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Spring break came early this year, but some took it better than others…

When they said to avoid human contact, I had no idea how bad it could be, but my dad got sick, and called from the Hospital. He was fine, but mom, and me went to a hotel, and I had to leave my phone, because he’d touched it.

Just his usual check, to make sure that I wasn’t getting any unwanted attention from men, or illegal pics from boys. You know, dick pics? Well, when the boys are under 18, that’s illegal. Technically childporn, even if they’re teenagers, but he needn’t have worried, I wasn’t that lucky.

My internet traffic, for instance going on certain sites underage, well I had my parent’s permission. Mostly just normal vanilla stuff. You know, straight? No whips, and chains, or anything. Maybe the occasional gangbang, but only so I had a bunch of guys to chose from. Who to look at, I could skip past the ones I didn’t like.

I mean, they’re all porn stars, so of course they’re huge, but some of them are too big, and I don’t like the ones that shave too much. I kinda like the vintage ones, even though the video quality isn’t great, because it’s copied over from VCR to Digital, but at least they have mustaches to ride, and pubes. Hairy legs too, but you still don’t get to see a whole lot of them.

The hotel had cable, but no netflix, so we had to put it on the Guide channel, and watch what’s coming on scroll up the bottom. They had HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Encore, and so forth, but the new stuff was pay premium, and that included the Adult channels. We had to have our food delivered, but the delivery guys just left it at the door, and backed down the hall to let us come out. Pick it up, and mom left the money in cash.

She joked about letting them in, if they weren’t so paranoid about Human Contact. Just me, and her, alone for almost 10 days, and the little hotel suite. I had my own bed, at least. She booked it before they filled up with refugees, but you know how delivery guys, or even girls get treated in the porn movies. Yeah, come right in, you want just the tip? How ’bout more?

Bow chicky wow wow! Mom had her laptop, though. So, she didn’t have to pay extra, and she even ordered some adapter thingy, to wire it into the TV. It was one of the old fashioned cable TVs, you know, Coax? As opposed to a flat screen, she couldn’t afford a nicer place, with flat screens, and Serial cables, let alone HDMI, but it turned out that somebody had a connector. With a T she could unscrew from the back, screw the cable in from the wall, and plug in a USB to the side.

That let us access Netflix, HULU, and Amazon Video, but wouldn’t you know, we’re all caught up, and when I went to take a bath. I came back to find out that mom had brought her toy bag. Well, usually, she kept them in a box, along with some old reading material, but no video tapes. Which she caught me reading, and playing with her vibe, a couple years back, but she wasn’t mad.

She didn’t offer to give me a hand with that, bow chicky wow wow, she just told me to turn off the vibe, so she could sit on her bed, and we could talk. “Well, I guess you’re eleven now, so it’s only natural for you to be more interested in adult stories, and things…” A long story short, she bought me my first vibrator, and even showed me where I could read stories on the internet. With pictures, and ads, my dad came in, and told me how to stay safe.

On the internet, I made the mistake of leaving a comment. With too much information, like my birth year in my screen name, and it’s weird that SexStories69 doesn’t even check if you’re old enough. They never said anything about me being 11, 12, or even 13, but then I started getting harassed by men, leaving their numbers, and asking me for mine.

Now, my dad works in Internet Security, professionally, so i didn’t know anyone better to ask, how to get them to stop. He helped me come up with a better screen name, and avoid giving anything away, so I could give good writers congratulations, without attracting the wrong guys. The worst kinda men, the kind that you’d need Chris Hanson to “Sit down,” and have a talk.

Okay, so then I wrote a story about meeting one, and that was really popular. 5 stars, until somebody messed it up, by giving me a bad review, and 1 star. If you do the math, I guess you can’t please everyone, but I just said “Sorry,” and grabbed some leftover Chinese from the minifridge, to leave her alone.

She said, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll be done in a minute.” Then, I felt kinda weird, sitting on the toilet, and eating. Not that the maids didn’t clean it real well, but still. You know, it was kinda gross, but finally she knocked on the door, and asked me. “You decent in there?”

“Yeah, I’m just eating, can I come out?”

“Of course,” it turns out that she was naked, but she needed the bathroom to rinse off, in the shower. Which just left me in the rest of the room, with her computer, and sex stink. I opened the window in the kitchen, but then I got curious, even as the fresh air came in, I checked her history just to see what she was watching, and that’s when I discovered bisexual porn.

Not bisexual girls, that’s common enough in mainstream porn, but something like “Hot MILF shares her twink lover with her husband” bi guys, and an older lady. Okay, about mom’s age, and close enough in the body that she could imagine herself in there. Sandwiched between her husband, and a younger boy. 18, they’re all at least 18, legally. So, about 5 years older then me, which is fine.

Most middle school boys, let’s just say they’re a little behind the girls. Some of us started earlier, and I was one of them. I started puberty in 6th grade, the year before I even graduated middle school, but most of their voices aren’t even starting to crack, I’m not super tall, but even some of the 8th graders are still shorter, so that’s like.

I don’t know, just not all that interesting to me, but I just got dressed. My hair was still wet, but I scrolled down from the wifey lady with the big natural. Oh yeah, it said Big Naturals in the corner, but the Related Videos had a “Skinny Teenager MMF,” and her body looked close enough, so I watched that.

Then, I noticed that it was still on the Gay side. Before I expanded it to Full Screen, and set the laptop aside to watch it on the TV. Still wired to the cable from mom’s bed, I got my pants, and underpants down. Dug around in the little table between our beds, with the Gideon Bible shoved back to make room for sex toys, rubbers, and lube. “Huh!” I found her little pocket rocket vibrator, like mine only fuschia instead of pink, and got started buzzing my pubes.

“Huh!” I guess I avoided the Gay side, because that means gay men. There’s plenty of Lesbian and bisexual girls on the Straight side, but it didn’t occur to me that bi guys would be gay. “Hhuh!” I kinda liked them kissing, and feeling each other standing up. Their muscular chests, arms, and abs. Tight hard looking buns when it panned down to her sitting on the couch. Trying to fit them both in her mouth at once, then turning back, and forth.

Popping dick head in, and out, then turning back to the other one. Back, and forth, I had to hold the vibe between my legs, and get out a rubber to wrap something I could suck. Mom uses them so she doesn’t have to clean them, as much. After a big O, it’s just a chore to carry them into the bathroom, and fill up the sink. You’ll run out of Purell that way, disinfecting them, and that leaves a nasty taste if you don’t rinse them off, which just adds another step.

So, a long story short, that’s what I was doing when mom came out, in a towel, brushing her dry hair. She just kept it out of the water, and rinsed off her body, but she has one of those middle aged bodies. A big bust, and a little soft above her pubic hairs. When she hadn’t shaved her pubic hairs, which I found out, when she just took off the towel.

“I forgot to take clothes with me.” She just walked over to the dresser, and tried not to block the TV, pulling underwear out of the drawers, since the TV was on the dresser, right in front of the mirror. I popped out the vibrator, and shut it off. She looked up in the mirror, and shook her head. “Huh, don’t bother. I suppose it’s too late for modesty, or privacy, but don’t forget to wash off that vibe when you’re done with it.”

“Mom,” I kinda lost the mood, looking at her body, and realizing that mine would look like that, one day. “Is dad bi?”

“No, not at all.” She finished hooking up her bra, and turning it around. To pull the shoulder straps up over her arms, and settle her milkbags into the cups. I guess I let out a little sigh of relief. They look better with the support, to take the sag out, but I started pulling up my underwear, and then I kicked off my pants to take them off.

“I’m gonna go wash up.” I swabbed my crotch with a washcloth, then filled up the sink, and took the batteries out with the electronics, to set those aside. It was like a flashlight, only instead of a light bulb in one end, it had a motor, with a weight so it swung around, and that’s what made it vibrate. A holder for 3 AAA batteries, so the whole thing came out, leaving nothing but the empty shell, and the butt cap to wash.

“Huh!” I squirted out a little Purell, from the dispenser. Like lube, I wonder if anybody ever thought to put lube in a cartridge for a dispenser, at a sex club. Which made me think about a gay-bar, and that gave me a story idea, I could write for SexStories69. “You lost?”

She’d shake her head, “Nowhere else is open, but it’s raining, so can I come in?”

“Sorry, but you have to be over 18.” She’d get her ID out. “I’m nineteen, I know I look younger, but I got a late start, because of Gymnastics. I used to be a gymnast, in middle school, so that delayed puberty, and she’s way overexplaining.”

“Yeah.” Mom looked around the corner, and I got that feeling you get when you have that dream. Where you show up for school, and the teacher has you come up to solve a problem on the board, then the other students start giggling, until you look down, and realize that you forgot to put on pants, and then I wake up.

Standing there in the hotel bathroom, in nothing but my bra, and a top, half naked. Wiping the purell off the vibrator until it dries off. I hit the plunger in the sink, to let it drain, and rinsed it off, so there wasn’t any flavor left from the disinfectant.

“Sounds like a good story.” She leaned up, while I grabbed a towel to dry it off. then picked up the guts to put it back together. Of the toilet tank, I turned my back, blushing with embarrassment, left over from the awkward situation. “Huh, well if you want to help me write it. What I was thinking was, a girl.”

“A nineteen year old girl.”

“Yeah, she probably left the apartment, because her mom, and dad had a fight, but the only place open in the neighborhood was a gay bar, but since it’s a gay bar, they would let you in if you’re only 19, and give you a hand stamp so the bartender wouldn’t serve you alcohol, but you could still watch the drag queens, or the male strippers.”

“Yeah, sounds pretty good. It should kill some time anyway, so let me get my computer.”

“I’ll just come back, and put on my clean underwear.” She let me out, and got a beer out of the fridge. She sure was drinking a lot, and the prices here, she said they’re worse than bars, but you can’t exactly call Dominos, and have them bring a 6 pack with the pie.

So anyway, she unhooked the extra long USB cable, and threw it over the TV. Then, she sat down at the table, and started a new document, while I sat back on my bed. She stripped the covers on her bed, for housekeeping, since I’d gotten wet, and sweaty on her comforter, but then she finished with the intro. “Then what?”

“Well, I was thinking, it wouldn’t have to be just gay guys, and lesbians there. There might be at least a couple bi guys that are as into each other as her, and do they have back rooms, where you can go for privacy in a place like that, or do you just do it right out in front of everyone?”

“Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. First of all, your father wouldn’t come with me to a gay bar, because he’s not even bi-curious.” She rolled her eyes. “Too bad, really. I suppose that’s why it’s the ultimate fantasy for me.”

“Because you’ll never get a chance to do it, without cheating on dad, huh?”

“Exactly, but it’s just like rape, or incest. Or any other fantasy, there’s nothing wrong with thinking about it, as long as you don’t go through with it.”

“Good, yeah. Uhm!” I thought, “Ooh, what if it’s a father son thing, where the son just turned 18, only instead of wanting to go to a regular strip club, he wanted to go to a gay and lesbian one, and his father, being from your generation, of course he’s repressed any same-sex attractions, but he accepted his bisexual son, and being in the club with all those hot guys, too manly lesbians.”

“You know that bi, and lesbian women aren’t all butches, right?”

“It’s just for the story, so he won’t be attracted to any of them, or try to hit on them, and get kicked out, before. What’s a good name, I haven’t used?”

“For the narrator?” She though, “Chloe.”

“Nope, used it.”


I shook my head, “That’s closer to the end of the alphabet, but I’ve pretty much used all the good ones from A to about. G?” I tried to remember. “Yeah, the last one was Grace.” I nodded.

“Well, I can look up baby names while I’m here. Starting with H?”

“That’s what I usually do. Try the Hipster lists, I want her to be one of those daughters of trendy parents, that would give her a hipster name, from he 90s?” I nodded, “I guess.”


“No, that reminds me of Dillion Harper.”

“Who’s he?”

“She’s this porn star, I guess. Really into rim-jobs, and strap-on pegging.”

“Men, or women?”

“Yeah, either or. I think she just likes asses, but she’s one of those fake ones that got a boob job in her teens, or early 20s.”

“Most of these are unisex.” She tapped the V arrow. “Even the ones that aren’t in the unisex column are pretty androgynous.”

“Uh!” I wanted to get back to the story, so I just decided, “Harriet.”

“Okay,” she switched back to the document. “Tell me about Harriet.”

“Well, she’s petite, young looking.”

“A gymnast.”

“Well, ex-gymnast, in middle school. I think she probably gave it up when she got to High School, so she could gain weight, and start puberty, but by then, it was a little too late.”

“Okay, so let’s say size 6, 4 foot 9, 87 lbs, 26A, 20, and 24 inch hips?”

“Uh, I don’t like it when they describe her down to the inch like that. It makes it sound like they’re ordering a love doll, and not meeting a real live person for the first time, but. You did that fast.”

“Made up dimensions?” She shook her head, “I thought you would want her to be like you, so I just guessed.”

“Well, you got the dress size,” in Jr. Missus, “Height, and bra right. Of course, from helping me shop, but 87 pounds?”

“She’s a gymnast.”

“Yeah, she used to be, but then she put on weight to start puberty, you make her sound too skinny, and bony.”

“So plump?”

“Yeah, and maybe bump her up a bust size, add a few inches all around.”


Mom (Ff Incest)

“Huh!” I just assumed that she was bisexual, too. Or at least bi-curious, all the girls seem to be nowadays, and she’s going through middle school. When most girls are curious about sex, any kind of sex, especially the ones that don’t have cool moms, that raise them in a sex positive environment.

“Well, why don’t we get back to the story, all this math is kinda ruining the mood.”

“Sure thing,” I closed the spreadsheet, but really it just helped me imagine Harriet. “So, then the father probably urges his son to go talk to her, so what’re they like?”

“Who cares? A man, and a teenager, brown hair, and eyes, 18, and 46?”

“So, he had him when he was 18.”

“Yeah, fresh out of highschool, he couldn’t get condoms, so he probably used the rhythm method, and pulled out. So then they got married right out of high school, and to make ends meet, his mother had to go to work too.”

“So, 2 income family.”

“Latchkey kids, but being the oldest, he was used to being in charge. The man of the house, as long as his dad was at work, but no incest with his little brothers.”


“Who cares, he’s gay, right?”

“Well, bi-curious.”

“Oh right. If he’s going to get it on with Harriet.”

“How about Ian?” I went back to the names list. “Vedder.”

“Yeah, that works, so he comes up nervous, and says “Hi, I’m Ian.”

“And this is my father, um.” I tried to think back, 46 years ago.

“No, he’d stand back, but ready to come in, and bail him out if he get’s shot down. She’d probably say something cliche, only reversed like “What’s a guy like you doing in a place like this?”

So then, he’d say “Well, I like bears, so.” He’d look down at her hand, holding her virgin Margarita. “What are you doing out so late, on a school night?”

“Got kicked out. Not out of school, I graduated, but my mom, and dad had a fight, I don’t want to talk about it, and you here with your dad?”

“Yeah, he’s not really cool about me being gay, and all, but he’s trying. So, he wanted me to come over, and talk to you. Probably hoping to give me one last chance to change my mind.”

She’d look up, and keep watching him, while talking to Ian about his sexuality, but then, she’d get a grin when the inevitable happens.”

“What?” I looked up to see her, with her skirt up, her fingers in her underwear, and her other hand up her top.

“Huh!” She blinked, and crossed her legs, but didn’t pull her hands out. “Well,” turning over, I looked back down at the screen, to remind myself where we were. Oh yeah, in the bar, Ian talking to Harriet. “Well, once his father was left alone, the other guys. The gay guys start lining up to talk to him, but instead of telling them he’s straight, he’s. I don’t know, what would be going through his mind, at a time like that?”

“So, we’re talking 3rd person omniscient?” She nodded, her head on the towel, across the pillow, still damp from the shower, but turned away.

“Uh! Huh, so you know men better then I do. What would dad think?”

“Well, your father wouldn’t even be in such a place, let alone bring his son, but you’re right. He’d probably send Ian over to the one teenage girl there, to try to make him straight.”

“It backfires though, and the worst homophobic fear would come true. Instead of making his son straight, the father starts feeling bi-curious, and after the men left. To go back to their tables, and drinks, he’d probably see a drag queen coming out of the dressing rooms. After her set onstage, he didn’t really pay attention. He wouldn’t recognize the song, and he’d probably avoid even looking at them, but now. He can’t help but admit how beautiful he is. Even knowing that she’s a He, he’s a beautiful man. Tall, and skinny, with. Stuff, I guess they have ll kinds of stuff to give a man a feminine figure, underneath the dress, and wig, and makeup.”

“Huh, yeah. So, that’s enough about him, let’s head back to the other side of the room, where Ian, and Harriet are getting to know each other?”

“Okay, well, she’d point out what’s going on, right away, and Ian would pull a chair around the table to sit next to her. In the corner, so not right next to her, but on either side of the table, he’d realize that his father maybe isn’t as straight, and narrow as he wanted to be, and even without hearing all the lines, he’s not getting mad. He’s not acting scared, or looking around nervously, and then he starts staring.

“At Georgette?”

“The drag queen? Yeah, but she’d be, a little less over-the top than, you know. Some of them get. Being so tall, and pretty, she can pull it off, and look more like a model than some divine parody of femininity.”

“Yeah, beautiful. Actually, not just a pretty boy, but lovely enough to even tempt a straight man, knowing that he’s in a gay bar, and that means no surprise when they get down to the padded underwear, the shaper, and.”

“What do they do about, their junk, so it doesn’t show?”

“Well, obviously a dress, covers up a lot. Probably bloused sleeves, so his shoulders don’t look too broad.”

“Padded leggings, so it looks like he has hips, and a corseted bodice, to give him a waist. Padded bra, and. HhuhH! Huh. Snh! HhuhHuh!”

I just stopped typing, and listened to her breathe. Watched her shaking, and slowly inhaled through my nose. So as not to sniff, loudly enough to let her know that I’m smelling her. The odor of her young lust, deeping with her satisfaction, replacing the bouquet of my recent climax, after I came out, and closed the kitchen window.

I even shivered a little, remembering the chill when I came out, from the steamy bathroom, and found her sucking a rubber clad dong. Buzzing herself with the bare vibe, and watching Bisexual MMF for the first time.

“Huh, huh! Whew!” She rolled back, and wiped her forhead, with the back of her hand. Plucked her bangs out of the sex sweat, clinging to her temples. Her shirt up, enough to watch her tummy pant, and her bra off. Out of place under the top, which covered her, but had nothing to keep her hard nipples from poking out, and she did it bare handed.

Nothing but her fingers, and the fantasy of a man taking his son to a gay bar. Only to find himself attracted. “Huh!” She got up, and pulled her top off. “We’re going to burn up all the hot water at this rate.” Left her bra in it, and kicked her panties off her bare feet, but I just nodded, and kicked back in the dining room chair.

It’s not a dining room, it’s just a table by the door, with 2 chairs. “Huh!” I just had an orgasm, and it satisfied me. Temporarily, form her finally walking in on me. Masturbating, but she never stayed to watch. She certainly never masturbated in the same room with me, where I could smell her, listen to her breaths catch, and come out ragged. “HhuhHhuh! Uh!” I didn’t even need the vibe, nor the lube. Just licked my fingers to taste my renewed juices, and I secretly hoped that she wouldn’t be in there too long.

I slowed down, so that I wouldn’t finish, and teased myself, hoping that the next time she came out. She would be a little more comfortable, a little less likely to flee back into the restroom, and eventually she might stay to watch. “Uh, HUH?”

I didn’t want to finish, but as soon as I started feeling close, I just let my fingers go. Slipping out wet, and quickly slicking the hood off of my engorged clit, to rub between them, faster, and faster, imagining her tongue flicking up and down. “Uh, huh! FUCK! Huh! Huh?” I shook my head.

It’s just a fantasy. Of course, she’d never do that, but it doesn’t hurt to think about. I feel safe in assuming that I’ll never get the chance. She’s never eat me out, then lay back with her legs wide open to let me return the flavor.

It’s just a fantasy, right?


^ I can go on.

Covert incest (I.E. Sexual harassment, and grooming by family members) is still Incest. The plan is to loosen her up, and get her used to the idea before her mom molests her, but being careful, and as subtle as only a mother can be, it can take years.

Especially when she wants to be “The cool mom,” and she doesn’t want to sound like an ephebophile with incestuous thoughts about her adolescent daughter. Sorry if it doesn’t get to the physical action fast enough, but she’s patient, and she has a week. In addition to the Years of emotional and psychological abuse to get her this far, but she was lucky when the Quarantine gave her an opportunity to take her away from family, and friends.

Her phone, all other social contact, and left them all alone with their toys, and porn, for a week…

Also, I need some time to think ahead to the next chapter.

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