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Uncle skinny friend

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My uncle skinny good looking friend came over to enjoy my young tight ass.

As you already know I’ve been getting raped by my uncle and his chubby friend. My asshole can take any size cock now, at 10 years old didn’t know it was possible. Another of my uncle friend came over, I was told to wash up and just wear one of my moms panties, which I did. First time seeing my uncle friend he was really cute, he looked very attractive. He introduced himself while reaching around and grabbing my ass. We went to the room and I sat in the bed while he friend stood in front of me, I know what he wants so I unbuckle his pants and pulled them down to his thighs and then his briefs. As I’m pulling down his briefs I start seeing his cock and I noticed it’s long!!! His cock springs out and it’s king but skinny. I had open my mouth wanting to taste precum which I love by the way. I start sucking his long cock, I suck it with pleasure better than I suck my uncles. Well the guy is cute I really want him to use me, I suck his cock for 10 minutes balls are all wet with my spit, he pulls my hair and head back to see up towards him and he leans over and makes out with me. He told to lay down as I do he gets fully naked and goes between my legs up to my face and neck and he starts kissing me and kissing my neck down to my nipples. Not sure what it was but I really liked him kissing me and his hands going around my body. He starts eating my ass for a bit, his tongue swirling around my asshole and inserting one finger in my asshole. After a bit of that he comes back up and whispers in my ears do you want my cock in you? I whispered back yes!!!! Which I actually did. He made me feel different I wanted to please him I wanted this good looking man to enjoy and drain his cum in me. He spreads my legs and lines his cock on my ass entrance and slowly he inserts his way in. His cock was thinner than my uncle so I took him with no problem. The only thing is he’s longer so I’m feeling it much deeper than usual like it’s hitting my guts. But he start fucking me slowly kissing me all over my neck, I feel that cock hitting my guts then pulling away towards my entrance and again deep in me. He turns me around I’m in all fours, his hands on my hip while slowly entering me again. Im moaning with pleasure his cock is hitting the right spot inside of me. He starts to pump faster and harder I’m moaning with so much pleasure he pulls my hair while fucking me hard and fast my eyes are rolling back I can feel myself cumming from my ass he’s hitting my prostrate really good I can’t hold on no more I moan so loud I feel like passing out in pleasure. He reach to my mouth with both hand and places his finger inside my mouth and start pulling my cheeks while his drilling me with his long cock, I’m moaning so much I got saliva just dripping out of mouth since he’s pulling my cheeks!! The pain and pleasure he fuck for so long I came 3 times from my ass. He pulls out and tells me to sit again in the edge of the bed as I do, he slaps my face pulls my hair and tells me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue I need my throat fucked. I do as I’m told, he start sliding his cock in my mouth I can’t really deep throat but he didn’t care he started fucking my mouth I was gagging so much he kept on fucking my mouth and he was fucking my throat so deep I wanted to throw it so badly I was crying I was tearing so much he enjoyed it. He said other bitches don’t take cock like me I’m doing great. He fucked my mouth for 15 minutes I was crying I probably threw up in my mouth due to his cock down my throat. He pulled out of my mouth and throat finally I can breathe, he tells to lay in my stomach as I did he hops on the bed between my ass and starts inserting his cock in me again. This time he places his arm around my neck and starts choking me at the same time he start fucking me hard and deep!!! Really hard and deep I’m trying to scream and moan but being choked I couldn’t he was fucking me hard!!! He’s talking to me in my ear while choking and fucking me. He tells me I’m the best young boy he has had, all others can’t take cock like I do. He tells me I’m tighter than his wife and he wants to get me pregnant and ask me if I want to get pregnant I couldn’t talk so I just moaned yes!!! I keep getting fucked He starts fucking faster and telling me he’s cumming and he says he lives cumming inside of young boys ass!! He starts to cum I feel the shots of cum inside my guts he drilled so deep and still there dumping his load I couldn’t move he choked so hard I was passing out. I woke up Al little later my uncle friend was sleeping next to me naked he was hugging me. I actually was enjoying his company in bed. We fucked a few times after I would get happy when he came over.

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