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A small mistake made my wife a cum dump

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I thought no one will know, If I let me wife suck on neighbor’s 13yr old son. Boy I was so wrong.

Well, It all started on Valentine’s day. It was our 4th Valentine together and 3rd as married couple. And as the night went along, we decided to ask each other what sexual fantasies we have, and we might look into it to fulfill the same.

My wife( Gloria) is a 34 yr old, tall (5’9″), gorgeous Latin woman, with 36DD’s and a voluptuously ass. And I (Joe), 33 yr old, 5’7″, unfit guy (Bear belly). I’m quite simple guy with not much of experience sexually before Gloria. Well, I was a virgin so…

Anyway, during our conversation, I said my fantasy was to fuck her in the ass. To which she agreed. And she prepared herself and came back, and I oiled her up and fucked the Mexican ass. I came so hard. Loved it.

Now it was her turn, so I asked what was her sexual fantasy. She hesitated, but on repeated request she said that she would love to teenage cock again. I mean I knew, Gloria was not new to sex or cocks in her day, but a teenage cock, now after marriage? She was a huge slut in her 20’s with threesome and gangbangs being like a weekly thing, apart from regular one night stands.

“Honey, teenage dick, I mean.. like how teenage we are talking here?” I asked in surprise.
“I don’t know, like 13-14 maybe… I’m sorry I said that… I’m such a fool. You must be judging me so bad right now… But there is something about, teenage dicks that really stimulates my senses.” She said.

“No..no…. don’t feel bad… I will try and find you a teenage boy and get you the dick that you deserve.” I said proudly.

“Well, you need not look far… I mean Jonny next door seems like a nice fit. He is near and always eager to explore me with his eyes. I think it won’t take much convincing.” She said looking down.

“Ok.Ok.. That’s a good start… Let’s see. So he is near that’s convenient, he is horny, check, easily gullible check, can he keep it a secret though?”

“Why don’t we try and see” She said.

“Ok how do you want to go about it?”

“Well, tomorrow when you are gone for the day, I will call him in ask help with the laptop. Then I will seduce him and like that I will suck his dick.” She was proud of her plan and confident of her sex appeal. Nice.

“Seems like a plan.” we high fived. She asked to eat her pussy, as I just fucked her ass, so she wanted to have orgasm. So I dove right in.


Next day, everything was set, I left on time. And I was supposed to return by 5:30pm so that house was completely her’s. Anyway her fantasy was supposed to be over in like 15-20mins after all how long a 13 yr boy can stay hard when such a hottie is sucking his dick. I kissed on her lips and wished her best of luck and left for office.

My mind was wondering what was going on in the house, it was turning me on, my wife with a teenage boy. I completed my work early and left for home. I reached home by like 5pm.

I unlocked the door, slowly went inside, I was excited to see her happy. I heard some muffled noises coming from the bedroom. I was like wait, what is doing on? Is there someone else with her? I went passed the kitchen, which was a mess, to reach my upstairs bedroom. I opened the bedroom from where the noises were coming.

I was shocked. I saw shredded clothes everywhere leading to the bed. My wife, completely naked, was getting fucked by 4 teenage boys in every hole of her. She had cum on her body. Looks like they had already cum on her face and both multiple times and still continuing to fuck the shit of her. What was going on? This was not the plan? What went wrong.


(Full story here: http://funstories.ga/2022/08/31/a-small-mistake-made-my-wife-a-cum-dump/)

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    I would like to see my wife with 4 teenage boys
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    Wow this is cool she made made her husband a fool and use 4 sweet teen boys to please her love holes

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