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My drunk Aunty who i blackmailed

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My drunk aunty sucked my cock so I started blackmailing her

My auntie who is my mums younger sister sucked my cock when I was 12 when she stayed at our house .
The story is she came back after drinking with my mum and when mum went to bed she came in my room and I woke up with her sucking my cock i rea hed for my phone and took a video,and then she just left when I cum .
The next morning she never said anything so when I was on our own I asked why she sucked my cock and she went red and didn’t remember so I showed her the video she asked me delete it but me being a horny 12 year old had other ideas starting with another bj when mum went to work
, she said no no chance but I just did the usual thays OK will show mum the video she started to cry saying she was drunk I wasn’t bothered she either sucked me or I tell mum she agreed but only once.
I have to tell you she is a fit 31 year old she has 34b tits which I found out later and she’s a UK size 8 longe blonde hair and she’s nearly 6ft .
So mum come to say she was going and me to get to school on time as soon as she went out the door I went upstairs to find Auntie Sophia she was in the spare room and still sobbing I wasn’t bothered I wanted my bj , I went accross and told her to do it now she reached and undone my trousers letting them drop then my boxers to expose my semi hard 5 inch cock as soon as her hand was on it went fully hard she bent forward and her lips touched my cock I was in heaven as her head started bobbing I knew it wouldn’t take long as i felt my balls tighten and my cum shoot into her mouth she kept sucking till I stopped she lifted her head and said there
That’s it .
But I knew it wasn’t she said delete the video I smiled said don’t think so I’m not finished yet , what she replied I’m not finished I want more off you and you will do as I ask or else .
I walked down the stairs smiling to myself a bj before school I was 12 and I just had a bj of a Milf.
At school in the break I text her saying hope you have taken it in you now do as I say Or you end up in prison after my mum and dad beat you up. I got a reply about a hour later saying I was horrible doing this it’s not right but she knows she has to . I text back I want you to wear a short skirt when I get back we have 90 mins before mum gets back .
I didn’t get a reply so when I ran home I had no idea what I was going to see but when I went in the dinning room she was sitting and had a short skirt on She looked at me and said quietly what do you want me to do, do you want a bj again no i said I want you to wank me and I want you to finger yourself as you do it and I can watch, she muttered she didn’t do that stuff well from now on you will as I positioned myself in front of her watching as she lifted her skirt enough to see her white panties and then she reached forward And undo my trousers dropping them to the floor and getting my cock out I watched as she wanked my cock and her other hand went inside her panties and I could see it moving around making me feel even more horny I told her pull her panties down so I can watch her fingers in her pussy And the sight made me nearly cum I was holding back but couldn’t much longer and my cum shot out towards her and landed on her thighs she stopped wanking I told her don’t stop fingering till u cum, I got down on my knees to watch closer and she had her head back and was moaning her legs started to shake and her hand was going faster as she screamed in mumexcitement as her body let is juiced out ,she collapsed back I told her suck her fingers as I watched I had never seen a pussy before but for some reason it turned me on , I looked at the clock only 30 minutes till mum arrived back I told her go get cleaned and don’t wear any panties when you come down later and leave them ones under my pillow .
She went off get cleaned mum arrived back shouting up if everything OK i shouted yeah Auntie Sofia shouted yeah be down soon, that when I knew I had her.
When I came down for tea we all sat down mum dad me and Aunty chatted around the table and mum said we could all sit watch a movie later ,I knew she would say that as I had a plan I know mum and dad fall asleep watching and I would sit next to Aunty and see what I could get .As I had said they started to fallsleep after about 45 mins and I had been feeling Auntie’s legs for about 15 mins and was making my way to her pussy when I noticed dad was snoring and mum’s eyes were shut I found her pussy she tried pushing my hand away saying not here but I just continued until I had finger in her she soon opened her legs to give me easier access and I was fingering her not knowing what to do only what I had seen in videos but was enjoying it as I felt her getting wet and soon she was trying not to shake as she had a orgasm she gripped my hands with her legs as she exploded on my fingers ,,I looked they were both asleep as I said suck me now as I got my hard cock out she looked over saw they were asleep and bent over me and sucked only took about 5 minutes to cum as she swallowed it .
I jumped up to go to bed as I went passed I nudged mum and dad and said good night as I smiled on my way to bed .

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    OMG! I had my first orgasm to this story! Thank you so much!

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    That’s the first time I have seen a pussy that was totally shaved when she asked me what I licked about her shaved pussy and ass she asked me if I wanted to touch her my mouth was just so wet and when she put her ass against my face I just started licking her

  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ith8ra

    My sister had always been a great friend and she would talk to me at her house when there was no one else around she was always getting tan in the backyard and when she would come in from the house she would take her bathing suit top off and walk around the house for a little while one day when she came back in the house she took her top of and then took her bottoms down she walked around the kitchen for a little while and then she asked me if I wanted to watch anything on tv or if I wanted to I could watch tv in her room when she told me I should watch in her room I just got so excited when she told me she was going to take a shower and I should just relax on the bed I got comfortable and turned on the tv she came out off the bathroom and she started to get her panties on and I told her how sexy she looked

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    Got me hard, will be wanking later

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    Great story

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    Very Hot story, I wish I had an Aunt like that when I was younger!