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Growing family part 2

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I have not had much love for my story and full stop have been a problem. I tryed my best hopefully this this will get better.

My story continues

The nexted morning I wake up to a nice cooked breakfast I was in for a busy day. So I thought mom been up since 5am my dad and Tom had already let for work. James and Emma joined me at the table. James in his boxers morning wood on the go and Emma was in her PJs half her button undone. I couldn’t talk I had my panties up the crack of my as my nipples was like bullet it was cold.i could not wait to go up stairs to get changed 20mins past upstairs I was in my room James was in his and Emma had come out with her friends.

I heard a load back I rushed out of my room to James room as I rushed in no knocking. James was lying on the bed naked with his cock in his hand wearing girls panties moving his hand up and down. He freaked telling me to get out I did ran not looking back to my room. 5 to 10 mins later my brother came to my room a knocked on the door Alice I am sorry to had to see that I said see what he tryed to explain I said James it was my fault for walking in your room he told me not to tell mum. I told he was not going to say anything and he left probably go play on the PlayStation

I went down stairs mom was cleaning I gave her a load of washing made her day and left the house to go and see my mate we hung around on the market few boys and girls kicking a ball about and having my tits groped at by the boys I had been asked out lots of times. I got dared to kiss a boy off my mate he was fit. As I snog the face off him he took my hand and we went away from the market about the corner away from eyes of my friends. He put his hands on my ass rubbing it he put his hands up my top touching my tits and squeezing my nipples his hands was everywhere he did the button on my jeans. and stick his hand touching my panties rubbing the front I was so wet getting he said you like that don’t ya I said stop not here I could see he was hard but did not act on it tidyed my self up and walk I got ribbed my friend said what you to up to I laughed I am going home my mum rang I will message you in a bit.

I got home to the biggest drama ever and dad and Tom had been giving a homeless girl food and money so my dad decided to bring her home she was a mess dirty he was telling my mum to stick her in the shower. We took her up stairs the girl did not say a work me and Emma mum .but mum said she did not need the help my dad tom and James was down stairs drinking my dad going on about what they are going to do to her. He saw me and said come here I did he unbuttoned my jean and stuck his hand in my panties has the girl got you all wet did not want to tell him about the boy who was going me horny earlier he told me to strip down to my bra and panties I was matching like I always do. Dad told me to get on my knees I was facing tom and James. And dad told them to get the cocks out there I was dicks in my face and my dad said go on then before I know it.i was getting face fuck chocking gagging till they both come over my face my body and then my dad and liked it off my face call me a slut told me to go.

After mom washes to girl we sat down to have tea and was talking about the day I was just listening to everyone’s talk

My dad said after we finish eating to meet them in the master bedroom my mom me my sister we all stood around the bed the homeless girl was lying on the bed. my dad James and Tom was naked my dad saying how this is his new daughter she cleaned up really well and didn’t look like I crack head. she was a good looking girl my dad James and Tom with there cock in there hand jacking them self off then my dad got on top of her up down up down he cum in her then he goes to tom your turn same he come in her James get in her lose your v card.he got on her he tryed to get his cock in her dad it to slippy get it in there are you sissy James said no he was mad and anger him to he girl was screaming James cum and got off he then told Emma to clean her up she was licking her pussy we all left the room to bathroom for baths and shower and bed

Part 3 soon

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Another great story can’t wait for the nexted part3

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    Use some fucking punctuation for fuck sake. That is all