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The Dare

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Zane’s game of truth or dare gets a little dirty in the showers with his crush Kaitie

“Zane, Truth or dare?” My friend Paul says.

“Dare.” I say. 12 people in a circle in my living room. Me, Paul, Lundyn, Zoe,Veronikka , Stephine, Emma, Emily, Amanda, Katie, Bo, and Christian. My parents are out of town leaving there 15 year old boy alone to invite his friends over and to somehow start an extreme game of truth or dare.

I’m scared. I made his crush, sit in Paul’s lap giving him a huge boner. So I’m 80% sure Kaitie, my crush, is going to be involved.

“Everyone,” he stands up,” follow me.” We all follow him. Me right behind him.

We go up my steps in to my room and Paul turned around to look at me. He smiles.

“So Zane here,” he stands on my bed and motions towards me. “Dreams about one girl in particular here late at night in his steamy dreams. So…”

He hops off the bed and opens the door to my bathroom. “That lucky lady will be taking a shower with him and I expect to hear moaning” everyone laughs but me.

I’m sweating. What will happen? Kaitie so innocent. I look over at her brown hair falls neatly above her shoulders. God she perfect body. A nice ass and her eyes are so nice there beautiful. She’s beautiful.

“Kaitie how about you grab Zane and get to it.” Paul says.

Kaitie’s eyes widen and all her friends start whispering and giggling pushing her towards the front of the group. I walk over to the bathroom door and Paul puts his hands on my shoulders and whispers in my ear “have fun” smiles and pushes me and Kaitie in to the bathroom.

There’s giggling and Shifting out side. I try to open the door but it won’t open.

“Shit I think they trapped us in here” I say.

I turn around and see Kaitie smirking.

“Steamy dreams huh?” She says.

“Um Paul doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“Really. Ok. So…”

“You don’t have to do this you know. We can just-”

“Now why would I do that”

“Well you don’t seem like the kind of person to this sort of thing”

“I don’t?”

“No you look really innocent”

“Well,” she says ” I guess you don’t know me as well as you thought.” She pulls her phone out of her pocket and searches her phone.

She turns on “body langue” by kid ink and takes off her jacket to revel her tank top. She starts swirling her hips to the music. I instantly get hard.

She walks over to me and starts playing with the bottom of my shirt. Turns quickly and her hair flys in my face. She turns to face me and starts dancing really sexually. She walks back over to me and takes off my shirt and turns around. She interlocks her hands with mine and starts grinding on me. She brushed her ass against the bulge in my pants. The songs almost over and she walks away from me and dramatically poses.

I just stair in awe. Not knowing how to respond. She walks back over to me as another song starts playing.

“So… How innocent am I again.” She asks Rubbing her hands against my chest.

“Um how… What…”

“I dance in my room a lot. thinking of guys just like you starting at me”

“Well I’m impressed that’s for sure.” I say.

I walk over to the shower and turn the water on.

I turn back around to see Kaitie picking another song.

To my surprise she puts on “trumpets” by Jason Derluo.

She takes off her tank top to revel her black leopard print bra.

She faces me. “Is this how you see me when you think of me.” She winks.

She’s getting really flirty so I go along with it.

“Well in my dreams your pants are off too.”

“Oh really. Like this.”

She slides her pants down to her ankles. She’s now standing there in her matching bra and panties that show the perfect amount of her ass.

I take off my pants to form a tent in my boxers. I’m so fucking horny.
For awhile were just standing there looking at each other in our under wear.

“Um Zane…can you unhook my bra.”

She moves her hair and turns around.

“Uh…yeah sure.”

I unclip the back of her bra. He holds the bra up and I slip the straps off her shoulders.

She turns around and removes her hands to let her bra drop and let me see her perfect chest. Her boobs are so… round.

“Damn Kaitie… Your so…sexy.”

She giggles. “Well that’s the first time I’ve been called sexy.”

“What? Never?”

“Not once.” She smiles.

“Well I’m telling you now. You are incredibly sexy.” I walk over to her and push her hair behind her ear.

“Well…” She says.” On the count of 3 how about we take off our under wear. Ok?”

“Ok” I say my dick now fully erect.


We both remove our underwear.

I look up to see Kaitie fully shaven. Fuck I just want to give her an orgasms. I want to hear her moan.

“Well a little excited there are we?” Kaitie asks as she looks at my dick.

“You could say that.”

“Well your dreams are coming true”

“A ha ha ha,” I laugh sarcastically. I walk over to the shower and slide back the curtain.” Lady’s first.”

She walks over to me and steps in the shower. As she walks in I can help but starring at her ass. Fuck I want this moment to last forever.

“Oh GOD are you trying to give me hypothermia.” She jumps back out of the water.

“No but that would be a plus.”

“How would that be a plus.”

“When girls get cold your tits get hard.”

“Oh well glad to know you did that on purpose.”

“I didn’t.” I say as I laugh. I fix the temperature.

Once it’s warm I get in. My shower is big enough for the both of us. I stand under the water and wet my hair. I step to the side and motion Kaitie slides past me my dick almost hitting her stomach.

“Sorry I don’t have any like real shampoo I have like 2 in 1 and stuff”

“It’s fine” she says playing with her hair. I still can help but stair at her chest. I’m not as much of an ass man as I am a boob man.

Kaitie must have seen me starting at her because she takes my hands and puts them on her breast.

She starts squeezing my hands indicating that I can play with her boobs. She then let’s go of my hands and puts her hands on my hips and pulls me closer.

“Oh fuck” I say as my dick starts to twitch. I let go of one of her boobs and start rubbing my cock.

“I’m sorry your just so hot I have to.” I say “I hope you don’t mind.”

“I do mind” Kaitie says. I stop even though I want to keep going.

What Kaitie does next surprised me. She got down on her knees and kisses the tip of my cock. She puts her hands on the back side of my thighs then slowly put her soft lips around my shaft and slowly started going up and down.

“Ung fuck Kaitie this feels amazing”

She starts going faster. She takes her lips off and licks from the tip to my balls.

She puts her mouth on my balls and starts sucking them. She puts her mouth around my dick again swirling her tongue around my cock. I moan.

She sticks my dick down my throat and gags it back up. She looks up at me, smiles, and goes back to sucking my dick.

“Oh fuck Kaitie I’m gonna cum”

She opens her mouth and starts giving me a handjob.

I moan and a shot of cum shoots on to Katie’s mouth. Another stream shoots at her. She swallows.

“Oh fuck Kaitie that was amazing”

She wipes her mouth and moves her soaking hair out of the way. She smiles.

“Fuck Kaitie your so fucking sexy. I didn’t think you could get sexier but you some how managed to”

“Is this in your dream” she laughs.

“Yeah,” I say “but you know what also happens”

“What?” She asks as she sits down on the shower floor.

I re-adjust the water stream coming from the shower and get down with her and lean her against the wall with her bent legs.

“What are you doing?” She asks.

I spread her legs to see her dripping pussy. I caress her inner thigh.

“It’s not all about me In my dreams,” I move my hand closer to Katie’s vagina.

“I want to hear you moan” I whisper and slide my hand a little closer.

“I wanna give you pleasure” I move it closer.

She bites her lip.

“Are you ok with this?”

She puts her hands on my hands and pushes one them to her clitoris.

“Ugh” she moans the quickly puts her hands over her mouth.

She giggles awkwardly “I’m sorry that just kind of slipped out”

“Oh what I’m going to do,” I start rubbing her pussy. ” it’s gonna be hard to hold those in” I wink.

I feel her pussy tighten.

“Damn your so wet. I hope you don’t mind asking but how many fingers can you take”

“Ung only one I’m kind of tight” she smiles.

I take a fingers and rub around her vagina slipping the tips of my finger in her.

I push my finger in her vagina.

Kaitie gasps and moans. “Fuck Zane”

I pull my fingers almost out then push them back in. Her pussy’s so wet and tight. I press up against g-spot.

Kaitie inhales sharply. She closes her eyes and tilts her head up.

“Have you ever had a squirting orgasm?” I ask.

She shakes her head no. “I’ve tried but I it didn’t work.

“Well this is going to be fun” I wink.

I start finger fucking her hard. Kaitie starts breathing becomes really shallow.

I take my other hand and start rubbing her clitoris. I she looks my in the eyes. I lean in and kiss her passionately.

I take the hand that was on her clit and press on the lower part of her stomach. With the one finger I have inside her I press up at her g-spot.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Zane!” Kaitie leans away from me kissing her and whispers.

I continue to press and release in her.

“Oh fuck it feels like I’m gonna pee”

I laugh. “Well when it comes to it just let go. Ok?”

She nods her head. I keep pressing against her g-spot and on her lower abdomen. We go for about 2 minutes and my arm starts to get tired but it’s worth knowing Katie’s going to experience her first squirting orgasm.

“Oh fuck Zane!” She almost screams as her pussy shoots out her warm juices and she shivers as she closes her legs and falls on to my shoulder.

“How was that”

“Fuck Zane that was fucking amazing” she says.

“Well that’s not all”

She looks at me puzzled as I open up her legs again.

” I want to know what you taste like” I whisper in her ear.

I bend over at lick all the way up her vagina. I taste her sweet juice as I flick her clit with my tongue.

“Zane you don’t have to do this” Kaitie says with a moan.

“I want to” I say in to her vagina and kiss it.

I swirl my tongue around between her legs.

After licking her pussy clean. I look up at Kaitie.

“That was fucking hot” Kaitie says to me.

“Not as hot as you are”

We start kissing again her on top of me. I’m also grabbing her breast and pinching her nipples.

After that we turn off the water and sit on the bathroom floor watching a little porn on Kaitie’s phone while I finger fuck her again but her orgasam wasn’t as big this time. We then dried off and went back to the party. The rest of the night Kaitie was sitting on my lap.

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