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My ‘big’ ginger step brother and his boxers

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My ‘big’ ginger step brother turns me on as he walks around the house in his boxers.

So when i was 16 my mum and my brother moved in to my mums boyfriends house and he became my step dad. He has a daughter and son (step sis / step brother to me).

My step brother is a tall ginger dude who’s slim and strong, he’s about 20. We got along very well, he’d often play my xbox with me and i’d spend time in his room with him watching films and stuff. We were very comfortable with each other to the point where i slept in the same bed with him. (At this point nothing happened sexually)

A few weeks go by and we often walk into each other’s rooms in our t-shirt & boxers or just boxers and start talking and bonding.

One day he came home from work very tired and got undressed and took a shower, around 10 mins goes by and he came out in his boxers. The front part which is his crotch was bouncing up and down as he walked by my door. clearly he was hard and had been playing with himself – I mean who doesn’t play with themselves in the shower.

I pause my game and go into his bedroom (also in my boxers) and sit on the edge of his bed. At this point he’s laid down on his back with his dick hard in his pants. I Can’t help myself but keep staring at it whilst talking to him, he’s busy on his phone to notice me looking at it.

His legs look very sore so i start rubbing them for him and he said it feels good so i go further up his legs to his thighs which were very muscular and start to rub them whilst occasionally looking at his bulge. 5 Mins go by and i notice he’s falling to sleep so i slowly stop rubbing his legs and he’s now fallen asleep.

i decide to take my chances and pull his boxers down revealing his massive ginger cock which i get so turned on by. it looks so good i pull his boxers all the way off and start feeling his big amazing balls and start to wrap my hands around his big shaft. It was easily 8inches-9inches long and 2 hands couldn’t cover it.

I licked his tip and played with it and decided to put it in my mouth. This felt amazing to me. I slowly took more of his erect cock in my mouth and slowly went faster and faster. Around 2 mins went by until he started moving and woke up. He asked me what i was gagging on his cock down my throat.

I looked up at him taking his big cock out my mouth and said ‘it looked like it needed some attention and it seems your not bothered about it soooo…’ He did say it felt amazing but no one could find out. He got up and locked the bedroom door and then laid on his belly with his big ass on show. I slapped it a few times until he told me to lick his hole so that’s exactly what i did, His big white ass with ginger ass hair looked amzing and tasted amazing too.

He spread his legs which made it easier to bury my face in there and lick his balls which made him moan so much. He then said it’s his turn and told me to turn round and put my ass in the air. He got up took my boxers off slowly wanking my cock and i turned round for him so my ass was facing him. He took no time at all burying his face in my ass licking my pink smooth hole, He put his tongue so far in my ass it felt amazing.

After that he got his cock in his hand and spat on it to lube it up and started to tease my hole and slowly inserted all 9inches off it, i moaned and groaned at the same time but the pain became pleasure eventually. After he was tired from that i said why don’t i ride your cock and said lay down on the bed and i climbed back up and sat on him moving his cock to line up with my hole. I was ridding his cock so fast up and down like no tomorrow. eventually i came all over his cute lil ginger haired face and he cream pied me and it leaked out my ass. Finally he ended it by having me ride his face so he could lick up all that cum out my hole.

And that was the end of that we both showered with each other after and we agreed to do this more often.

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