazing so I tried something new.
Because of his and my positions I was able to turn my head and kiss him on the mouth shoving my tongue in and everything at first it tasted awful but I quickly warmed up to it until Loki slammed his knot into me.
I broke the kiss and screamed with a moan of pleasure as I felt him filling me up.

I thought to myself
I’m this dogs bitch and I know it
But worst of all I think Loki knew it he had fucked me at least once a day for the past week and he knew I would let him.
I say there waiting for Loki to come loose and after a while he did.
I expected him to pullout but when his knot came loose he just started fucking me again. I tried to stop him but he growled and pined me.

I had been dominated by a mutt and I was living every second of it l.
He was fucking me harder and faster and needed little help thanks to his cum lubricating my add for him he again just kept going using me as his fuck toy whist SD just stiff and watched whist she fingers herself.

Eventually he knotted me a second time and came again this time he actually left and when he did I could feel I was so close to cumming and few jerks should have done it but SD jumped onto me after I said this and shoved my dick In her.

One slap
Two slaps
And then I came she moaned loudly as I filled her with my cum.

I then noticed Loki’s leaking out of my ass I realised we should take a shower to clean up .

SD then came up to me after the shower and told me she had an idea for Tommorw
She showed me a box of stuff she brought for is to fuck with.

(She has a domination fetish btw, she loves to get dominated be me and Loki)

In the box was a ball gag a blindfold and some things to tie people to a bed with

Part 2 will be up Tommorw hopefully

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