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Family member made me suck him

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Gay, incest, forced sex, rape, molested.

I was 12 yrs old when this happened to me. It’s unforgettable and makes me hard thinking abt it, i also think i have a fantasy because of it. I had gotten home from the pool and wanted to take a shower since my aunt insisted i wash the chlorine off my body. I had gotten undressed and took a warm shower for about 12 mins before coming out. It was pretty late and I was tired but since it was the weekend i was able to stay up. My uncle had came home from work and was drunk. My aunt was angry at the fact he was drunk but it didn’t matter because my uncle couldn’t care less about what she said. She went to her bedroom and my uncle had to sleep on the couch. I was sitting on the couch watching adult swim, something my parents wouldn’t let me do at home. He sat next to me with a beer in his hand and asked me what my favorite show was on adult swim. I told him i never really watched it because my parents were strict. He said i could watch adult swim anytime I wanted because I was a good boy. But he told me i had to be a good boy for him and do a favor. I was happy and eager to know what the favor was so i can watch adult swim. He pulled his pants down and his cock flopped out. It had to be 6-7 inches long. I was very confused why he pulled his pants down and then he told me something that has stuck with me for years.. “If you suck it, then you can watch adult swim..just don’t tell your aunt sweetie.” I was dumb, since he was a adult figure to me I did what he told me. He told me to grab it and suck it like a popsicle or a lolipop. I put it on my mouth and started sucking it. He got angry because he felt my teeth and said to stop sucking with your teeth, suck with your lips sweetie. I stopped dragging my teeth on his cock and sucked it properly. He bobbed my head on it and i gagged a couple of times. This lasted for 10 mins but felt like hours. His dick twitched in my mouth and bobbed my head faster making me gag. He pushed my head off and made me open my mouth with me tongue out and he put his tip on my tongue and spurted a long white stream of cum on my tongue into the back of my mouth. “Swallow it or no Tv.” I did what he said and swallowed it. After that he went to sleep like nothing happened. Rubbed my 4 inch penis through my pants after and fell asleep. Im now 14 and have wild fantasies about him doing more than make me blow him. I wish i had dick like his. Sadly i haven’t really heard from him…

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