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Family issues (Audrey and Si 1)

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my sister has always looked after my brothers and my sisters there is 7 off us all together, The ealdest being Audrey then me (Si), Then kyle, Fynn, Leah and the twims Penny and Shane. our mother was always in and out of jail and our father being a heroin adict our sisster stepped in to look after us despite the fact she was about 8 years old at the time now that we are older i can really appreciate her a lot more and understand what she gave up to make sure we were looked after.
I understood that we had some issues but I didnt relize just how fucked those issues where.

while eveyone was sleeping, well exept Kyle who was at a friends house, Audrey who was at work and me who was just sleepless, I’m sitting on the pourch stairs a beer in one hand and, a cigarette in the other and an other beer beside me, while i take a couple of deep drag i hear the heels of my sisters boots as she walks up the path.
“hey Rey, how’s work?” She works at a hooters type place so her uniform consists off booty shorts and a tight short tank top type thing and since it was kinda hot out all she had to cover was a light caradigin.
shes just so fucking sexy the things i’d do to her if she would let me. i try and shake that out my mind, just tryna conivence myself that its the beer talking.
“it was, okay. give me a draw” she gets to the stairs and steps up one and bends down and opens her mouth slightly. her tits sit right at my eye level and im hypotozed by the beads of sweat dripping down them and i feel my dick start to perk up. i take the cigaette and place it into her mouth and then she takes a seat beside me and i hand her the beer from beside me.
we sit in silence drinking for what felt like seconds but it was probably half an hour before she leans her head down onto my shoulder
“we should probably head inside get some sleep”
“smoke first?” she nods and sits up as i light another taking a long drag and face my sister who is leaned in close to me, i don’t know what gave me the courage to do such a thing but I take my hand and open her mouth before leaning in and press my lips into hers and let the smoke dance from my mouth to hers, she takes a deep inhale and backs away slighting blowing the smoke into the air before looking at me, i can feel my heart throughout my entire body and before i can say anything she practiclly jumps on me and we makeout quite roughly causing my dick to grow solid as i push her back agienst the banister and spread her legs one behind me and one infront, i put my hands down her shorts and finger her, she’s moaning on our porch if any off our naighbours looked out the window they would be able to see us. the thought making me more horny i make out with her and she moans into my mouth I keep this up till she cums, forming a wet patch on her shorts. I stand up and drag her up with me pushing her into the door and take my dick out rubbing it agienst her ass and in between her thighs before pulling aside her shorts and pushing my dick inside her tight pussy roughly pounding her with each thrust her head bangs into the door and she lets out a moan. I grab her hair and drag her head back and start to kiss and suck on her neck as she continues to moan i can feel her cum on my dick her walls clenching tightly on my cock drives me over the edge and i cum deep into her pussy.
We both fall down on our knees into each other panting and moaning. I start to kiss her neck again before she jumps up fixing her clothes and rushes into the house while i sit there with both our cum dripping off my cock.

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    Did you get her pregnant?

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    Great hot and passionate family fuck