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Masters High Chapter 7: Gettin’ Shitty wit It

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High school seniors Draven and Logan compete to see who can make their freshman protégé dirtier. Draven is determined to see that it’s Luke.

FULL SUMMARY: Draven and Logan compete to see who has the dirtier protégé, and Draven is determined to see that it’s Luke. Luke just needs a little push. Meanwhile, some of the freshmen dig up some dirt on the Headmaster.

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Things were looking up after last week. I had a heart-to-heart with Ryan, people seem to respect me, and I’m getting more used to the slave thing. Walking into the cafeteria for breakfast on a crisp October morning, the sound system was quietly playing ” 🎵 I’m easy like a Sunday morning… 🎵”.

“Good morning sir, what can I get you for breakfast?” my slave Sarah asked as I sat down next to my friend David Webber.

“Hmm…” I thought for a second. “Pancakes and orange juice would be nice.”

“Are you fucking serious?!” David said to me. “You’re a millionaire! Get something better than pancakes for breakfast!”

“Ok fine,” I said annoyed, turning back to Sarah. “Bring me strawberry-filled red velvet crepes with a side of eggs Benedict and a mimosa instead.”

“Yup, that’s more like it!” David replied, taking a bite of his lobster Benedict while staring at Sarah’s ass as she walked away.

“🎵 That’s why I’m easy… I’m easy like a Sunday morning! 🎵”

“You know, most guys just eat cereal for breakfast,” my other best friend Will Hale said, sitting beside David with a bowl of Cheerios in front of him.

“Oh, you’re one to talk?” I playfully smiled. “A bowl of cheerios followed by a line of blow?” All three of us laughed.

“Speaking of blow…” Will said, grabbing his bowl of Cheerios and pouring milk on it while removing the plastic wrapper around a plastic bag of cocaine. He held the bag under the bowl of cereal and poured a small amount into the milk. He then stirred his breakfast while mixing the blow into his cereal.

“Are you fucking serious?” I asked worried. “You’re mixing drugs with your Cheerios?”

“Some people prefer coffee, but I do things a little differently,” Will smiled, taking a spoonful of cocaine-infused Cheerios into his mouth. “Don’t worry, I’ve perfected this technique. I’ve practiced over the years.”

“Over the years? You’re 14!” I said, astonished.

“Hey, when your dad’s a major drug manufacturer for cartels, you get started young,” Will smiled, completely devoid of any morals regarding drugs. “When I was a toddler, my mother accidentally put methamphetamines in my bottle and gave it to me thinking it was baby formula. She and my dad were freaked out at first, but I was fine. I developed an addiction, no doubt about it, but with our money and the medical treatment I can get at a moment’s notice, there’s literally no downside.”

“🎵Easy like a Sunday morning! 🎵”

As Sarah delivered my breakfast, Logan Hawthorne, David’s senior mentor, came up to see.

“Good morning gentlemen!” the well-mannered senior told us. “Luke, David, Will, it’s wonderful to see you all out for breakfast together on this fine autumn day,” he said, very proper and gentlemanly.

“Uh, hey Logan,” I said, surprised to see him there. Usually Logan just hangs out with the other seniors. “What can we help you with?”

“Oh nothing!” he said happily. “I just wanted to take the time to congratulate David on his performance in Slave Training 101 last week,” Logan continued while smiling at us. “Luke, the screwdriver in your slave’s ass was cute, but David really knew how to take things to the next level. Truly inspired stuff!” Logan said as David grinned proudly.

“Yeah,” Will remarked while eating his cereal mixed with coke. “David, that saw to her leg was a real work of art!”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Logan agreed. “The way David mangled that girl’s leg, only leaving her the one functioning limb, is something every future Masters Boy should aspire to do to their slave.”

“How’s she doing anyway?” Will asked, quickly taking another spoonful of his ‘cereal.’

“Oh, Lacey got patched up well by the paramedics on the scene,” David said nonchalantly. “They took her to the infirmary as a precaution, but she was back out in an hour.”

“See, and that is a true craftsman!” Logan smiled. “Cutting the leg but being methodically as to not chop it off… that takes skill.”

“Yup,” David nodded while smirking, taking a bite of his lobster Benedict. “So what’s on the agenda for Slave Training 101 this week, Logan?” David asked.

“Well,” Logan smirked devilishly. “I don’t know what lecture Mr. Baxter has planned. But I have my lesson plans all set for the week, don’t you worry about that…” he said, and walked away toward the seniors table.

“Well that was fucking weird,” I told the guys after Logan left.

“No kidding…” David said. “Logan’s been a lot more welcoming about my sadism lately, which is nice, but also… different. Not sure what’s up.” The three of us sat in an awkward silence for a minute.

“Hey Luke, you gonna finish your mimosa?” Will asked, clearly revved up from his coke.

“🎵 That’s why I’m easy… 🎵”


I was sitting at the table with some of the other seniors, including my best friend James Caldwell. Looks like my other best friend Logan Hawthorne was coming back from talking to the freshies.

“Draven, old chap,” Logan said to me while approaching our table. “Looks like you’ll have to pay up soon!”

“Pay up?” James asked. “What’s this about?” he asked, sniffling. James just finished sneaking a line of coke with his omelette.

“Logan and I have a bet going,” I said. “We’re seeing who can get the dirtiest protégé by the end of the week. I’ll admit, Logan won on Friday.”

“And how will you know who won?” another senior, Harrison Montgomery, asked.

“Oh believe me, we’ll know,” I replied. “And whoever wins gets all the other man’s slaves for a week.”

“I’m not sure how you’ll be able to survive off no slaves!” Logan smiled cockily. “But I certainly wouldn’t mind increasing my harem to 14 for a week!” he laughed.

“We’ll see,” I smirked at him as James passed me some weed as I prepared my pipe to smoke. “You guys don’t know Luke like I do. He can get really dirty real fast once you get him going.”


Later that day, some of us freshmen guys were having a soccer scrimmage. Some freshmen RGs from Millis were watching, but they’re probably just ogling at the guys on the ‘Skins’ (aka shirtless) team. I just scored another goal for the Skins, upping the score to 4-1 with 10 minutes left to play.

“Great shot, Luke!” Will smiled at me as he pulled me in for a sweaty hug, our buff toros bumping into each other as his hard nipples touched mine. I could see some of the Millis RGs biting their lips as they watched.

“Thanks,” I smiled at my best friend as we jogged back to defense with our other shirtless teammates. “If you can play hockey, soccer is a piece of cake,” I said. “In Alaska, we always called soccer ‘hockey for pussies!'”

As the game wound down, the Skins beat the Shirts 4-1. Before we hit the showers, most of the guys went over to the Millis girls to flirt. David, who was on the Shirts team, was flirting with a pretty blonde girl with a Valley Girl accent.

“You were amazing out there!” she giggled as David flexed his muscles. “What’s your name?” she asked.

“David Webber,” he told her smugly. “How about you?”

“Natalie Kelley,” she replied, batting her eyelashes at him while making googly eyes. “Nice to meet you David Webber.”

“And what are you doing after this game?” David asked her, confidently. “Care to go out for dinner tonight?”

“Oh that depends,” she said flirtatiously. “Lift up your shirt for a sec.”

“Ok,” David smiled, lifting up his shirt and showing her his chiseled abs and chest muscles. “Satisfied?” he smirked at her.

“Very,” she giggled as she felt him up. “It’s too bad you were on the Shirts team. But I’d love dinner, and maybe… even more,” she said, batting her eyelashes. I could see David getting a boner through his pants.

“Hey New Money,” I suddenly heard. I turned around, and Draven was standing there. “Stop peeping on your friend’s date. Hit the showers and meet me at my dorm room. We have some work to do. And bring Sarah,” he said seriously. Not sure what that was about…

I met up with Draven in his dorm room, freshly showered with Sarah in tow.

“‘Bout time you showed up, New Money,” Draven said, opening the door in just his boxers. “Sarah, go wait in the bedroom. Luke, let’s talk on the living room couch for a bit.”

“Yes sir,” Sarah said.

As Sarah went into the bedroom, Draven and I sat on the couch. He started drinking a Jack Daniels straight from the bottle, as his 15-year-old copper-haired slave Ashley approached him, wearing just a bra and panties.

“Ashley, suck my cock while I talk to Luke,” he ordered. Ashley took off her master’s boxers, and took his 8-inch member into her mouth. Draven pushed her head down as he looked at me. “So New Money…” he said casually, almost like he was brushing his teeth. “I’m worried that you’re getting soft.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked defensively. “Didn’t you see me in Slave Training 101 the other day? How is sticking a screwdriver in my slave’s anus ‘getting soft?'” I scoffed.

“Because she liked it,” Draven said as Ashley’s head bobbed up and down on his cock, and he took another sip of whiskey. “That was sick, but you were pleasuring her, she wasn’t pleasuring you. That’s not the goal here. She’s supposed to give you pleasure. Look at David. Sawing Lacey’s leg was not pleasurable for her at all, but it gave him a sense of power. When you stick a screwdriver in Sarah’s ass, she orgasms and thinks it’s hot. Sure, you’re causing her pain, but you’re not getting any sense of power from it.”

“Alright so what should I do?” I asked, not sure what he wanted me to say.

“You want to see what power is?” he asked, still staring at me.

“Uh, ok…” I replied.

“Take a look at Ashley,” he said.

I looked over at the slave girl, and she released her mouth from Draven’s dick. Her mouth was filled with piss; when did that happen? She had the largest smile on her face as her mouth dripped with golden liquid as she opened up her mouth, showing me Draven’s piss in her mouth. She swished it around her mouth like it was mouthwash before swallowing it and taking a deep breath of fresh air.

“Delicious, master!” she finally said.

“See?” Draven told me. “That whole time we were talking, I was pissing into Ashely’s mouth like it was nothing. No warning, no recognition of her, and no work on my part. I get pleasure from it both sexually and because I can relieve myself. I don’t know why the school even bothers installing toilets in the senior dorms. No senior ever uses them; by this point, we just use our slaves.”

“Ok, so you piss in their mouths, but you still need need to use the toilet in order to shi- oh…” I said, suddenly realizing.

“Yup,” Draven smiled. “You get it now? Now that’s real power. Make them eat your shit and lick your asshole clean. Ashley here is a little scat queen herself, aren’t you?” he asked his slave.

“Oh yes master!” Ashley agreed while making out with Draven’s cock. “I love eating my master’s shit! It tastes delicious!” she said, resuming to suck on his cock while her face was still covered in her master’s urine.

“Masters Boys aren’t taught waterspouts and scat play until sophomore year,” Draven said to me as he was still getting his dick sucked by Ashley. “But there’s already guys in your grade who are into that. Just look at Nolan. That guy eats shit himself too, which not even I’m into,” he said while shaking his head in disgust. “If you want to get really powerful, you should learn these skills as a freshman.”

“Um, I can try pissing into Sarah’s mouth, but I’m not ready for shit yet,” I said sheepishly.

“Oh?” Draven smirked at me. “Well I’ll fix that soon enough, don’t you worry about that. But for now, let’s see you piss in your slave’s mouth. Come on, into the bedroom.”

We walked over, passing another bedroom where a bunch of girls were chained up to a wall.

“Oh, don’t worry about them,” Draven said. “I don’t like too many of my slaves being free to roam my room at once, so I keep them chained up,” he said like it was nothing. When we got to Draven’s room, Sarah was sitting down on the floor next to the bed. I guess she instinctively knew it would be improper to lie on a master’s bed without permission. “Master, how can I pleasure you?” she asked me submissively but excited.

“So uh, Draven wants us to try this piss thing…” I started to say, but Draven elbowed me.

“Be more assertive!” he whispered.

“Oh, right.” I said, coughing and deepening my voice. “I need to take a piss, and you’re going to drink it! ” I told Sarah sternly.

“Yes, master!” Sarah said, strangely excited. I looked at Draven confused.

“They were taught to love shit and piss back when they were in training at Millis,” Draven whispered. “Don’t worry about it, just do it!”

I looked back at Sarah, and she was patiently kneeling on the floor with her mouth open and tongue out. Not sure why, but this turned me on a little bit. Maybe Draven was right about the power thing… I was usually hesitant about trying new things with Sarah, but it’s all part of the slave training process. So I unzipped my pants, and started aiming my dick into Sarah’s mouth as she sat still with her mouth open like a frog trying to catch flies. But nothing was coming out.

“Oh for fuck’s sake…” Draven mumbled. “Here,” he said, passing me a bottle of Gatorade. “Drink some of this to get things going.”

I took the bottle and drank some blue Gatorade. It did its job, and now I had to go pee pretty badly. “Sarah!” I yelled. “Open wide!”

“Yes, master!” she replied excitedly with her mouth wide open.

I aimed my cock into her mouth, and this time a steady stream of piss came out. Sarah’s throat gulped my golden liquid down eagerly, like it was nothing more than water. “Yes master!” she moaned through my piss stream. “Your piss is so good!” I kept peeing, and my stream was strong, coming out straight onto Sarah’s tongue as she made a mess as the pee dripped down her mouth and body, drenching her white shirt and shorts.

“Yeah, take my piss, bitch!” I said. “Drink it all! Ahhhh!”

Sarah kept gulping down my piss with a smile on her face. After a while, my stream died down, and there was nothing more to give her. Sarah swallowed the last drops, and licked the leftover piss off her lips like it was sweet nectar. “Thank you master,” she said obediently.

I looked down at her. Her wet clothes were soaked in piss, and there was still urine dripping from her face and down her top and shorts. My cock was rock-hard seeing her like this. I also noticed some of Draven’s carpet had some piss stains. “Sorry about that…” I told him.

“Ah don’t worry about it,” Draven said. “I make my slaves steam the carpet every day. But we can make it interesting,” he said, turning to Sarah. “Pick up the piss puddles with your tongue, slave.”

“Yes master,” Sarah said, using her hands to pin her shirt and shorts down while her breasts were exposed as she lapped up my urine off the carpet with her tongue. “Mmm…” she moaned happily as she swallowed the urine off the dirty carpet.

“Yup, she’s into it,” Draven smiled, sipping his Jack Daniels bottle while sitting on his bed. “So how you feeling, Luke?”

“Um, I’m actually ok?” I said, surprised. “That was actually pretty hot. Seeing her on all fours licking up the remaining piss from the carpet is hot too,” I said, caressing her hair as she did so.

“Oh, you think that’s hot?” Draven smirked at me. “Let me show you something. OLIVIA!” he yelled, and the blonde-haired slave came to him from the other room.

“Yes master?” she asked happily, wearing just a bra and panties just like Ashley was.

“I need to take a shit,” Draven said nonchalantly.

“Oh, yes Master!” she said. “How would you like to do it?”

“Get down on the ground, let me squat over you,” Draven said. Fuck, am I about to watch my mentor take a shit? Why would I want to see this? And why am I getting a boner right now?

“Watch and learn, Luke,” he smirked, squatting over his slave, who had her mouth wide open for him to drop his feces into her mouth. I took a deep breath and watched in anticipation.

With a grunt, a lump of feces slowly came out of Draven’s asshole. The turd was hard with plenty of grooves on it, and it was about 5 inches long and about half an inch thick. I watched as it slowly snaked out of Draven’s anus and into Olivia’s waiting mouth. Olivia was smiling in ecstasy as she caught the turd in her mouth, closing her mouth around it while it was still hanging out of Draven’s anus and stopping it from falling to the ground. “Ohhhh!” Draven moaned as he released his anus, letting the remaining half inch of poop fall into his slave’s mouth as she gently chewed on it. “That feels fucking good to get out,” he said. “But that’s just round one.”

“Mmm, master!” Olivia said through the shit in her mouth. “Your turds taste like meatloaf today!”

“Good guess, you’re right,” he smiled, before looking at me. “I don’t let Olivia eat food anymore. She just gets food second-hand now. She’s lucky, she gets the finest dining Masters High has to offer, but she just has to wait a bit!” he laughed. “All right, another one’s coming out, finish up.”
Olivia swallowed as another turd came out, accompanied by a loud fart. She was able to catch this one entirely in her mouth again, before closing it to stop it from dropping onto the floor. Olivia closed her eyes as she chewed the shit, fingering her pussy as she did so. “Mmm master!” she said, chewing the feces. “I love it when you shit in my mouth! It’s so delicious!”

“I know,” Draven smirked. “Remember, I’m a god. Anything that comes out of my body is divine to you, you useless skank.”

“Yes master!” Olivia replied gleefully.

“ASHLEY!” Draven called out. “I need you to wipe my asshole!”

Ashley came in, but without toilet paper. Without hesitation, she stuck her face straight into Draven’s asshole, and lapped away like it was her favorite lollipop. “Mmmm…” she moaned in happiness as she stuck her tongue all the way inside her master’s anus. “You’re so delicious, master! I’m jealous that Olivia got the real thing and I’m just cleaning it up!” Ashley said while licking her lips in contentment.

“Aw, you’re jealous of Olivia?” Draven chuckled at his slave’s admiration of his scat. “That’s cute. Olivia, why don’t you share before you swallow my turd?” he asked his other slave.

“Mm-hmm!” Olivia moaned, not able to say anything with her mouth full of shit. She pointed to her mouth, and Ashley went over and the two girls swapped the shit between themselves. “Mmm…” Ashley moaned, as she got a taste of her Master’s feces. The two girls made out for a while, and then Draven got into the middle of them, shoving his cock between their shitty lips.

“Now which one of you scat whores wants this cock more?” he asked.

“I do!” both girls said in unison before they realized that they’d be competing for his cock. Olivia quickly took Draven’s cock in her hand and took the whole thing into her shit-filled mouth. She was gulping it down and deepthroating him hard while coating his cock in his own shit.

“Give me some!” Ashley said angrily, immediately pulling Draven’s cock out of Olivia’s mouth and started doing the same thing while getting the cock nice and coated with the shit from her master’s asshole.

“No, I’m not done yet, slut!” Olivia retorted, bringing the cock back into her mouth. This went back and forth for a while, until both girls were sucking on it at the same time.

“See Luke? This is the fucking life,” Draven said, lying back as the girls fought over his cock. “Now are you ready to do the same thing with Sarah?”

“Uh, I don’t know about that yet…” I admitted, looking at my slave. She seemed disappointed when I said that. “But we can try something new?” I asked, trying to cheer her up.

“Of course!” she smiled at me, completely subservient and eager to do what I ask.

“Ok, uh, how about a rimjob?” I asked sheepishly. “You can lick my asshole for a little bit.”

“Oh, ok Master!” Sarah smiled at me happily, thinking I was being adventurous. She laid down on the bed as I removed my pants and boxers.

“Go ahead slave!” I said.

“Yes Master!” she said eagerly.

Sarah grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them wide apart before putting her tongue to my butthole. “Mmmm…” Sarah moaned as she explored the warm hole with her tongue, penetrating me a little bit as I moaned softly in pleasure. Sarah smiled in happiness when she saw she was pleasing me, and inserted her tongue deeper into me while groping my ass and pushing it closer to her face. I was leaking a lot of precum as Sarah went to town on my ass, and I pushed her head closer so she could go deeper inside me.

“Deeper slave!” I commanded her. “Lick my asshole clean!”

“Yes master!” Sarah said happily, inserting her whole tongue into my hole as I groaned in pleasure. “Mmm…” Sarah moaned in contentment as she ate out my butthole. She was loving eating me out as much as I was loving her doing it. Sarah grabbed my ass cheeks with her hands, spreading them wider to give herself more access as she inserted her whole face into my butthole. Sarah went in deep as she licked all the insides of my ass before returning back to the outside, flicking her tongue on the rim of my anus.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I was so close to cumming, and I wasn’t ready for this to end. I decided to take things to the next level. “Get up, slave,” I told her sternly, taking her by the throat. “Hope your ass is ready for my cock.”

“Mmm yeah master,” Sarah said. “Please fuck my ass raw!”

“Yeah, you’d love that wouldn’t you?” I asked, lining up my dick with her asshole. “You want your young, teenage master to pound your ass like the submissive whore you are? My alpha cock, in the prime of my horniness, taking your ass and making it mine?”

“Ohhh, yes master!” Sarah moaned as I pressed the tip of my cock against her tight butt hole.

“Remember Sarah, your ass belongs to me,” I told her as I pushed the tip of my cock inside her asshole. “AAAAHHH!” Sarah gasped in pleasure as my cock pushed through her tight walls.

“Tell me who owns this ass,” I told her, not moving an inch.

“You do master!” Sarah pleaded to me. “My ass is yours! Please fuck me and make me scream!”

“Gladly,” I smirked at her as I started fucking her doggystyle. “Who owns your ass? Tell me who owns it and what I can do to it.”

“YOU DO, MASTER!” she yelled so loud that even Olivia and Ashley looked up for a second. “Master Luke Dunn owns my ass! You can fuck it, you can eat it, you can beat it, you can cum inside it… my ass is yours and yours only!”

“That’s right Sarah,” I told her, slapping her ass while keeping my other hand on her throat. “It’s always been mine since day 1,” I grunted while increasing my pace.

“Ahhhh…ahhhh…yes master! Masterrrrr!!!” Sarah screamed as she climaxed, squirting everywhere. But I didn’t stop fucking her.

“AAAHHHH!” Sarah screamed as she had an orgasm and fell onto the bed.

“Don’t tell me you’re tapped out already?” I asked her, increasing my thrusts even more as she moaned into the sheets.

“My ass is yours, master,” she replied submissively, bracing herself for the pounding she was about to get.

“Good answer,” I said, switching over to her tight pussy. I put her lips to mine, and she screamed as I stuck my cock into her as we kissed.

“MMMPH!” she moaned, unable to say anything else with my lips attached to hers. I pulled my face away. “YES MASTER!” she was finally able to say. “FUCK ME HARDER!”

“Gladly!” I said, increasing my pace as I pounded her harder. “Tell me Sarah, what are you?”

“I’m your fucktoy master! Fucktoys get used and abused!” she yelled, and I pulled her hair back hard. “AHHH!” she cried in a mix of pain and pleasure.

“That’s right,” I said, pounding her even harder until I felt like I was going to cum soon. “You’re my fucktoy to use however I want. I own your body and mind, slave,” I told her as my cock pulsated inside her pussy.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!” Sarah screamed as she squirted once again while I released my load into her pussy, filling it up with my seed.

“Good slave,” I smiled, pulling my cock out of her drenched cunt as it leaked with a mixture of my cum and hers. “You earned your cum.”

“Thank you master!” Sarah smiled happily at me like she won the lottery. “I love you so much, master!” she said as we cuddled.

“I know you do,” I told her as we kissed each other and stroked each other’s hair. “And you know that love will never be returned,” I whispered in her ear.

“I know,” she whispered back, smiling happily at me and stroking my hair. “I would never expect you to love me in return. I’m just a gutter slut!”

“And don’t forget it,” I said sternly, grabbing her by the throat as she gasped in pleasure. “You’re my property, and you’ve been bought and paid for with my money. Well, my dad’s money, but who’s counting,” I laughed.

“Not bad, Luke,” Draven said, as he also cummed into his slaves’ mouths. “I’ve seen you do better, but not bad. I promise you by the end of the week you’ll be shitting in her mouth!”

“Why by the end of the week? Why does that matter?” I asked.

“Oh, uh… no reason,” Draven said, suddenly acting like he said something he shouldn’t have. “Anyway, time for you to get the fuck out of here. I have business to take care of.”

“Alright, thanks for the lesson,” I smiled at him. “Or whatever this was.”

“No problem New Money,” Draven smiled at me, putting his shitty cock back between the mouths of his two slaves.

The next day there was thunder and lightning outside. Hopefully that meant a nice indoor session of physical education. In the locker room, I was chatting with David.

“Hey, has Logan been acting strange lately?” I asked David, as we both stripped naked.

“Huh? What do you mean?” he asked while stroking his cock in the mirror, seeming to get off on his own reflection. I wish I had that much self-esteem.

“I dunno,” I said while changing into my gym shirt. “Like yesterday in the cafeteria he was acting weird. And now Draven’s been acting a bit weird around me, trying to get me to act ‘dirtier’ or whatever.”

“Hmm, now that you mention it, he has been acting a bit strange,” David said, now putting lotion on his hand and straight-up jerking off to himself in front of the mirror. “Like earlier today… oh fuck… he wanted me to try fucking Lacey… ah shit… while she was hanging upside down and choking on her own… ahh… vomit!” David moaned before cumming onto the mirror.

“Didn’t know you were such a showoff, Webber!” our classmate Connor Mackenzie laughed from across the room. “Who are you showing off for?” he asked smugly. “That girl from the soccer game isn’t here!”

David smiled at him. “You wish you had a dick like this that could fuck an RG like I did last night,” David said, slapping his own cock. “Guys, that Natalie girl is wild in bed. I don’t know what’s in the water at Millis Prep, but she sucked my dick like a vacuum cleaner,” he grinned at us while stroking his cock in the mirror some more. “That pussy was so wet and tight I almost nutted inside her!” he laughed.

“HURRY UP IN THERE!” an annoyed Mr. Griffin yelled from outside the locker room. “CHANGE YOUR FUCKING CLOTHES AND GET YOUR ASSES OUT HERE!”

We all finished up and headed to the gym. “So what’ll it be today?” an excited Will Hale asked. “Indoor soccer? Basketball? Weightlifting?” he asked as another crack of lightning flashed outside.

Mr. Griffin laughed. “This isn’t elementary school, Hale. We don’t play games or do fun exercises during rainy days. We run!”

We all gasped and groaned. “Are you kidding?” Connor asked. “We’ll get pneumonia, or get struck by lightning, or-”

“You rich kids will be just fine!” Mr. Griffin said. “Come on, quit your whining and get out there. Two miles. The sooner you finish, the sooner you can get inside.” We all groaned and headed out. “Fucking rich pricks…” he muttered under his breath.

When we got outside, we could hardly see anything due to the rain and darkness. The rain was pelting down hard on us, and it was only 2 pm. And just like on the first day of classes, Nolan Kramer and I were leading the pack.

“How you doing, Dunn?” Nolan smiled.

“Oh, just peachy!” I told him sarcastically. “Fucking hate running.”

“Maybe this will cheer you up,” Nolan said as he started pissing himself while still running. “Ahhhhh…” he said, sighing in contentment, a puddle forming on his shorts.

“And how is that supposed to cheer me up?” I asked him annoyed as his piss was hitting my shoes.

“Oh right,” he smiled. “Sorry, I forget that you’re not into the scat stuff yet,” he said. “Though I hear you’re getting into piss play now!”

“Where’d you hear that?” I asked.

“Word gets around,” he replies. “Anyway, remember when I said you owed me a favor to keep that virgin thing a secret?” he asked.

“Yeah…” I said slowly, unsure of where this was going.

“Well I’m cashing in on that favor today,” he smiled devilishly at me. “So underneath the Headmaster’s office, there’s a vault. The vault has everything on everything – all the alumni records and documents and archives for every single Masters Boy who’s ever attended here. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING.”

“So what are you asking?” I asked, suspicious.

“I need a copy of Alastair Wentworth’s record. After all the things that happened with Lionel, he’s DEFINITELY shady.”

I paused. “Nolan, that’s fucking crazy! If they caught us, they’d probably kill us, and with their influence, get away with it!”

Nolan shook his head. “It’s not a big deal Luke. First of all, I’ll be there, and Connor will be there too. He also owes me a favor. It won’t be like you’re there alone. Secondly, you’ll just need to open the vault door to get to the records. The school keeps it guarded at all times, but the vault door is open for maintenance at 6 pm sharp every day for a period of ten minutes. We just need to sneak inside during those ten minutes, take a picture of the records, and get out! Simple as that!”

“This Mission Impossible quest of yours seems like a much bigger favor than asking you to keep a secret,” I replied.

“You’re right,” Nolan said. “So I’ll give you some incentive. If you do this for me, I’ll pay you $10 million.”

“What!?!” I asked shocked. “Are you insane? You don’t have that kind of money to just dick around with!”

Nolan laughed. “Dunn, my father owns a defense contracting company. He has a net worth of $5 billion. 10 mil is pocket change.”

“Ok, so when are we doing this?” I asked.

“Tonight,” he quickly replied before running in front of me. “I’ll text you!” he yelled from in front of me, as the rain came down harder. Asshole.

As we all finished our run and headed inside, all the freshmen boys were soaking wet. “You boys look like you had fun!” Mr. Griffin laughed, to our groans. “See? None of you got struck by lightning. But next time, if you all complain about something stupid like running in the rain, we’re running 4 miles instead of two!”

“Can’t we go get changed now?” Will asked, annoyed.

“Go ahead,” Mr. Griffin said.

We all showered, changed into dry clothes, and headed back to our dorms. We hung out in the dorm’s common room, where the slaves prepared some hot cocoa for us.

“That motherffffucccker…” Ryan O’Neill said with his hot chocolate, still shivering from the cold. His hair was still wet from the rain and the shower. “Wwwe…. we’re sllllll…slaveowners, but heeeee…he’s making us act like wwwwe…we’re the slaves! Running in the rrrrr…rain like that!” he said through his shivers.

“I agree,” Tyler Armstrong said. “I have a photo shoot tonight. My agents are going to kill me if I come in there looking like a wet dog.”

“What’s up with you, Luke?” David playfully asked. “No smartass remark about how this is just a normal day in Bumfuck, Alaska?” he laughed.

“The town is called Rumluck,” I corrected him, but I was squarely focused on tonight. “But yeah, today sucked.”

“Well I have a way we can make it better!” David said, and he took out his phone and texted someone. A few seconds later, Lacey showed up carrying a box.

“Yes Master?” Lacey asked.

“Take out the good shit, slut,” David said angrily. “We ran two miles in the rain today!”

“Awww, that’s rough, master!” Lacey said. “Hope these make it better!” she said, taking out bottles of champagne and cocaine. All the guys cheered.

“Now THAT’S a good slave!” Tyler remarked.

“No kidding!” Ryan added.

“Now who wants a show?” Lacey asked, taking her bra off, and all the 14-year-old boys squealed again.

“Any one of you boys want to fuck me?” Lacey asked sexily. “One at a time? Two at a time? More? All at once? Let me know,” she said with a wink as all of us stared at her breasts, as hard as rocks. She mover over to her master David, and gave him a lap dance, to all of our hooting.

“Damn, Lace!” he said, his dick clearing getting hard in his sweatpants. “You’re getting good at that!”

“Thank you master,” Lacey smiled at him, grinding on him. “But should we make it more interesting for your friends here? Make them jealous that you have the hottest sex slave here?” she asked.

“Hell yeah,” David nodded eagerly. “Get your fucking ass over here and spread your legs bitch.”

Lacey moved in front of the couch and removed her shorts and panties, the blonde revealing her naked 14-year-old body.

“WOOOO!” all the guys cheered. “FUCK HER, DAVID!” I heard from one of them.

“Why are you sitting over there, master?” Lacey asked David. “I’m your bitch. You can do whatever you want with me.”

David smiled, and the alcohol and cocaine started doing its magic. “Fuck yeah I can,” he said confidently as he got up and stripped off his pants, to all of our cheers. He laid Lacey down on the floor and started pile driving her from above. “You love my cock, bitch?”

“I LOVE YOUR COCK MASTER!” Lacey yelled as the pile drive continued.

“Show her who’s in charge, Webber!” a freshman named Jack said.

“Fuck that pussy!” Hunter added.

“You like being fucked by a real man’s cock?” David asked her as he kept pounding away at her young body, reaching places within her she didn’t even know existed.

“OH MY GOD YES MASTER!” Lacey yelled so loud that some of the guys got startled.

“YOU BOYS WANNA SEE A REAL MASTERS MAN!?” David asked, again to cheers.

He lifted Ashley, and carnivorously ate her pussy while holding her up. Lacey let out an orgasmic moan and laugh as the rest of us watched in amazement and jealousy.


David laughed as he stuck a finger in Lacey’s ass, to her pleasure as she moaned so loud that I thought she was going to faint. He slowly inserted another finger, then a third one, then his entire hand in her butthole.

“AHHHHH MASTER!” Lacey moaned, shaking from her toes up to her face in pleasure and ecstasy. “YOU’RE SO GOOD AT THIS!”

David smirked while eating her out as he took his hands out of Lacey’s anus, making an audible ‘pop’ noise as her ass was left gaping. Then he shoved his entire dick inside her butthole, fucking her raw with no lube and no mercy as she screamed in pain and pleasure as it happened. David started jackhammering her asshole so hard I thought her internal organs were going to be destroyed and the rug underneath them was going to rip. David and Lacey came simultaneously, with David shooting his load inside Lacey’s asshole as she screamed so loud it became high-pitched. When David pulled his cock out of her asshole, a small turd came out along with some of his cum, and Lacey smiled happily at this.

“Mmmm master!” she smiled at him with a coked-out look on her face, licking her shit off his cock. “That was great!”


A couple of us were playing pool. Like usual, me and James were destroying Logan and Harrison.

“Ha! Would you look at that?” Harrison said, looking at his phone.

“What is it?” asked Logan.

“That protégé of yours is really impressing the other freshmen. Look at him fucking his slave in front of all of them!” Harrison replied, showing us a video on EliteSphere.

We watched the video, and saw David pounding his slave in front of a group of cheering 14-year-olds.

“Jesus fuck,” James commented. “Seems like the kid’s really getting into it. Looks like you’re going to have to give up your slaves!” he said, elbowing me.

“Oh big fucking deal,” I retorted. “He fucked his slave in the common room; who hasn’t done that? I still have a few more days.”

“Whatever you say, my friend!” Logan laughed. In reality, I was getting a little worried about this bet. David was clearly the alpha male this week. The best thing I can think of is to get Luke into scat play ASAP. I’ll need to think of something…


Connor, Nolan, and I were hiding behind a bush outside the administrative building.

“So the first thing we’ve gotta do is get to the basement floor into the vault,” Nolan whispered. “Obviously we can’t just take the elevator down there. We’ll have to go through the air ducts.”

“You’re kidding,” I said. “This isn’t a spy movie. This is real life.”

“It’s the only way,” Nolan said, a bit annoyed. “Come on, let’s go.”

We snuck around the side of the building into an entrance where maintenance workers go. “Don’t worry, this area of the building doesn’t have security cameras,” Nolan said. “Which is There was a locked office that had an entrance to the air ducts, but now the question was how to get into that office.

“Looks like the door has a key card scanner,” Connor said. “Not sure how we’re supposed to get in.”

“You boys give up too easily!” Nolan chuckled. “Watch this.” He pulled out a special looking key card and stuck it into the key card reader. A green light appeared on the screen and a beep noise sounded, and the door opened up!

“Whoa, where’d you get that?” Connor asked Nolan.

“My dad’s defense contractor company designs a lot of these security systems,” Nolan said. “The school bought some of those products. My dad designed a special key that can bypass any security mechanism the company makes. Of course, he only made two keys. One for him, and one for his heir,” he said, pointing proudly at himself.

“Woah…” I said as we entered the office. “So you could really just head into any room at this school with that key?” I asked him.

“Pretty much!” Nolan said proudly. “Just don’t go spreading that around. You two are the only ones I’m telling this to, so if word gets out… well, let’s just say you don’t want to mess with my dad.”

Connor and I gulped. Nolan reached into his backpack and pulled out what looked like burnt plastic, and put it into the microwave on the other side of the office desk. “This’ll make sense in a bit,” he smiled.

Nolan took out a screwdriver from his backpack and removed the grating covering the air duct. “After you boys,” he said politely as Connor and I looked at each other nervously and climbed in.

We crawled through the air ducts, all three of us. It was pretty dark and musty in there. The air ducts weren’t big enough for us to crawl on all fours, so we had to army-crawl to get through.

“Do you know where we’re going?” I whispered to Nolan.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered back. “I know the layout of this building. We should be right above the vault entrance any second now,” he said, shining a flashlight from his backpack onto a grate underneath us. “This only takes us to the entrance. The ducts don’t go into the vault itself.”

We looked down at the entrance as the clock struck six. Maintenance workers opened the vault door and were inside. We watched as they entered some combination into a keypad and went inside. One guard was outside the vault door.

“Now what?” I asked Nolan, the three of us still inside the air duct. “How are we supposed to get past the guard?”

Nolan smirked at me and Connor. “Leave it to me!” he said as he pulled some kind of device from his backpack. “Put these on first,” he said, pulling out three gas masks.

“What the fuck?” Connor whispered. What is that?

“Relax, it’ll just create smoke,” Nolan said. “That’s why I put the burnt plastic in the microwave. When they investigate it later, they’ll see it and just figure someone burnt their noodles or whatever, and they’ll think that’s what caused the smoke. It’s a fool-proof plan, really. Not to mention the smoke makes the security cameras here useless.”

“You’re crazy!” Connor said. “How is smoke going to help us?”

“Just watch,” Nolan smiled at us as he tossed the device into the vent opening below us. Sure enough, a lot of smoke started coming out. Nolan showed us an extra device he had which created a fan. “This is a homemade smoke machine. Pretty neat huh?” he said, not taking his eyes off the vent hole. The smoke was slowly pouring out of the vent, and some was filling up the area underneath us.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I heard the guard underneath us ask the guards inside the vault. “There’s some kind of smoke in here!” he said before coughing and moving away from the door. “Shit! It’s too much smoke!” he said before leaving the vault entrance area, also coughing as he moved further away from the door.

“Come on,” Nolan said as the three of us quietly exited the air ducts and fell down onto the floor of the entrance hallway in front of the vault doors. The smoke machine was still emitting smoke from the vent in the office, which would continue doing so for a while longer.

“Quickly now, before the other guards notice the smoke! We probably have three minutes,” Nolan said as we jumped down.

“Three minutes to look for a specific file in this giant vault?” Connor asked through his gas mask. “How will we know what files are about Wentworth?”

“It’ll be alphabetized,” Nolan said. “These people are super OCD, and that’s convenient for us. Come on, and don’t let the other guards see you!”

The three of us snuck into the vault, and thankfully none of the guards inside saw us.

“Let’s hurry,” I said, as we started looking through files labeled ‘W.’ “Washington, Wellington… Wentworth!” I found and pulled out a file. We had maybe two minutes left, so we couldn’t look at it in the vault. I could only imagine what was in that file.

“Take a picture of it and let’s go!” Connor said. I quickly took a picture of the entire file with my phone and we snuck back out. We snuck back into the air duct before getting caught.

“What about this grate?” Connor asked. “They’ll know something is up once the smoke clears and the grate to the air duct is off!”

Nolan rolled his eyes. “This won’t work forever,” he said, pulling out some duct tape. “But this should ensure the grate won’t fall off for at least a few days.

And with that, we made our escape.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1980


Alastair Wentworth is a senior at Masters High. He is an intelligent boy who does well in his classes. He has built his harem well, and is known to be one of the most dominant boys in his grade. He enjoys exercising his dominance over slaves as he fucks them mercilessly, and even likes to starve them as a punishment for not meeting his standards. He also is known to have sadistic tendencies as he enjoys beating his slaves even when they do not deserve it, and sometimes does it for fun. As the son of Headmaster Frederick Wentworth, Alastair is accustomed to power and authority, and this comes in handy in the Masters Boy world. Many respect Alastair, but many are also afraid of him due to his ruthless ways with slaves. Wentworth will graduate on the top of his class next year.
However, the School Board is troubled by reports of Alastair creating a so-called “snuff film”, where he and another student, Charles O’Neill, supposedly raped and tortured a girl named Shawna Wagner, a “Rich Girl” from Millis Prep last year. This Board could find no evidence of this film, and the local police have officially said they are no longer actively investigating the case due to a lack of new leads. However, rumors continue to circulate around campus that Alastair and Charles bragged about creating the film. When questioned, they denied all accusations.

“Woah,” I said. Me, Connor, and Nolan had joined David and Will and David’s room so we could look at what we found. David sent his slave Lacey to our friend Jack’s room for the night so we could look at this evidence together. “Do you think… do you think the Headmaster is a murderer?” I asked them in shock, putting my phone down on David’s bed.

“He could have covered up this crime,” Nolan said thoughtfully, tapping his fingers on David’s bedpost while looking at my phone. “All you have is an official school record that says that Alastair allegedly told a fellow student that he made a snuff film. That could just be rumors.”

“No,” I shook my head. “These rumors circulated for a whole year before they went away. But they were never proven false either. They’re only unconfirmed.”

“I’m googling it now,” Connor said from his laptop. “Here, an article from the Silvergrove Gazette, October 25, 1979: ‘Millis Prep student Shawna Wagner was reported missing last night. The 16-year-old was last seen at an upperclassman party at Masters High. Police are actively investigating. Neither Millis Prep nor Masters High has a comment at this time, and no student from either school would speak to this newspaper about the disappearance.'”

“Oh, isn’t that convenient?” Nolan asked. “Everyone in both schools were hush-hush. They were probably all fucking each other while watching the snuff film, those pervs.”

“Well I think we’d all be lying if we said we never watched a snuff film!” Will smiled. “One of my favorites was where a slave girl got her face ripped apart by a German Shepherd!”

“Sure, but the Masters Code says we shouldn’t snuff each other, nor a Rich Girl, nor anyone of our status,” David countered, now serious. “Killing a slave is one thing. No one gives a shit about that. Even I killed a bitch at my family’s brothel once. But this is different, this is an elite girl.”

“Wait David, you killed someone?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, as if it was no big deal. And no one around me seemed to think twice about it either. “You seem uncomfortable, Luke. Don’t worry, murder isn’t wrong if it’s done against a poor person or someone else who isn’t worthy of our status. But killing our own? That’s just… wrong.”

“Uh, yeah…” I said, not convinced at all. To hear my best friend casually admit to murder like it was just another Saturday was news to me. But I kept my mouth shut.

“Yeah, I killed a bitch once too,” Nolan said. “I was 13, she was 11. Beat her with a baseball bat. You should have seen her brains splatter against the wall!” he laughed.

“Alright, enough reminiscing,” Connor said, snapping us out of it. “What do we do with this information?”

“Well we can’t do much with this alone,” Nolan said. “Unless… Luke, you know Christopher Caldwell and that guy who knows the fancy house, right? They filmed you getting raped by Lionel O’Neill?”

“Yeah, Thomas Anderson,” I said.

“Yeah, him!” Nolan said. “They clearly have something against the Wentworth’s and the O’Neill’s, I wonder if they know anything more?”

“I can text James, but I’ll keep it discreet,” Will said. “Shit, October 25…” he said, looking back at the article on Connor’s laptop. “That anniversary is next week!”

“Perfect timing!” Nolan said. “Keep us posted, Will!”

As I left the room, I got a text from Draven:

Draven: surprise in your bedroom. don’t get grossed out, or i might have to kill you 😉

Luke: thanks for the warning lol

Not sure what was happening, but I opened my door, and HOLY SHIT (literally). My girlfriend, Sophie Hines, was naked on my bed, making out with my slave Sarah. In between their mouths was a turd, and they were taking turns eating it, kissing each other, and giggling like a couple of horny teenage girls… which I guess they were. Their shit-stained bodies were pressed up against each other; there wasn’t an inch of space between them. Sarah’s hair looked like it had puke in it.

“What the…” I said as I walked in.

“You better join in!” I heard Draven whisper from a chair by the bed. He was jerking off. “It took all I had to not join in myself, but they’re waiting for you. Come on Luke, show me how dirty you can get!”
I approached the bed, and my two girls stopped kissing as they saw me come up. One of Sophie’s boobs was lined up next to her cheek, pushed up from Sarah’s chest.

“Oh hey there, boyfriend!” she giggled in an angelic voice. “Draven was telling me that you needed help getting dirty… does this turn you on?” she asked, as she took a hard turd and sucked on it like she was giving it a blowjob.

“Or how about this, master?” Sarah asked as she spat into Sophie’s mouth and the two French kissed, trading the turd as they did so.

“Oh… oh my god,” I mumbled as I quickly took off my clothes. The smell was god-awful, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have the biggest boner of my life right now. I took off my boxers and stuck my cock in between their mouths, not caring whose shit was getting on it. I was a horny 14-year-old who hadn’t gotten laid since yesterday; I wasn’t picky right now! The two girls’ tongues were licking my shaft all over.

“Mmmmm,” Sarah said, as her shitty face gave me puppy dog eyes as she blew me. “That cock is so big, daddy! But right now, what I realllllly want is your nice, hot, shit!”

“Yes, Master!” Sarah said, also blowing me. “Please shit on us… we’ve been bad girls, and we deserve to be humiliated!”

“Go on then, Luke,” Draven said to me, not letting his hand off his dick for a second. “Go on and dominate them like you know you want to.”

Shit. Fuck. I couldn’t believe this was happening. But I was so fucking turned on that I didn’t care anymore. I turned around, and made Sophie kiss my anus. I lowered my asshole onto her mouth and tongue, and she eagerly licked my rim and sucked on my hole. Her shit-covered hands went up and down my bare legs while she rimmed me, her tits pressing against my butt cheeks.

“Get ready, Soph…” I warned. “I’m about to take a nice, long….” I groaned as I started to push, and I felt my muscles relax as a long stream of brown liquid started coming out of my butt. Sophie gleefully ate it out of my asshole, licking my anus and my turd all over as she took her mouth off.

“Oh yes!” she squealed happily as she ate my shit off my ass and started shoving it into Sarah’s mouth. “Mmmm,” Sophie moaned as she started chewing on my turd while she fingered her pussy, rubbing her clit and juice all over it. “Let me guess… you had pizza for dinner tonight?” she giggled.

“Woah!” I said amazed. “How’d you know?” I asked as I finished pushing the rest of the shit out of my anus and onto the bed, which Sophie licked up.

“I can taste all the cheese… and tomato sauce… and the crust… and the sausage…” she said dreamily while chewing on my shit and rubbing her clit, rubbing my turd all over it as her juices dribbled out. “I’ve gotten good at this guessing game!”

I gasped as I turned around to see my girlfriend sitting on Sarah’s face and cumming hard on it. Sarah didn’t seem to mind this though, because her hands were fingering her own holes, and her mouth was open wide. She also appeared to be cumming!

“Oh my god you’re so beautiful!” I smiled at Sophie, looking at her naked body on top of Sarah’s.

“Oh yeah?” Sophie said with dreamy eyes, her mouth still full of shit. “If I’m so beautiful, why don’t you give me a kiss?” she smiled mischievously as she put a big handful of shit in her mouth, forming a massive shit sandwich in between her teeth and lips. She got off Sarah’s face and shoved her mouth into mine, forcing my mouth open with hers so I could eat the shit from her mouth.

“Oh I-MMMPH!” I said, surprised. I was absolutely not about to have shit in my mouth, but my girlfriend gave me no choice. It was either spit the shit out or swallow it, and since she wasn’t giving me any other choice, I reluctantly swallowed my own turd. It was disgusting and gooey, and I wanted to vomit it up and brush my teeth for an hour afterward. But instead, Sophie kept spitting more of my turd into my mouth. She smiled and winked at me while doing this, knowing she was forcing me to try something new. I figured there was no way out, so I embraced it. I closed my eyes, thought of the pizza, and swallowed every last bit of it down my throat. I took Sophie’s boobs into my mouth as they were in my face and sucked on her nipples while my hands roamed all over her body.

“Wow Luke, you actually did it!” Sophie said. “How did your own shit taste?” she asked me while forcing me to lick my turd off her fingers.

“Hmmm, it’s a 7,” I said after licking and spitting. “It tasted a little too much like pizza,” I joked. “Probably not as good as yours,” I laughed. But my laugh stopped as soon as I saw Sophie and Sarah looking mischievously at each other. “Oh,” I started to say. “I didn’t mean-” but before I could finish my sentence, my girlfriend put her bright pink asshole directly onto my mouth. She then moved her buttcheeks up and down so her anus was smothering my lips and tongue.

“You want my rich girl shit?” she asked. “My pretty little daddy’s girl turd? You want to eat it out of my pretty little ass?” she said seductively as I nodded eagerly from underneath her butt cheeks.

“Good,” she said as she slowly dropped her load into my mouth. I almost gagged on the size of it. It was so large that she had to push it out slowly to make sure it would fit inside my mouth. Who would’ve thought such a pretty young girl could produce shits this big? She squatted over my head and let out a cute “OH!” as the log hit my tongue, and she couldn’t control her urge to pee herself any longer. Her juices came streaming out of her vagina as she was still squatting above me, and her piss hit me in the face and my mouth while I chewed on her shit, her fluids mixing with my saliva in my mouth. “Drink it down, baby,” Sophie smiled at me as she peed all over me.

She smiled at me as she stopped pissing and took her shit-stained butt cheeks away from my mouth. She then used her hands to rub my own shit all over my face and body like lotion, which was strange and a little funny, but somehow so sexy at the same time. The three of us were now a mixture of feces and urine, and smelled like it too. Little did I know that Draven was recording us the whole time.


“Drink it own, baby!” Sophie was saying to the camera. James, Logan, and Harrison were absolutely awestruck at what I was showing them.

“I told you, Luke is full of surprises! The trick is to get his girlfriend involved. He’ll do anything for her,” I smiled.

“No kidding,” Logan said, his eyes still glued to the screen. “And she seems to be into this kind of stuff too.”

“The crazier the better!” I laughed. “Luke just needs to embrace his inner monster! There’s something in him that needs to get out.”

“Agreed,” Harrison said. “He seems reluctant at first, but he really does enjoy himself once he tries it.”

“Damn dude!” James laughed, nodding towards the screen. “Even I’m not that hardcore! That is some kinky shit.”

“Well Mr. Hawthorne,” I said, putting my phone back into my pocket. “I think it’s fair to say that I won our little proposition?”

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