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Maid Story –Part-V (Dad and son together with daughter)

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Now Honey made plan to Fuck Monica by dad and son. His Dad Joel has been fucking her for a long time, so is brother Paul but separately and Monica is now a complete whore. Whenever dad feels like it, he bends her over and fucks her pussy. Actually, Monica has taken the decision to give pleasure to dad’s penis. Now Honey is planning to convince Monica for marrying dad as there is very little sex relation between her mom Pamela and dad Joel.
It is not that dad Joel alone was blind in lust, but Monica also had the urge to get fucked.
Now Monica in her school tour left and went with her dad Joel to a resort at sea side. he must have fuck her daughter Monica. They fucked thoroughly and as Honey told Monica made all video of this and gave it to Honey since she did not go with them.
That day, dad and daughter were having sex at home. So dad was saying – Just like you were moving your pussy up and down while sitting on the dick in the resort… It was a lot of fun taking you that day. Even after the semen was released, the penis remained erect for five minutes.
Then Monica laughed and said I know a complete sexpert in sex and want to Enjoy my pussy and cunt fucking with you. Monica’s aim was just to get fucked like a whore. I told to my dad that brother Paul knows about our sex relation and may tell to mom Pamela which may cause family trouble.
I know all this because but dad also knows that he has no problem with me but with Pamela obviously and Joel have understood that her daughter Monica has been already fucked by Paul so he has to share his daughter’s pussy with his son Paul.
Honey have helped Monica in fucking many times with both dad and brother so Monica has to listen to Honey and all these are part of maid Honey’s plan. During the sex that day, Joel came to know that Paul had fucked sister Monica for several days in home itself.
My dad has spread my pussy by fucking for a long time. The pussy lips have also been made plump. Monica’s pussy has sexpanded so much that Joel’s 7 inch penis gets lost in it. But one thing is that my whore daughter has given the pleasure of her pussy to both of dad & brother.
Monica came to her bed room in the dark of night. dad has take the pussy of his horny maid Honey and now his daughter Monica’s turn , whom he had made his whore by fucking her. After some time, Monica became hot and climbed on top of dad. Monica was wearing only Bra and panty. Joel removed her panty and bra Monica placed her pussy on dad’s penis and took it inside. Monica lay down with her breasts on Joel’s chest and started getting her pussy fucked by raising her ass. Joel was also sucking Monica’s plump lips. Joel’s penis was moving in and out very fast like the piston of an engine. After some time, dad could not control himself and he caught hold of daughter and made her lie down. dad held her hands and started fucking her vigorously. The fucking motion jerks of dad making Monica’s breasts moving up and down vigorously. It seemed as if dad was busy sextracting water from a pit by digging daughter’s pussy.
While fucking, dad started fucking so fast that he forgot that his son Paul is watching from the door along with Honey .
Monica was also moaning in a loud voice, ‘Ah Dad… Ooo Ah Dad… Ooo aah aah… Ooo mother fucker aa…’ Both Paul’s mind and penis were getting erected at his high.Now Joel released his sex jism inside Monica’s pussy but Monica has not yet sex satisfied and dad went to bathroom.
Now Paul put his hand in Monica’s vagina and started caressing her pussy.
As soon as Paul inserted his finger in sister’s pussy, found that her pussy was already very wet and was dripping juice which must be his dad’s jism. After a moment Paul kissed Monica and she also started kissing Paul. Paul came under Monica’s feet, spread both her legs, put my finger in her pussy and started licking. Her pussy was very smooth, it looked as if she had cleaned her hair just today. Paul placed his mouth on her pussy and started trying to open the pussy labia with his tongue and got the test of his dad’s jism in his mouth
Then I set my bulbous head of humongous 9 inch penis against her pussy to insert it. Monica bitch started pretending and refused to put the cock in her pussy. I thought she was a strange girl. Right now she was enjoying getting her pussy licked and fucked by dad and now she was not at all interested about my cock for getting fucked. when I am setting my cock to fuck her pussy, the motherfucker is pretending. Finally Monica sexcited and She pushed me down and climbed on top of me.
Before I could understand anything, she started rubbing her pussy vigorously against my penis. She put her mouth in my mouth and started sucking. The louder the sound that came from sister’s fucking the more both of us getting sexcited and all these are viewed by dad and Honey together Then her pussy released sex jism on my cock. Due to the intoxicating touch of her pussy, my penis also released juice.
My humongous 9 inch penis has totally entered the pussy of my own sister and both of us had got the pleasure of ejaculation. Monica requesting me -Brother, fuck me… tear my little pussy. Joel is thinking the truth his dad -fucking daughter has not quenched her sex thirst from getting fucked from his dad only. Now Joel in concern with Honey put sex oil in Monica’s ass and put his 7 inch dick into Monica’s Ass when Monica’s pussy has already impaled in Paul’s cock and their lips are locked together. With three to four thrust the whole pecker of dad Joel inside his daughter Monica’s ass and now both dad and son started to work their sex pistons on their daughter/sister and all of them after 20 minutes came in unison and all started to enjoy
Now Monica has been fucked both by dad and daughter and turned her pussy into a hole. What can I say about my dad’s lust, what kind of person he is. Whenever he gets a chance, my dad also makes my pussy lie under his penis and fuck. I have seen my bastard dad fucking my mad Honey most.
If mom is not at home then Dad will not only fuck me but also call my brother to fuck me. I have become a whore, also has no problem in getting fucked by dad and brother.After mom goes to sleep, myself goes to get fucked by dad’s dick. At this age, I must have got fucked by dad and brother thousands of times.
Honey is laughing while mobile recorded the whole thing and mischevious plan to ruin the family. Later……..


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