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Hobo Girl (4/4)

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Part 4/4. A young woman is almost gang-raped in a night city, but then that strange hobo girl intervenes…

In retrospect, I should not have gone to the bar with those two men after the late-night movie. But they were so nice and well-behaved! And I should not have had so many drinks with them and their three friends. But again, it was all so nice and fun. And I should definitely not have agreed to let them walk me home. And I should have been alarmed when we turned into this dark side street…

They surrounded me from all sides and pushed me against the stone wall, groping me all over and laughing.

“Hey! Stop it! Get away from me!” I screamed, but one of them, Lars, covered my mouth with his big hand. Another, Nick, pinned both my arms above my head with one arm, and Paul lifted my shirt, tore off my bra and squeezed my breasts. My heart sank, I moaned and tried to fight back, but it was five against one… Sam unzipped and lowered my jeans, and Chuck unzipped his fly and pulled out his big erect dick.

I managed to open my mouth, but instead of screaming, I just begged them: “No! No, please!.. Let me go, I don’t want…”

But of course that did not stop them. On the contrary, they only seemed to be turned on by my pleas.

What interrupted them was a thin voice from below.

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing?”

They stopped and looked in that direction. There was a small, slender girl, about ten years old, with long black hair and big black eyes. I could not see clearly, but she seemed to be barefoot and wearing only a short, ragged dress. Definitely not a person you would expect to break the gang rape!

“Get lost, kiddo! Come home!” Lars grunted. “This is grown-up business!”

The girl frowned.

“No! What the bloody hell are you doing? She does not want! Who wastes cum on a girl who doesn’t even want to fuck?” She stomped her bare foot. “Fuck ME! I do want to! And…” she giggled, “I’m tighter than she is!”


The men were stumped, too.

“Get lost, kiddo!” Lars repeated. “We don’t fuck kiddies! It’s a crime!”

She just laughed.

“As if gang raping a girl isn’t a crime! Fuck me instead! I promise we all enjoy it more!”

Chuck shrugged. “Why not? Lars, let the kid play! I agree!”

“Yeah!” Paul added. “Me too! It sounds fun!”

Nick hesitated, but Sam supported his comrades. Only Lars remained unsure, but finally gave in.

“All right, kid… Come here! But no tricks, no screaming and no telling your parents!”

The girl happily stepped into the dim light of the lantern above her and pulled off her dress. She was naked underneath!

“I don’t know where my parents are anyway,” she said. “As for screaming…” she blinked mischievously, “I make no promises. I’m usually loud when I orgasm!”

They were silent for a moment, then burst into laughter. Nick released me.

“It’s your lucky night, Amy… or not,” he grunted. “Go away and keep your mouth shut!”

All I could do at the moment was pull up my jeans and run. I was too scared.

I almost reached the end of the alley when I stopped, blushing with shame. Amy, what are you doing? This little girl sacrificed herself to let you go, and you just left her in their filthy hands! I listened. The car noises on the road ahead were loud, but I managed to hear their laughter and thin, soft moans. Shit, they are fucking her already! Amy, run to the police!

But then I did something else stupid. I went back to them.

They didn’t notice me, they were crowding around the girl. Lars held her in his arms and pressed her against the wall, giving her unmistakable thrusts with his hips. And she… She just giggled softly with every push! She liked it! She wrapped her legs tightly around his sides, holding his neck and hanging her head back, moaning blissfully.

She opened her deep eyes for a moment, noticed me, winked, and raised her thin hand in the V sign! She was totally into it, moaning louder and louder. Oh God. What’s going on here?

“Oh! So good!” Lars snorted with satisfaction, finishing into her. “That kiddo really knows how to give a good fuck!”

And he handed her to Paul, who eagerly entered her already wet pussy. She wrapped her slender arms around his neck, sighed blissfully, closed her eyes and bit her lip. Paul grabbed her under her knees, spread them wide and fucked her hard.

“Ohhh! So good! So fucking good!” he growled hoarsely. “Yes! Yes! Yeesss!”

And she echoed him with her thin voice! Then she tensed and screamed softly in orgasm, then moaned: “Yes! Yesss! More! More!”

I looked in disbelief. And then – I am ashamed to admit – I felt… aroused… by the sight and sound. I know it’s terribly wrong, but this little girl was screwing with such obvious sweet pleasure… And I was still drunk, which may excuse me.

I did another stupid thing. I took off my jeans and panties, threw away my shirt and came naked to them. They were startled for a moment, but then they laughed.

“That’s right, girl! If only you had done it from the beginning!”

I pressed my back against the cold stone next to the Paul fucking the girl, spread my legs and just moaned as Chuck thrust into me, strong and deep. Oh… it’s really good…

“Wow!” Chuck grunted contentedly. “Amy’s tight as hell too! Ohh…”

And he fucked me hard, bringing me to my first orgasm of the night. The girl screamed next to me in hers.

Then I stopped paying attention to who was coming after who. They took turns fucking the girl and me, and we took them in all our holes, and sometimes they ordered us to lick each other clean – which the girl did so eagerly that her tongue drove me to the next orgasms, and I did my best to repay her with the same. Then they fucked us again and again.

Finally they were finished. They laughed, unzipped their pants and patted our cheeks.

“Good girls! Maybe we’ll meet again some day!”

“I hope not…” I groaned.

The girl and I sat on the floor in a small puddle of cum, our trembling bodies pressed together. It was good, so good… but still so scary…

They laughed and left.

I kissed the girl’s hair.

“Thank you, dear. You saved me from the worst… What’s your name?”

“You’re welcome!” she laughed. “I’m Nori. And about the worst… Amy, who fucks like that? When it’s five against one, just relax and get them all! You almost spoiled your fun!”

Oh God. A ten-year-old telling me how to do a gangbang! Did I fall into some parallel world without realizing it?

“Well… I don’t think I’d like it anyway…” I mumbled uncertainly. “Even though tonight turned out to be… quite pleasant…”

Nori laughed.

“Whatever! Everyone has their own taste! So, Amy, what are your plans for the rest of the night?”

She climbed onto my lap and hugged my waist. Ohhh! Her naked body felt so good! I hugged her slender shoulders and stroked her long black hair. She looked up at me with her deep black eyes and smiled.

I stood up.

“I’m going home. To wash, eat and sleep. Do you want to come with me?”

“Of course!” She jumped to the ground and picked up her dress. “Will you give me scrambled eggs? I just realized I want scrambled eggs!”

She talked about it as casually as she just talked about gangbang, as if they were things from the same shelf! Well, maybe they were for her.

“Anything you want, Nori. Let’s go…”

“Be careful with your promises!” She laughed and skipped around me.

My roommate Clara was visibly worried about me, and she was shocked to see me in my state, and Nori by my side. In the night light I did not notice how dirty the girl was.

“Later, Clara,” I said weakly. “It was a hell of a story, but I’m too tired to tell it properly now…”

So she helped me and Nori wash (Nori angrily refused soap, and this girl always got what she insisted on), and we made scrambled eggs, and ate, and went to sleep. Or so we thought. In a few minutes, Nori pulled Clara to me, joined us in bed, and showed us that she loves sex not only with men.

But that’s a story for another time.

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