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My New School

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I had been home schooled for the first five years but things changed and I was enrolled in a boy’s boarding school for my sixth year. I found myself living in a room with two other boys, one a senior and the other an intermediate student. I quickly learned that sex was a big part of living here. Now even at that young age I was no stranger to male – male sex and it wasn’t a big thing when the first thing I seen on entering the room was the intermediate sucking off the senior. I was even pleased when the intermediate offered me his cock to suck.
After they cum they introduced themselves. The senior was James and the other Samuel, Sam for short and I introduced myself as William, or Will for short.
They looked me over and Sam chuckled and said, “Well Will, will we see your willy?”
They were both naked and I had already sucked one of them so with a smile I shed my clothes and looking around wondering were to put them.
“The bed closest to the door is yours and that is your wardrobe there.”
I nodded and lay my clothes on my new bed and turned towards them.
“Mmm, very nice. I know you have sucked cock before, but what else are you up for?”
“Been fucked a couple of times and I kind of liked it after it stopped being uncomfortable. What is the set up here?”
James answered, “For the most part the two of you are at the mercy of any senior unless I state otherwise and I have laid claim to the two of you as long as you do my bidding. Tonight, you will be in my bed and we will see how good you are.”
I wasn’t too thrilled with the situation but there wasn’t any choice really. “Okay, what about teachers? Do they use the students also?”
“I don’t have any say about teachers, some do like students and if one takes a fancy to you there is nothing I can say about it. There is also one woman in the office that likes young boys so you never know, you might get a little pussy too.”
“Think I’m going to like it here. Anything else I should know?”
“You got a rule book, read it and follow it and you will have no problems.”
I had only been here an hour and already sucked a cock and been told I would be fucked in a few hours, or at least that was the implication. At dinner I sat with my room mates as was the custom and I’m sure every one there checked me out. I was tempted to climb up on the table and drop my drawers so they could have a good look.
That night as we readied for bed, I noticed nether one of my room mates wore anything to bed so that being my way also I was standing there naked wondering if I should get into my bed or go to James’ bed and join him to be fucked. He solved that by waving me over to him.
He lay on the bed with his hard cock standing straight up. My mouth was almost watering as I approached.
I want you to put some of the lube on the night stand on your butt hole then get my cock nice and wet before you sit down on it.”
Grinning I lubed up and kneeling between his legs bent over and took his hard cock into my mouth getting it well coated with saliva. I only sucked on him briefly wanting to feel his cock penetrating my butt. I straddled his hips and lowered myself down until I felt his cock nudging my entrance. A little lower and the head popped in. Being a little slimmer than the last cock I had taken in he went in easily. I worked my way down until he was completely in me.
“Mmm James, that feels so good.”
Sam was right close watching carefully, “Hey James, he takes your cock pretty good doesn’t he.”
“Yes, and feels good and tight too, you’re going to have to give him a try.”
“Sure will, tomorrow night he’s all mine. Now I’ll go for a blow-job.”
I straddled his hips and lowered myself down
Sam was soon up on the bed straddling James with his cock at my mouth. I sucked him in as he moaned softly in pleasure. I was in heaven with one cock in my bum and one in my mouth. All too soon James was driving his cock up into me with forces as he got close. Sam was getting forceful also and I knew I was getting cum in both ends soon. They both moaned and their cocks pulsed as shot after shot of their creamy cum surged into me.
I never made it to my bed that night, collapsing down beside James feeling well satisfied. In the next two weeks I never slept in my own bed, I was either in bed with James or Sam and that pleased me greatly.
At the end of my second week at school James got me aside just before dinner, “It seems that Mr. Watts has taken a fancy to you.”
“Mr. Watts? That’s the geography teacher isn’t it.”
“That’s the one. Seems he would like to explorer your geography.”
“He does seem nice. Should I let him?”
“Sure you should, he’ll treat you good.”
“Okay, when and where?”
“At his place tonight after diner.”
“Oh, where is that and how do I get there?”
“No problem, I’ll take you around there after dinner.”
I looked over at Mr. Watts sitting at the teacher’s table, he was a nice-looking man in his twenties and he must have been watching me because he smiled and I smiled back.
After dinner I had a shower with James and sucked him off under the water spray. On the way over to Mr. Watts place I was a little nervous and James asked me why.
“Well I’ve never done anything with an adult before and don’t know what to expect.”
“Don’t worry he is the best and he’ll make it easy for you.”
“Have you done things with him?”
“Yes I’ve been with him many times but I’m a bit old for him now so I go over to Mr. Duvel’s place now. Well here we are. Just go to the door and knock.”
James was already walking away as I got to the door. I hesitated a few moments trying to calm my nerves then knocked lightly. The door opened in seconds and Mr. Watts was there dressed in a robe and smiling at me.
“Come in my dear boy. Welcome to my home.”
I smiled and stepped in, “Thankyou sir.”
He pointed to a rack to the side of the door. “Shoes there and let me take you jacket.”
I handed my jacket to him and he hung it in a closet and my shoes I put on the rack he put his arm across my shoulders and led me to a sitting room where he had me sit and handed me a glass filled with ice and poured coke in. I was beginning to like him.
He sat down opposite to me and took up his drink. “First of all I would like to get to know a bit about you. James said you like to have sex with him but you are quite young, how much experience have you had?”
“Well, not much I guess. My friend and I started to jack each other and then sucked each other off.”
“Did you ever fuck each other?”
“Huh, huh. But only a couple of times. Never did it with anyone else until I got here.”
“So, you have never been with an adult then?”
“No sir.”
“Have you ever seen a man’s cock?”
“Yes sir, but not one that was hard.”
“Would you like to?”
“Oh yes sir.”
“You will shortly when you get me hard. Would you get naked for me?”
I liked being naked so with a smile I stood and began taking my clothes off. I had my shirt off when I looked over at him and seen that his robe was open and I was looking at his cock. He wasn’t fully hard yet but he was bigger than James already but not as big as the adult cock I had seen before. I quickly got the rest of my clothes off and stood there before him.
He beckoned me closer and I moved closer until I was almost touching his knee.
“You have a very impressive cock for a boy your age. Soon I want to taste it.”
I was looking forward to that and tasting his cock soon too I hoped.
“Shall we retire to the bedroom?”
I smiled and nodded and he took me by the hand and led me down a short hall and into his bedroom. He stood me up on the bed and bending over took my cock into his mouth. His experienced mouth soon had me orgasming although it was still dry.
“Sorry there’s no cum yet.”
“Didn’t expect there to be any. But I don’t think judging by your development it won’t be long until you do start shooting cum.”
“I can hardly wait.”
“Don’t rush it just enjoy your youth, it will be gone all too soon.”
“Guess so. But now can I suck your cock?”
“By all means, suck away my dear boy. But not until I cum, that’s for your boy pussy.”
His cock wasn’t quite hard but it sure was in short order. Got to admit I liked feeling his cock get hard in my mouth. He kept urging me to take a little more until I took the whole thing to my amazement. After a few minutes he pulled out he lay me on my tummy over a thick pillow. I was about to take an adult cock for the first time.
“Time to get you ready for my cock. Hold your cheeks open would you.”
Something cool and slippery was spread over my butt hole and massaged in. Next a finger penetrated followed by two fingers. That was a little uncomfortable. After playing with my butt for a bit like that I felt his cock line up to my hole and press. I was almost surprised when it popped in with no discomfort. His cock felt rather good even as he fucked me.
“You have a sweet ass to fuck my dear boy. Soon I’m going to fill it with cum. Is that what you want?”
“Yes sir, I want to feel your cock throb as you fill my ass with your cum.”
“Ahh, here it cums. Oh my dear boy take my cum into your ass.”
I loved the feel of his cock pulsing as he pumped cum into my ass. Then he collapsed to the side taking me with him so we were on our sides with his cock still lodged in my butt. We rested there for awhile then he took my cock in hand and gently fondled it. His cock finally popped out to my disappointment and he turned me facing him and kissed me.
“Would you like to fuck me with your lovely hard cock?”
“Oh yes sir, I’d like that. Wish I could squirt cum into you though.”
“You will, and I don’t think it will be too long until you start squirting.”
He lay on his back with his legs up and I moved in lining my cock up with his bum hole. My small cock slid in easily and I fucked him slow like he had fucked me. It felt so good and I increased speed of my thrusts until I had my dry cum. It was getting late and I was exhausted.
After we spooned together and he pulled the covers over us and I was soon asleep with his cock pressed against my bum.
I woke in the morning with his hard cock pressed up against my bum and his hand gently stroking my hard cock. I wiggled my bum a little against his cock hoping that maybe he would fuck me again this morning.
He whispered in my ear, “My dear boy, I would like you to suck me off this morning.”
That was almost as good as being fucked and I hadn’t tasted his cum yet so I smiled and moved into position to get his cock in my mouth. His cock was a good mouthful and so hot and hard and felt so good sliding though my lips and over my tongue. It took him longer to get to the edge than the boys I had sucked off and I was getting a little tired by the time he groaned and told me he was about to cum. My mouth was soon after filled with his cock cream that I eagerly gobbled up. We lay cuddled together for a while and I almost drifted off to sleep again. But eventually he rolled up and sat up.
“Well my dear boy we need to get dressed now I have to leave soon to go to my sisters for the weekend. I’ve really enjoyed our time together and would like you to come back next Friday evening for some more play time.”
“Yes sir, I would like that. I’ll be here after dinner next Friday.”
Before we left his home, he kissed me and hugged me for a minute. “Thank you, my dear William, for the lovely night together with you.”
“Thank you, sir, I like it too and will gladly be here next week.”
He dropped me off at the dinning hall and I went in to breakfast after watching him drive off. Getting back to my room, James was getting ready to leave and Sam was gone for the weekend so I was going to have the room to myself for the weekend.
“How was your night with Mr. Watts, Will?”
“It was great and he wants me to come back next Friday.”
“Yeah he’s a nice guy and will treat you well. If old man Gerber approaches you don’t go with him, he’s kind of rough with boys.”
“Okay, he’s a math teacher, isn’t he?”
“That’s the one. Anyway, I got to run, I’m going to spend the day and hopefully the night with Mr. Snowdon so will see you tomorrow sometime.”
I spent the next few hours catching up on my studies then grabbed a towel and headed for the pool. Being an all boys school and all male teachers bathing suits were not required and few ever wore any. I loved swimming in the nude and the sight of so many nice cocks was also a bonus. Sex stuff was strictly forbidden but it wasn’t uncommon to see a couple of guys leaving together heading to the woods.

That night I slept in my own bed for the first time since I had got there. I had got to like sleeping with someone and found it unappealing to sleep alone. After lunch the next day I went for a walk in the park. After wandering around for almost an hour I met up with one of the guys in my class name of Miles. We chatted for a while then when we stopped and were sitting on a log, he put his hand on my thigh. After a minute he figured I liked his hand on my thigh and he looked like he was thinking something.
He turned to me, “Would you like to go into the wood and get naked and play a little?”
I looked at him and down at his lap and smiled as I moved his hand higher on my leg. “Yes. You got a hard-on that I would like to play with.”
“He grinned and stood, “I know just the place to have some fun together.”
Soon we were in a small clearing with our shorts and undies off and sporting almost equal sized hard-ons. It wasn’t long until I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth and not long after he had a dry cum. A few moments later I stood and he went to his knees taking my cock into his mouth. It didn’t take me much longer to cum than he did and even if it was dry it sure felt good. He stood and we held each other with our cocks touching.
He rubbed is cock against me and said, “Lets lay down and do each other at the same time.”
Quickly we were laying in the leaves cocks to mouths and busy sucking each other. I hoped Mr. Watts was right and it wouldn’t be long until I started squirting cum instead of these dry cums. Oh, they felt good but I wanted more. After we each made the other cum we dressed and headed for the dinning room for dinner.
James was back but Sam was still away so we shared stories of our weekend while we ate. Sam arrived just in time for desert and it wasn’t hard to tell from the gin on his face he had a good time on the week end. He said his kissing cousin was also there for the weekend and they got left on their own for a few hours that were spent mostly naked and in bed. He described what it was like to fuck a girl and I thought I would like to try it someday. James wasn’t impressed he claimed boys were much better to fuck.
The following Friday after dinned I was knocking on Mr. Watts door that was quickly opened. “Come in my dear William, I’m so glad you could make it this evening. “
Mr. Watts was wearing a robe that was open and he was naked and semi-hard making my mouth water.
“Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else tonight sir.”
As the door closed, I was already in the process of getting naked. I seen his cock twitch as he watched me strip my clothes off. Naked I went to him and we hugged and I felt his cock growing against me. I pulled back and went to my knees taking his cock into my mouth as he held my head and moaned.

I lay open and ready for his cock
I only sucked him for a short while before he pulled me to my feet and led me towards his bed.
“I so need to fuck your sweet boy pussy my dear boy.”
I spread and raised my knees inviting him into me. With a smile he moved in and lubed up my bum hole before lining his cock up to my opening. I loved how he slowly pressed in making my bum slowly open to take him in. after fucking me a while he reached down and stroked my hard cock.
“As soon as I shoot my cum into your sweet pussy I’m going to suck on your fine cock. I don’t think it will be long until I get to taste your cum.”
He groaned and increased the pace until he rammed in hard and his cock pulsed as he cum in my bum with several squirts. I was near too but he stopped stroking me.
“Not until your in my mouth my sweet dear boy.”
He eased his cock out and slid down until my cock was at his mouth. He looked up at me and smiled before opening his mouth and taking my entire cock into his mouth. I groaned softly with pleasure as I felt my cum getting close as his tongue did wonderful things. I groaned as my dry cum happened. It felt so good.
“I think you almost cum there my dear boy.”
“Yeah, it felt real good and my cock pulsed like it was shooting stuff.”
“I have to be up and gone very early tomorrow morning and curfew is close so I’m going to have to send you to your room right away. I would rather have you stay but not tonight. Please come back next Friday and we will have some more fun.”
I was a little disappointed but I had to hurry to get back to my room before lights out.
“Yes sir, I’ll be here then.”
Returning to my room my roommates were preparing to go to the showers and said I should hurry and join them. I stripped down grabbed my towel and robe and we were off to the showers. We were the only ones there and James opened my robe and began stroking my cock.
“I bet you have an ass full of Mr. Watts’ cum don’t you.”
“Yeah, he put a pretty big load in me tonight and I guess most of it is still there.”
“Good, I’d like to have sloppy seconds if you don’t mind.”
I smiled and bent over with my hands on the bench and my butt up and ready for him. He stroked his cock a couple of times and pressed the head to my bum hole and pushed in. I was getting to like being fucked a lot and his cock felt so good fucking into my bum. He speeded up and as he groaned, I felt his cock pulse and he shot several shots of cum into me. He held his cock deep in my bum for a bit then slowly pulled out.
“How about you Sam? Want to fuck me too?”
He had been stroking his cock as he watched us from the shower and was quickly in position behind me to fuck. He slid in easily into my well fucked bum and fucked me nice and hard until moaned out ‘oh fuck’ and shot his load. I though I must have a lot of cum in there by now and when I stood I felt some dripping down my leg.
I was just heading to the shower when the door opened and a boy from a few rooms down the hall came in.
James smiled at him, “Hey Bill, if you ask nicely Will might let you fuck him.”
He looked at me, “Are you Will.” I nodded, “Could I fuck you?”
I smiled and went back to leaning over offering my bum to him. He wasted no time getting his cock out and ready and slipped it in deep in one slow thrust.
“Oh wow, how many times you been fucked tonight?”
I looked around at him. “You’re number four.”
“Feels so good, love to fuck a nice slippery boy pussy.”
He wasn’t too big so he felt rather good in my well used bum and I so love to feel a cock pulsing as it pumps more cum into me. He groaned suddenly as he held his cock deep as he could and there were quite a few pulses as he cum. He held in me for a short while after before pulling out. I felt more cum dribbling out and down my leg. I stood and turned facing him. He gave me a hug.
“Thank you, Will, perhaps I can return the favour soon.”
Into the showers and James showed me how to drain off some of the cum in my butt so I wouldn’t be leaking all over.
It had been quite the evening and I was pretty much done for the night. As I drifted off to sleep in my own bed, I wondered what other adventures were in waiting for me.

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