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Daddy’s little angel – Part 9

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My step daughters first gang bang and experience with big cocks.

Ariana and I were lying in bed, her naked little body snuggled up against me. She was on her phone as most 11 year olds are. Being the horny little girl that she is, she was browsing porn sites and bored of watching doggy porn she started exploring a few other sites.

She nudged me, “Daddy look at that this video of 5 black men fucking that women. I’ve never seen such big cocks!” I watched the video with her as the men spread her legs wide as they mercilessly took turns pounding her pussy. Ariana had reached between her legs and was rubbing her bald pussy.

I smiled at her “You dirty little girl, you wish that was you don’t you?” She hesitated briefly “mmm, yes Daddy she looks like she is in heaven.” My cock was rock hard and I flipped her over onto all fours as she carried on watching the video I plunged my cock into her tight little pussy. “You’re Daddy’s little slut aren’t you? You can’t wait for men to use your holes and fill you with cum.” Ariana moaned and her little body spasmed underneath me as she came “Yes Daddy, I am your little slut and I want men to use my body.” Gripping her hips hard I held my cock deep inside her tight bald pussy as I came, spurting my cum into her and filling her up.

I reached next to the bed and taking out my laptop “Ok, baby girl lets find you some big cocks and make my little girl happy.” We sat in bed next to each other her bald pussy leaking cum into a puddle on the bed. Together we put together an ad on a back page website. “5 men wanted for gang bang with petite teen. Must have cocks larger than 8 inches, provide proof.” It didn’t take long for replies to start coming in. Ariana, looked at the pictures the men provided, and excitedly picked out her favourites. “Daddy, look at this man. He had provided a picture of his cock against a deodorant can it was at least 9 inches and as fat as the can. I wonder if I will be able to take him?”

Over the next 2 days we chatted to the men she had chosen and arranged to meet the following Saturday. Saturday arrived and Ariana was nervous but full of anticipation. “Daddy, what if it hurts too much and I cry?” I stroked her hair and reassured her that I would be with her and that she could stop any time that she wanted. Late afternoon, we prepared for the men. I bathed Ariana, brushed her hair and put on makeup as she wanted to look pretty for the men. Leaving her naked, putting a thin pink collar on her as I told her “The collar is to show them that you are my special little slut.”

The doorbell rang and one by one the men arrived. I had Ariana waiting in the bedroom out of sight, until all the men had arrived. Telling them to strip naked and to be ready for her, I went to the bedroom. Ariana was a bundle of nerves, “Daddy, I am so excited but scared.” I gave her a hug, “It’s ok baby Daddy will be with you all the time. Be brave and show the men what a cock hungry little slut you are.” I clipped a lead to her collar and slide a blindfold over her eyes. “I want you to crawl after me, baby girl.” Taking the lead I led her into the room where the 5 men were waiting.

The men’s eyes were glued to her little body as she crawled to the middle of the room, where I flipped her onto her back and spread her legs wide exposing her bald little pussy and flat chest. The men crowded around stroking their cocks as they took in the sight of my little girl. The smallest cock was a little over 8 inches and the largest must have been 10 inches. “Ok guys, warm her up and get her ready” as soon as I said that they eagerly reached out running their hands all over her tiny body. Hands running up her legs and rubbing her clit as she moaned, her little pussy already dripping wet. Leaning down I whispered in her ear “Time to make Daddy proud and be a cock hungry little slut” and I removed her blindfold and the lead.

Ariana gasped as she saw the 5 hard cocks surrounding her, looking at me for reassurance. She barely had time to adjust before she was picked up roughly and thrown onto the couch, her legs pushed back against her chest as a 9 inch cock was thrust into her face and another man eagerly licking her bald little pussy. “She’s a dirty little slut. Look at her, sucking that cock and struggling to fit it in her mouth” one of the men commented. Ariana gagged as her face was fucked aggressively. Kneeling next to her, I started to rub her clit as an 8 inch cock was eagerly being pushed into her tight little hole “That’s it baby, you’re Daddy’s cock hungry slut. All this cock is for you.” Ariana cried out and tensed up as the cock was thrust into her pussy. Her whole body tensed up and shook as she came instantly “Daddy it’s so big, I feel so full.”

The men took turns, rotating between fucking her bald little pussy and fucking her face. Her pussy becoming red and swollen from being pounded and stretched. She was being passed around as the men commented how tight she was and what a slut for being so eager to be used. I lost count of how many times she came. “Mmm, you like their big cocks don’t you baby?” Ariana nodded as best she could, briefly taking a large black cock out her mouth “Yes Daddy, I love it.”

I flipped Ariana over onto all fours and lying underneath her I said to the men “Time to fuck her tight little arse.” I started to lick her swollen and abused pussy, causing her to moan and spasm. One of the men rubbed some lube onto his large cock and her arsehole as the others gathered around to watch, stroking their cocks and encouraging her to take his cock like a good little slut. He pushed the head of his cock into her, stretching her and making her cry out in pain. Ignoring her cries her continued to push deeper into her holding her hips tight, as I continued to lick and getting a nice close view of his cock thrusting into my little girl.

One by one, the men fucked her arsehole hard. They fucked her until they were about to cum, and then pulling out would stand her pretty little face and cum on her face telling her what a dirty little slut she was. Exhausted and covered in cum Ariana moaned “I can’t take any more Daddy.” Leaving her covered in cum the men, dressed and left. “You are a such a dirty little slut baby, I can’t believe you managed to take all that cock. Let’s get you cleaned up.” Picking her up in my arms, I carried her to the bathroom.” I put her in the shower and she cleaned up.

I gently dried her, her pussy red and swollen still. Taking some lotion I rubbed her pussy soothing it “I’m proud of you baby, you were such a good girl for Daddy.” Together we climbed into bed, her naked body aching, “Thank you Daddy, I loved it. Their cocks felt so good and filled me up, I can’t wait to do it again.”

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