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Back to School (Middle)

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When we went back to school, there was a new girl at the bus stop…

Holly, I knew from last year, because we’re both in 8th grade, and always rode the same bus together. We just started taking the one to Middle School last year, but the new girl, she was already talking to Holly when I showed up.

Early, I guess, or the bus was late, whichever. My mom got me up, and out as quick as she could to make sure I didn’t miss it, and to get ready for work, but they were giggling. Then, Holly straitened up, and introduced me.

“Oh, hey Teddy. This is Carol.” She held out her hand.

“Nice to meet you.” We shook hands, then they went back to giggling, and whispering back and forth. Girl stuff, I guess they didn’t want me to hear, but then a light came on across the street, and Carol dragged off Holly to go look over the fence.

It was on the corner, but not the side where we waited for the bus on. Across the street where it would drop us off in the afternoon, going the other way, but the light came on in the bedroom, then the little window right next to it. So, I looked both ways, and followed them to see what they’re up to.

“Why doesn’t he put up some curtains, or something?”

“Oh!’ Carol saw me, and straightened up. “I don’t know, I never had the guts to go up and talk to him.” She elbowed Holly’s hip, and turned around, so Holly looked back, and saw me. Straightened up, and then the bathroom light went out.

Then, this guy came out, and walked past the window, stark naked. I guess I just stood there with my mouth hanging wide open, but I didn’t really see much, other than he didn’t have a boner, so it just dangled, and swung, before he went, and bent over by the bed to pick up one leg, then the other. He pulled some shorts on, and then we heard the brakes squeal about a block away.

“Here comes the bus,” said holly, then carol finished, “All dressed in rust,” but she sang it, like here comes the bride.

We laughed, then “Come on,” Holly took both me, and Carol’s hands, to drag us off to the bus stop, but let go, so I could turn around, and follow her.

“Hahaha,” Carol fake laughed, “Yeah, I been watching him all summer.” She took a deep breath, but instead of saying anything else, she just let it out in a sigh. “Huh!”

“You’re right, he’s gorgeous, and he’s got such a hot body.”

“He works out, uh!” Carol rolled her eyes, “I bet, I mean. I never seen him working out, but he jogs.” She nodded. “Oh yeah, and he’s got a gym bag, he takes to the gym I bet.”

“So,” I didn’t know how to put this, “You’re stalking him.”

“No, not really, but I’ve seen him around, you know. The neighborhood, like when he goes jogging, and stuff.”

I thought she was lying about that, that it wasn’t stalking. Just following him around when he’s out jobbing, and looking in his window in the morning when he got up to take a pee.

“Besides,” Holly said, “Why else would he parade around naked if he didn’t want us looking, without any curtains, or blinds on the window?”

“Holly!” The bus squealed to a stop, at the stop sign, then it started back up to our bus stop.


“Well, how would you feel if some guy peeked at you in the window, and followed you around the neighborhood like that?” I pointed at Carol, but then the bus pulled up, and opened the doors. So, they got on, and didn’t answer, right away. Holly stopped, and Carol got in one seat. I started for the other one, across the aisle, but then Holly asked, “Why don’t you sit with us?”

I looked over at Carol, nodding, and smiling, innocently, but it wasn’t like she looked creepy. She just confessed to stalking a grown man, and peeping in the windows to watch him naked.

“Sit down kids. I’ve got more stops to make.” The bus driver said, so Holly pushed my shoulder, and sat down next to me, when I sat down next to Carol.

In between them, I guess I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to admit it. Even to myself, but especially with the way Holly was acting, because it wasn’t like her at all. So then, we started talking about other stuff, like last year. We got let out early because they had to shut the whole school down for a Hepatitis B outbreak.

Which ment we didn’t get a chance to do finals, and they had to send them to us in the mail, but that ment we could take our time, with our textbooks, and look up the answers. So, I got an A+ 100% with extra credit for the Essay questions.

Boring school stuff, which took my mind off of the sex stuff, for a little while, and I relaxed enough for Carol to take my hand, giggling again. She put it in her lap, and pushed the bottom of her dress up her bare leg. Then, Holly did the same thing, only instead of a dress, she was wearing shorts.

Is it a skirt, if it’s part of a dress, or only if it’s separate from a top? I wondered, but then Carol leaned over, and whispered. ‘Is he getting hard?’

“I don’t know,” then Holly felt up my pants to my crotch, and rubbed her hands around.

“Huh!” It was now!

“Here,” Carol took my hand out of her lap, and put it up, in front of Holly’s chest. Now, we hadn’t seen each other all summer, really. I mean, yeah around the neighborhood, but she had her friends, and I had mine. We only ever really hung out together on the bus stop, in the morning, and in the afternoon, we just went our separate ways, but with the hepatitis thing, closing the school down a month early, it was a long summer, too.

So, when my knuckles brushed her shirt, I was a little surprised to feel, well fat at first. That’s what i thought it was, but when I turned to look, she took my face in her hand, and I felt Carol’s feel around my lap instead. Then, Holly kissed me, and took my hand, to put it right on her chest.

She wore baggy shirts, usually, and this was no exception, but the last time I saw here, and her friends down at the pool, she didn’t have quite so much, in the top of her swimsuit. When she took the towel off, she had over her shoulders, to dive in, and swim around, but now. She had a bra on, I could feel it, and before I could think anything else, the bus lurched, and squealed to a stop.

The doors opened, and some kids got on, then we started up again when they all sat down. I mean, not just the bus, but the girls stopped making out with me, until everyone sat down. Then, they started up again, and I went back and forth between them.

Carol, and Holly. Carol wasn’t as developed as Holly, but she wasn’t flat either. A much better kisser, though. If I’m anyone to judge, but I kinda liked kissing Holly better anyway, because I knew her. It seems like forever, but it couldn’t have been before 1st grade year, when we started riding the same bus to school, but watching her grow up, and growing up with her, she was more like my sister then anyone.

Except my little sister, I guess, but then again, she was well kinda more like the big sister I never had now. She wasn’t quite taller then me, but she was getting there. I realized, she came up to my nose standing up, in flats, because she started puberty, and me too, but I guess she started earlier, or she got more growth spurts, or whatever. I don’t really know, but then the bus stopped again, and Carol took over, and she really was an amazingly good kisser.

She stuck her tongue in my mouth, right away, but then when I went back to Holly, she kissed me back, when I licked her lips, so she’d open them, then her tongue when I found it, but she didn’t kiss back like Carol. Well, I guess I kissed her back, but Holly. She kept breathing in through her mouth, and sighing.

Then, the second time I got to kiss her, she had her shirt untucked, and put my hand up under it, to feel her bra pushed up out of the way, so I could squeeze her bare boob. Then, the bus pulled up in front of the school, and she had to fix her bra before she could get up, and let us out. Then, she tucked her top in her shorts, and grabbed my shoulders, before I headed off.

“See you later?” She kissed my cheek, and looked me in the eye, with her green eyes, switching back and forth.

“Yeah.” Carol was grinning when I looked over, but then they went off together, and I ran off to the restrooms.

“Huh!” They changed, a lot. New tiled, that came halfway up around the walls, and new stainless steel partitions between the urinals, and the stalls. New urinals, toilets, sinks, and even mirrors too, because of the Hepatitis scare, they took out everything in hazmat suits, and replaced it. Everything except the doors. The wall on the end even still had screw holes, with caulk in them smoothed over with a putty knife on top. Where they took the hinges out, but I guess they covered up the other ones with tiles.

“Dude!” Edgar came in, right behind me. “How the shit did you get 2 girlfriends?”

“Oh,” he saw us making out on the bus. “Uh, I better get going. To class, actually.”

“Are they bisexuals?” He followed me out the door.

“Sh!” The halls were crowded, with kids walking back and forth, and there were even teachers out. “Why aren’t you in high school?” I just realized he was probably 14, and should have gone on to 9th grade, but he just waved it off.

“Never mind, you can tell me later.” He left, and I took out the paper to look up the room for my first class, but my head was so full of other stuff, I couldn’t think.

Like the big question, he asked was how did I get 2 girls, at the same time? They’re not my girlfriends, I just met Carol, and Holly? I guess we’d know each other a long time now, 8 years, no 9 if you count Kindergarten, but even when we’re in 3rd grade together, and had the same teacher.

Well, she had her friends, and I had mine, so we only really talked about school stuff. In the morning, waiting for the bus, and I can’t remember if we ever actually sat together, but i guess we’re friends. Now, we’d gone way past just being friends, but. Does that mean she wants to be more than friends, or just be friends, and put this moment of horniness behind us?

Then, i got to the end of the hall, looked back, and looked down at my paper. [Mr. Fergus room 517]

The wrong hall, and the bell rang before I could find the stairs, and run up them to the right floor. It turned out that Mr. Fergus was “Glaswegian,” so he had a thick Scottish accent, but he said it was all right we’re late, those of us that showed up late, and i wasn’t even the last one, but he had to introduce himself over, and over again, then right down their names when they took a seat.

That took all period, practically, so he just had time to over the beginning of the outline, then start over again when somebody else found the classroom. And tell us where we could pick up our books at, but in the back of my mind. I really just tuned most of it out, and tried to think about what I was going to do. What was I going to say, and I can’t really tell Edgar, or anyone, “Well. I caught them looking at a naked man through his window, and they got real horny, so we made out all the way to school.”

How do you tell that to your grandkids, well I guess with a warning that that’s not something you should ever do, but before I could even think about me, and Holly. Getting married, having kids, and grandkids to tell how we met. Well, I better just say that we went to school together, and leave out the part about Carol stalking the neighborhood hunk, getting Holly to peek in windows, then horny enough to get to 2nd base?

I think that’s second base, or maybe short-stop, if you include the part about rubbing me hard through my underwear, but then I had to raise my hand, and ask to go to the bathroom. Then, I realized that the upstairs ones got the same treatment, as all the bathrooms. To clean out all the Hepatitis, so there wasn’t any doors on the stalls there either. And, the bell rang before I could do much more than get it out, and pump it up with a few strokes, so I tucked it back in, and got out the sheet of paper to find my next class…

It pretty much went on like that, all day. Not exactly like that, I wasn’t late to every class, and some of them had books in boxes, with paper bags, or news papers instead of Scholastic Book Covers to fold up, and tape on, but I finally got a chance on lunch. To run off, and find a place behind the gym, where there was some bushes, and privacy to be alone.

“Huh!” I never played with myself before, not because I was like Christian and worried about going to hell, or blind, or getting hair on my palms, but I barely even had any on my nuts. I’d had a few wet dreams, I couldn’t remember, but i just woke up with a sticky mess in my undies, and it didn’t take long to milk out another load.

“Huh! Uh, huh!” My knees shook, and went weak, but I managed to hold onto the wall, and brace my knees against it before I fell down. “Aw, Jeeze!”

I knew it had to feel good, I heard, but that didn’t prepare me for the dizzy overwhelming pleasure, and it took me a while to catch my breath. Wipe off my fingers on the outside of my underwear, and fix up my pants. Then, finally I smelled smoke on my way back around to the gym doors.

I never smoked before, nor even wanted to, but then again, I never whacked off before neither. I didn’t have a girlfriend to think about, and in my mind. The image that stuck in my head was her face, so close her big green eyes were huge, she smiled, then they closed slowly as she leaned in to brush my lips with her’s.

“Hey, can I have a drag?”

Edgar turned around, and fished his pack out of his pants. “Yeah, you can have a whole one if you just tell us what happened over summer.”

“Well,’ I looked at it. “I never finished a whole one before.”

“It’s all right,” an other boy, I never saw before, it turns out he was in high school, bus skipped to sell cigarettes at the middle school, on lunch. “I’ll finish it for you.”

I just took a couple puffs, and I didn’t inhale, but that gave me a chance to make up a good story…


^I can go on, but this part is long enough.

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