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How It Started

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How my curiosity lead me down a beastly rabbit hole

Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, lived a young girl. One who was oddly hyper sexual at such a young age. She remembers watching her parents breed dogs. The Stud would come and live with them for a few months at a time. The girl would love this time. When she was alone, which was often, she would would play with the eager to mate Stud. Play as much as any curious cat would do. She would fondle his cum filled balls. Giggling as he lay there. Watching his pink dick grow and a small knot would start to form at the base. She’d always stop at this time. The Stud, worked up and confused, would jump up. Licking the girl about the face. She always would open her mouth wide. Allowing the dog to lick every inch of her mouth. Her young pussy would tingle. And since she knew how to relieve the tense; she would retreat to her room. Rubbing her hard clit till she came.
When the Stud wasn’t around, she would have fun with her dog. They would make out for long periods of time. The girl gently stroking the puffy lips of her dog. As soon as they were wet, she’s slip a finger in. Soon, they would 69. Both parties desperately licking at the other. She would cum over and over. Her still virgin pussy throbbing. And after her dog would go off and clean her self, the young girl would work a finger or two inside herself. Stroking her g spot till she would wet the bed.
Napster and Limewire helped her know she wasn’t alone in this pleasure. This budding preteen found others in chat rooms that shared the same interests. And these men were eager to hear of what she had done. And what she would later do.

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