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Soooo my name is Bre I’m 15!
I a 38 DD. 180 pounds. I am a virgin in very way possible. Well I guess not. Because I let my dog lick me once. And I’m fucking myself with a dildo for the first time as I wrote this. Since it’s my first time I don’t buy in e too big so right now I’m stuffing a 5.5 purple dildo in me. I love it. It feels so good. Let me know if any of you want to hear more. It feels nice if I go slow and that makes sense considering I’m a virgin. I would love to write more if you all want to hear it.
Another thing is that I love reading about everyone’s story’s with animals and the girls that are raped. I really want to be grabbed and put don’t like that and just have someone shove it in my. I bet it would hurt but I really like pain.
I really like older men too I think. They just know more and don’t act like they don’t know what to do.
I masterbate like every day. I really want to have sex. But all the boys at my school are pussys. I love watching porn but I’d love to do the real thing.

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  • Reply admirer ID:38b65p08k

    great to see you are really enjoying yourself Bret. thank you for writing this…[email protected]

  • Reply Denim ID:1ck7b7dycbpr

    Wanna chat somewhere

  • Reply Denim ID:1ck7b7dycbpr

    Any social media??

  • Reply G.A ID:1ah870kxzri

    I’m sure you are very talented. But writing sex stories isn’t one of your talents.

  • Reply Lust ID:eke1v4lbhz

    Yes, write more about your pleasures and your dog, please.
    Whats your kik ?

  • Reply Anonymous ID:5djb7woii

    I can help you lose your virginity

  • Reply John ID:mkse209

    Nice, love to fuc K you [email protected]

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    Why is every girl descibed at 34 or 36 dd? Personally, I would prefer a 15 yo who is a 32 a.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:8ojju2hhra

    Leave me a mail I can tell you a few things to do to get a bbc

    • paddy5408 ID:nju8yyb0i

      i am the older man you seek ..i am 56 and have w ell used 8 inch dick,,but it can be wanked up to nearly 9 while i get my tongue in your right little cunt,, i have fucked girls as young as you and i can sink it in right up to the balls in your cunt ,,you can grunt in as much pain as you like as i pound your tight hole,,,and when it gets sloppy with the cunt juice dripping out of you i will finish of
      by sinking it up your ass,,so you see you will have no need of any dildo