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I want to get fucked by my uncle badly!!

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I am 14 and when this happened i was 11. I was in my room, on the floor playing with my action figures and my legos. I had become bored and I had finished playing with my toys until i heard a weird noise coming from my uncle’s room and wonder what it was so i got up, dropped my toys and walked towards my uncle’s room. I opened the door slowly and there he was, His tv was playing gay teen sex and he was half naked with his dick out stroking himself. His penis looked nice and from a angle smooth, His hand was soaked in spit and so was his penis. He looked at me and i got scared so i rushed out. After that day he didn’t really care bc he knew i wouldn’t tell anyone and i would forget about it. Wrong. If anything it made me thirsty for a cock like his. He at least had to be 7-8 inches long. I never ever dreaded for something like this before. Wish i could fuck him or at least touch or suck him dry, i wish i could meet him again so we could fuck because i wanna feel my ass being penetrated by a long cock to satisfy my lust..

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I would have got you into my bed and fucked that young 11 year old arse

    • Rsey ID:2yvndr4m9a

      I wish i could get gangbanged one day

  • Reply Horny18 ID:2viaxnhk

    Fuck baby I wish I could satisfy your naughty desires

    • Rsey ID:11av667exi9