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Ella, 19 y.o. female with big boobs and round bubble butt

Well I am Ella 19 year old female with big boobs and round bubble butt, live with my mom and brother and my dog in a small 2 room apartment. My mom works as a bar waitress and my brother who is gay ( I think) is in college. I dropped out of school and am mostly at home doing some household chores and lazing around. In short :
MY MOM : Works late nights and comes home at 3or 4am or sometimes around noonthe next day. She is very open minded and told me that part of her job is to take care of her customer s needs which may include sexual intercourse or just blowjobs. Sometimes she brings them to our home.
MY BROTHER : goes to the Community College during the day, sleeps off the afternoons and stays awake all night with his buddies in his room(based on the loud music that is often playing). I say he is gay because he always brings guys and not girls home) And when I clean the room I always find lubricants, used condoms and soiled tissue in his waste basket.

Well, I and my Mom share the same room and bed, most times my dog sleeps with me until mom comes back. When Mom brings any guy home, she will pull out the extra bed and transfer me there, she will also let my dog out of the room and lock the door.

Okay, while my Mom thought that I was soundly asleep, I was not, I would lie in bed and watch their every move in our well lighted room because I am afraid of the dark. On numerous occasions I have seen my Mom giving blowjobs, ass licks and in return she has been fucked in every position or holes now known to me. They would be fucking and moaning and dirty talking throughout their fuck sessions that I picked it up. Since mom always drinks alcohol as part of her job, she would just sleep through the day with her fabulous nude body after a good fucking and I just could not get up in the mornings to go to school even if I manage to get to school i would be too sleepy and unable to focus.

Out of curiosity, I asked my brother how does fucking come around? He just told me to mind my own business and not to interfere. Then I started looking up on the web…..and found a few porn sites and most were doing almost the same things Mom was always doing. I also found different types of preference like lesbianism, gay, beastiality and so forth. I fell in love with sex and wanted to explore more……Soon I was a smart girl as far as sex is concerned BUT I was still a VIRGIN.

One day when no one was at home, I stripped all my clothes off and rubbed myself and got wet and horny. I dragged my dog into my room and started playing with his dog cock like I saw in the porn videos, my dog liked it and was oozing precum……I took that precum on my fingers and rubbed it onto my pussy and asshole, it made them very slippery. Then I went on all fours and tap on my butt, my dog came and sniffed my pussy and started licking my pussy, from my clit to my asshole, I felt my body shaking and i think I came squirting which my dog licked clean. Then he jump on me and started humping me, after a few failed targets he finally got me in my asshole. Then on he fucked my asshole furiously and i was regretting my action because it was quite painful, I tried to push him off but he was too heavy and his forelegs gripped my waist tightly. Later I felt better when I relaxed a bit and my dog knotted me…….that was my moment of truth that he held me tight and filled my pussy full…..I just loved it. He turned around and we were back to back, I knew that I had to wait for his knot to subside before pulling out, suddenly my brother opened the door and saw me knotted to my dog. He asked me what the hell I was doing, took out his mobile phone and took quite a number of photos from all angles and left, me still knotted with my dog.

Once I managed to break free from my dog, I confronted my brother and pleaded with him not to let Mom know what he saw, Okay fine I won t…..now leave me alone…that is all he said and shut his room door. I had a shower to clean up and tidied my room, I was worried if my Mom finds out. After having orgasm after orgasm with my dog I was tired so I had a nap.

After Mom left for work, my brother s knocks on my door awoke me, he told me to freshen up and dress like Mom and please shave your pussy clean and smooth. OOOH my, I thought my brother was going to fuck me, or was he blackmailing me. I didn t know. After another shower and a clean shave I went into my room to dress up like MOM…….my brother had laid out Mom s sexiest dress, a red lace see thru dress minus the bra and panties and CFM high heels. I put on the dress, applied fiery red lipsticks and some make up and put the heels on. Then i walked to my brother s room, the loud music was on. When I opened the door there were another 3 guys with my brother, all nude and playing with each others dick. My brother introduced me to all of them and asked me kneel on the bed and give all of them a blowjob, after seeing Mom doing it so many times this would be easy, so i agreed. I sucked each of them by turns and was loving all the different taste and muskiness. Then they lay me on the bed and my brother asked me….which dick would you like to start with first? I told them that I was still a virgin but my brother snorted back that the dog had taken it this afternoon….. No dumbo he missed his target and took my asssole instead..I said.
Reluctantly I chose my brother because he had the shortest and smallest dick among them to take my pussy s virginity, he did okay but i was never in much pain. I started sucking on the biggest dick while my brother was coming in my pussy, I had never reached anywhere near my orgasm like I did with my dog. Then I made my brother clean me and like all his own cum off and all the others supported me, so he had to do it….and that was better because I had a small orgasm. Now I wanted the biggest dick in me, he came around and played with my clit a little then he pushed his big head past my pussy opening, it was tight but with my brothers cum sort of lubricated his entry and now I was enjoying a man cock for the first time, I was moaning and dirty talking all the way and the guy I was sucking just blew his load down my throat…..what a load it was. Loved it too, my first cum swallow. The last guy wanted my asshole as my pussy was sloppy so I went on all fours and asked my brother to lub me, my lick them cum in my pussy and made my asshole wet with some of it. The last dick was not long but very thick, I could not take it all into my mouth and when he started pushing I felt pain, so o e of them sucked his cock and spitted onto my asshole. This time his big fat dick went in…..sloooosssshhh…till the balls . He held still for a while then he started pounding me while the others were jecking off, he really took a long while and I was enjoying it going through multiple orgasm. When he was about to cum I told him that I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He came around while i sat up on the bed and suck on his cock head and swallowed all his cum while still sucking for any in his cock, he became sensitive and pulled away. I thanked them all for the experience and gave them a open mouth kiss so they will also get a taste of their friend s cum that I just swallowed…….they are cock suckers anyway, I thought and I left the room.

That night I was tired so I slept early and nude with my dog, I pulled out the extra bed and plopped into it. I think Mom brought back 2 blacks guys and they fucked the shit out of her in twosome threesome doggy anal….you name I saw it all. Those guys the biggest and longest dicks I have ever till then. My pussy was wet and sloppy and I was fingering myself, as my mom dozed off the guys diverted their attention to me, I will enjoy this, I said to myself pretending to be asleep like always.
The big guys checked on my Mom and came around to me and started squeezing my boobs and one fingering my pussy, even their hands seem big. I opened my eyes and smiled at them, they were shocked, I watch the SHOW everytime even just now…..You guys want a piece of me, just make yourselves at home but no noise or mom might awake, I told them. I sucked one mighty big black dick while the other guy was licking my pussy like there s no tomorrow. I told them I needed a BIG cock DP because I have never had it and fast. They both fuck me simultaneously for almost an hour and I climaxed like mad…never before and they shot their cum load into my mouth and i practically fainted from their fucking(IN detail on my next writing). They dressed up and I showed them to the door where we kissed and they pushed something into my hands and they left in a grand big car. I just closed the door……..went to me bed……………….plopppp and zzzzzzzz.

The next morning when I checked what they had given me which I had put under my pillow before dozing off……it was 2 calling cards and 2 pieces of 500. Wow……I made 1000 for 1 fuck. But to me it was not the money but the experience gained that holds me good in my life now. And I make loads of money now just by doing what I love doing.

My mom came to know about my escapades with her customers and is now in luxury living with me and my brother as the manager for both of us.

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