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The old man-Part-XIII (dad’s job)

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I am honey 16 yrs. old and my dad Nicolas lost his job and we all the family members were worried about it. Now in my school my bosom friend Ivy told that her Grandfather has a company and they were too much rich but she can not approach to her Grand Pa, She asked me to talk to her grandfather and left. I had seen her grandfather, he used to come every day to drop Ivy to school and pick her up. His name is Prat and age is around 60 years. His head is bald and his face is clean shaven.
His height is short, his height is about 5 feet 4 inches. he is chubby in appearance and has a big belly. There is nothing special in appearance and he has glasses on his eyes. He is a very rude type old man.
He reaches before time to pick up his granddaughter Ivy and keeps looking at the girls’ boobs and ass. When he looks at girls, lust is visible in his face and eyes. He keeps caressing his penis while sitting in the car, looking at the girls which I presume.
When he came to school to pick up his granddaughter Ivy, I went to meet him. When I went near him he was staring at the girls. I said hello to him and talked about dad’s job. I started talking by leaning on the window glass and the roundness of my breasts became visible from the top and the old man was looking at it. While talking to me, his eyes were on my boobs inside my top. After talking for some time, he gave me his card and told me to meet him in the office after 3 o’clock tomorrow, he will talk there and also check if job s available for my dad.
I understood at that very moment what he wanted to talk about and what he wanted to see. I told dad that I will go with his granddaughter tomorrow to meet him and then we will know what he says. I lied because he called me alone. While lying down at night, I started laughing thinking about the height of Prat. I was wondering how he would kiss my lips, whether he would listen to the kiss.
How will his stomach move when he fucks me? I didn’t realize when I fell asleep while thinking this. It was 2:30 in the afternoon and I was all ready. When I went inside the office, he was waiting for me on the chair, wearing a black coat and pants, smoking a cigarette. I went inside the office, there was a table, four chairs and a divan.
He was looking at something on his laptop and I said hello to him. Before entering the office, I had opened upper button of my shirt due to which the line between my breasts was visible. My vitals at the age of 16 is 34-24-36 and many young people die for my body specially pointed boobs inside see through Bra.He looked at me from top to bottom and a strange smile appeared on his face.
Lust was clearly visible in his eyes. I sat on the chair in front of him. When I talked to him aboutdad, he said I will do it. He asked me whether I was afraid to come alone and whether I knew why he had called me. I said, “What are you afraid of? You are my classmate’s grandfather and you have called me to talk about my dad’s job
I was just pretending to be polite even though I knew very well why he had called me and that was why I had come so dressed up. He said, okay, your dad will get job, so what will I get in return? Pretending to be innocent, I said what do you want Sir?. Honey said with a smile on her face that I had understood this only yesterday when you called me alone.
I said I will give you whatever you want but I have a condition. He immediately said, yes dear, I can do anything for a sexy girl with a hot figure like you. I told him, first give job to my dad and secondly, from today onwards, you should never call me like this.
He said both the conditions are acceptable but I also have the condition that you will do whatever I say and I said yes. He placed liquor and cigarettes on the table and asked me to drink it with his hands. I mixed wine and soda in the glass and moved her chair back a little and sat on the table in front of her.
He told me that he had not seen pussy for many years and was longing for sex. He told that I thought of going to the prostitute many times but was afraid that the prostitute might start blackmailing him. He also told that he had got his granddaughter Ivy, who is my classmate, fucked by the officers but he also did not get her fucked. And now I understood Ivy is a complete whore and it is my time to be a whore in Pre teen condition.
Her granddaughter Ivy 17 yrs. has a lot of sex outside but refuses Grand Pa. I felt very sorry for that old man. I decided to give her the pleasure of getting fucked well and enjoy it myself. Now, I started shaking my big ass in a sexy way and started showing him my boobs by holding them in my hands to sexcite him. His penis was still not erect properly. I went to him and stood in front of him. His head was reaching my boobs by his hands and started fondling my boobs.
Now his penis had become erect which is only 8 inch quite sufficient for my tight pussy, When I looked at his penis, it had become very thick of 3 inch in girth, magnificent. As I was shaking his penis, it started swelling and became hard like an iron rod.
He also became completely hot and started sucking my soft and juicy nipples vigorously and pressing my buttocks with his hands. I was enjoying a lot and today for the first time I was going to get fucked by a old man. I stood straight and placed my big melon-like breasts on his face. That old man pounced on my breasts as if he had never seen them.
He started pressing my boobs very hard and started rubbing my nipples by pressing them between his finger and thumb. He started sucking my breasts by filling them in his mouth and moving his tongue on my nipples, pulling them into his mouth and sucking them. He started sucking my big and smooth breasts very vigorously.
He had become completely savage and was sucking my boobs as if he was going to eat them. I was getting a lot of pleasure from his brutality and I started enjoying the sex. I stood with his head between my legs. He raised his hands and held my boobs and placed his lips on my pussy while kissing my full thighs from inside. He kissed my pussy hard and inserted his tongue inside my pussy.
He took his tongue deep inside my pussy and started licking it and started pressing my boobs very hard. From licking her pussy, sounds of ‘Oh…’ were coming, due to which I started having fun. I started rubbing my pussy on his mouth by shaking my ass in pleasure. He made me lie down on my elbows on the divan and placed his penis in front of me. Now for the first time I looked carefully at his penis which was much longer and thicker than I had imagined. Seeing his magnificent humongous penis, immense love for his penis started growing in my pussy. I quickly pulled back the foreskin of his penis and the red bulbous penis head came out. I opened my mouth and took his entire penis in my mouth and started sucking it. and now I also started taking his long thick penis further down my throat by moving my head back and forth.
I placed my pussy on his penis. I slowly started pushing my ass down and his penis got stuck in my pussy. I raised my ass up and pushed it down quickly. His penis hit my uterus directly and a sigh came out of my mouth. He asked me to wait and poured liquor in the glass. I was enjoying licking of my nipples , I placed my boobs on his face and started jumping on his penis. He sucked my boobs and my boobs together.
He started inserting his cock into my pussy while sucking my boobs tightly and I started moving my ass up and down while kissing his bald head and started moving his cock in and out of the pussy. As the penis was moving in and out, sounds of ‘fuch…fuch…’ started coming and I was screaming in joy. I Took out his penis from my pussy and stood up. Now I stood close to the wall ands exposed my buttocks, he smile and winked. He became happy and stood behind me and applied oil in my buttock and on his penis. Now placing the bulbous head of his penis in my ass hole. I started pushing my ass back. His penis opened my ass and now entered my ass. I placed my hands on the wall and started moving my ass back and forth and he held my boobs and started fucking my ass. His penis was giving me pleasure by going deep inside my ass and I wanted to push his ass very hard and take his penis deeper inside.
When the penis was going in and out of my ass, there was movement in my buttocks. He took out his penis from my ass and inserted his penis into my pussy.
I also held him tightly and my boobs got pressed by his hands. He started fucking my pussy and my pussy moved upwards and his penis started going completely inside. His penis would hit my uterus and come out and erotic sounds would come. I was also enjoying the ass and pussy fucking. While getting fucked, I was thinking that even an old man can fuck with so much enthusiasm. Her speed increased considerably and he told me that I was about to ejaculate, where to take out my semen.
Prat placed his penis between my boobs. Myself holding both my boobs, I took his penis in between and he started fucking my boobs. After a while, jets of semen came out of his penis one after another and fell on my boobs, neck. My neck and breasts were stained with his semen. Now he was very happy and he kissed me on the lips and thanked me.
I also got money and a gold ring from him in addition to my dad’s job and now I get call with my friend Ivy to attend party to serve old cocks and earn money for which my parents never tell anything and aprt from sufficient pussy fucking, I am becoming brilliant day by day in my study also.


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