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Klaus, Petra, und Teufel 4

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Saturday morning and Klaus and Petra had to go out. They left me with Teufel.

Friday night fucking was awesome and I get so horny thinking of it. Saturday morning Klaus and Petra had some errands to run. Not sure whst sonce all their discussions are in German.
Klsus said they had to go out and I should stay there. so of course I went back to bed.

Teufel trotted over and jumped on the bed and lay on his back, legs spread and red hard on at attention. At first I ignored him and started squirming and whining. He knew I was Klaus’ bitch.
The thought of sucking a Dog’s dick was getting to me and I reached out and petted Teufel’s head. Teufel whined and squirmed as if to say; “suck my cocķ”.
I knelt over Teufel’s big red dog cock and gave it a lick. Nothing unpleasant, just different. so I took his cock into my mouth and. began sucking him like I do men.
Dogs precum a lot and Teufel was filling me up. I wanted him to fuck me. I rubbed some of his precum on my ass and in my ass then, turned around to entice him.
Teufel started by licking my asshole and balls. It was really wet and sloppy. Teufel jumped up and mounted me from behind. His hips were pumping tryng to find the hole. So … I reached under my balls and gently guided him into my hole.
Teufel stsrted pumping hard and my hole was easily accepting his cock but then the knot started to expand and popped into me and kept expanding.
It was getting too big and Teufel showed no mercy. He was splitting me open. I was starting to panic. I was totally helpless.
My butthole adjusted and the pain began to ease and then felt really good. Teufel was fucking me like mad and whining. Teufel fucked me better than Klaus and the knot was right on my feel good spot. I was reaching orgasm and my precum was flowing out of me.
My orgasm hit me like no other and didn’t end. Teufel finished and couldn’t pull out. We were stuck and I was opened up more than I ever thought I could be.
Teufel gave a yank and pulled the big ball out. I reached back and felt my hole, I slid a finger in, then two more, my whole fist easily slid in. It was wide open, floppy and swampy. I tried to clinch my butthole back yogether but the muscles were out of order.
Teufel plopped down on the floor and started licking his dick. I wanted to lick his dick but I wasn’t pushing the issue. I had a heavy load in me like an enema. I had to get to the bsthroom but didn’t wanted to get all that cum snd maybe some shit on the carpet. I couldn’t clinch my hole tight. so I crawled with my ass as high as I could keep it. up.
When I finally got to the toilet I expelled a viscous torrent of all cum. I caught some on my palm and tasted it. I liked it. I fisted myself in the shower to another orgasm. I leaked Dog cum sll day.
Teufel didnt want to fuck anymore So I dressed and watched German television. I couldnt find the Armed Forces Network so watched German television. I could understand maybe two or three words in a sentence.

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