What’s a gurl going to do?

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What’s a gurl to do in a small town with little chance to dress up for a nice man? Gay men were scarce around here and it seemed that I needed to go to town anytime I was in real need of a nice cock in my bum.
I started thinking about the situation adding up the good and bad of being here. I loved the privacy of my place and the nearness of a good rest stop on a major highway. Maybe I could use that to my advantage somehow. What I came up was a site on my computer. I had lots of pictures of me in various outfits and some things about me but even though I was getting lots of traffic I wasn’t getting much contacts. So I remembered seeing a site with a coupon for a blow job and thought that was worth a try. I wasn’t prepared for how quickly I would get a response, ten minutes after I posted it I got a call.
“Passing though your area and I sure would like to take you up on the coupon offer.”
I spoke with him for a few minutes and found out he was at the rest stop so I invited him in. “When you leave the rest stop head west about one-hundred metres and you will see a road way heading north into the wood. Follow that to the first driveway on the right and you will be at my place.”
“Great, will be seeing you in a few minutes.”
A few minutes and he drove into my drive and when he got out I waved him over to my garden. He was a handsome middle aged fairly tall and well built.
“Hello handsome, by the look of the bulge your ready to claim my coupon.”
He began opening his pants, “Sure am. Love your red panties and stockings.”
He released a fine semi hard cock for me and I went to my knees taking it in hand, a bit of fondling and it was a nice seven inches of hard cock that slid between my lips. Mmm, a nice manly taste that was perfect to my liking. He moaned softly and rested his hand on my head as I sucked him in to his balls. I didn’t neglect them either but gently rolled them around in my hand as I tongued and sucked his cock.
“Fuck, that feels good, you’re a fine cock sucked gurl.”
I looked up at him and took him deep several more times. I’m sure he was getting harder and close to cumming. I went gentle and slowed the rush to cum. He moaned and trembled before I took him deep a couple of time and brought him to orgasm. With a groan he flooded my mouth with creamy cum , mmm so tasty. Sucking him gently now I made sure I got every drop of his cock cream before pulling off and standing.
“Hey gurl, that was a fine blow, could I drop in on my return for more?”
“Yes, you will be welcome, the coupon will be valid. Would you be interested in having my pussy maybe?”
“Oh yes, I sure would be.”
“Good, let me know a little ahead of when you will be here and I’ll be ready.”
“Damn right I will, about a week from now and I’ll be very happy to fuck you. Got to get on the road now so thank you so much for the fine blow.”
I went in and made a cup of tea and on my return to the garden I got a call. He sounded like a young man inquiring about the coupon and after a few minutes I gave him directions to my place. When he arrived and got out of his car I seen he was in his late teens and slight build,a tasty looking morsel.
He came into my garden, “So, you would like to redeem the coupon would you?”
He smiled and nodded his head, Huh, huh, I would really like a blow.”
“Then come closer and we can get those pants out of the way.”
Getting his cock out I seen it was a decent size, more than I expected on such a small man. Cupping his shaved balls in my hand I wondered if he might be more bottom than top, but what ever, I was going to taste his lovely cock and suck him dry. He gasped as I kissed the head before sucking it in. I was sure he hadn’t been sucked off very much. He didn’t last long before he moaned and fed me a nice tasty snack of creamy cum. When he stepped back he was looking over my cock barely covered with the lacy red panties.
“Oh that was so good. Um, would you please fuck me?”
I considered that for a whole second, “Do you have some lube handy?”
“Got some in the car, I’ll get it.”
He went to pull his pants up but I stopped him. “Take them off, you look so good naked.”
He smiled and stepped out of them and then removed his t-shirt as an added bonus. He walked over to his car with a bit of sway to his lovely ass and retrieved the lube. Handing it to me he turned and bent over spreading his cheeks offering his ass to me. What a lovely ass, I couldn’t resist, I went down and buried my face between those cheeks and gave him a good rimming. From his moans and wiggles he must of loved it. After I rose and quickly lubed his hole and press my cock in. He moaned loudly and pushed back burying my cock in his tight ass. Damn his pussy felt so good.
“Fuck me harder, fuck me good and breed me.”
I increased the pace and force, skin slapping together as I fucked him the way he wanted. A couple of minutes of that and I was going to cum. Slamming in hard he got my load of cum deep in his bowels. I stayed in for a bit longer before pulling out he stood and turned and hugged me.
“Damn, I wish you were closer to the collage, I’d be wanting to visit you often.”
“Well you will be welcome anytime you’re in the area. You have a tasty cock and that was a great fuck.”
“Thank you, I’ll be back sometime, got to get going now though. Thanks again.”
That was a different encounter, usually I’m the one to bend over and present my pussy to cock. He sure was a lovely fuck though, I hope he will be back sometime. It had been an interesting afternoon, the coupon had been a very good idea but time to take a break and get some dinner.
After diner I was thinking some cream would be lovely for desert so I checked the messages, one from over an hour before but nothing recent. A little later I was sitting in the garden watching a beautiful sunset when I got a message. A guy wanting to redeem the coupon so I gave him directions and ten minutes later a van pulls in and a tall man of about thirty gets out and comes to me. He looks good to me with a good bulge in his shorts.
“Hi handsome, here to redeem the coupon?”
He smile as he looked me over. “I sure am. Love your outfit, it’s getting me hard.”
“That’s what I like to hear, better get it out so it has some room to grow.”
He had a good one, eight inches of hot hard cock that I was eager to swallow to the balls. But first give those balls a bit of a lick and suck before licking up the shaft to the head. Looking up at him I took it in slow right into my throat. He moaned loudly with pleasure.
“Oh fuck your good.”
It took but a few minutes to have him on the edge where I kept him for a bit very gently sucking on the head then I took him into his balls again and he groaned and as I pulled back my mouth was flooded with his creamy cum.
“Oh fuck, that was a fantastic blow-job and what a cum.”
I stood and he hugged me, “You have a fine cock to suck on.”
“Thank you, say, I stay in my van when I’m on the road would it be alright if I parked over by the barn for the night?”
I took a moment to think on that, “I got a better idea if your interested, I have room in my bed for you for the night if you don’t mind me sleeping nude.”
“I’d love to share your bed and not just to sleep. Do you get fucked too?”
“Haven’t been fucked today so I sure would like that.”
More like a week really so I did want to be fucked maybe a couple of times. We sat in the garden for a while sipping tea, chatting and fondling each other. Tea finished I was eager to have his fine cock in my pussy so off to bed. Later we were laying together in bed kissing and squeezing our bodies together and his big cock pressing against me had me hot to be fucked. He got me into position and planted his face between my cheeks and gave me a wonderful rimming.
I was so ready, “Put your big cock in there and fuck my pussy.”
“Yes gurl, right away.”
His cock pressed to my hole several times then it was in. I moaned with pleasure as he slowly fucked in deeper until he was in as far as he could go. He held there for a few moment before pulling back almost all the way and plunged in fucking me so good. Loved him coming up hard against my butt and his balls slapping into mine.
“Oh fuck, fuck me hard and deep, fill my pussy with your hard cock.”
It had been a while since I had such a good fuck and I wanted it to last all night but I also wanted to feel his cock pulsing as he filled my pussy with his hot cum.
Some hard fucking and, “Oh fuck gurl, I gonna cum. Auhhh.”
His cock pulsed over and over as his creamy hot cum blasted into my pussy. Damn that was good. Shortly after he stopped and remained still in me I pulled away and got down and sucked his cum coated cock into my mouth and licked it clean. After we cuddled together stroking each other approaching sleep.
Just before sleep he whispered in my ear, “Gurl, that was one hot fuck.”
Morning came and I awoke with his hard cock pressing against me. Not one to ignore a hard cock I got lubed up with out waking him and then lined up and pressed his hard cock to my pussy. He was just in when he woke and pressed in deeper with a soft moan. This was a slow deep fucking that just felt so good. My cock was so hard I wondered if I was going to cum as he fucked me. Don’t know how long we fucked but I wasn’t far from cumming when he groaned and went in as deep as he could and his cock pulsed shooting a good load of creamy cum into my pussy. Slowly we parted and then he noticed my cock standing tall and throbbing. He went to it and took it deep into his mouth and very shortly it began shooting a mouthful for him.
“Thank you my dear, that was a lovely fuck and blow.”
“I enjoyed every second of it. Oh damn look at the time, got to get on the road soon.”
We had a quick shower and coffee and said our goodbyes.
Wow can hardly believe it has been less that twenty hours since I posted the coupon. What further fun would it bring.


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