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That’s Just How We Treat Our Women – 1

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Cook. Clean. Get Slapped. Get Fucked. Repeat. When you’re a woman in this family, this is your whole life.

I’m from a middle class family in Delhi. My family has me (16m), my brother Karan (22), my sister (23), mom and dad. We live a normal life. Well, for the most part.

In most houses of Delhi or even India, women are considered shit. Many are not allowed to work outside the home and even their smallest mistakes get pointed out. Often times the men use their superiority to punish women too.

Obviously, my family takes it one step further. The crux is still the same, but in our house, your gender usually supersedes all other factors. Which means that if you’re a woman, you may get yelled at, slapped, thrashed, or even raped by any man – even if it’s your son or father.

Before I tell you a few stories from my house, let me also introduce my sister’s husband, Rohan (31). He’s one of my favourite people in the world. Rohan and my sister live on the floor above us, but it’s a duplex, so it’s connected.

Like I’ve said, our lives are pretty simple. My dad and Rohan work. My brother goes to college. I go to school. My mom and sister stay home and do all of the cleaning and cooking.

But as and when the boys come into the house, their real chores begin.

3 days ago, for example, Rohan came home in the middle of the day. My sister was watching some soap opera on her phone (her and mom aren’t allowed to watch that crap on the big TVs). I was on their floor, borrowing a pair of shoes, as I saw it unfold. Rohan, out of the blue, came and gave my sister a really tight slap across her face and knocked the phone out of her hand.
“This is what you do all day?”
She was obviously surprised.
He slapped her again, this time with the back of his hand.
“Will this actress come and offer me water?”

He smacked her again, and again, and again. I stood there watching, feeling my dick rising. I knew what was coming up.

“You lazy bitch. I bought you this phone so you could disrespect me? Give it back,” he snatched her phone away. “No more phone for a week.”

My sister groaned. She could’ve gotten away with just this, but she groaned. She can’t control her mouth for some reason.

Rohan lifted her by the shoulders and threw her down on the bed. She fell with such a force that she bounced back a little. And since the ladies of our house wear just nightgowns with no underwear, their pussies are easily accessible. So Rohan wasted no time in thrusting two of his fingers inside her hole, and he fingered her really aggressively.

Now I was pretty aroused myself. I could’ve joined him, but he seemed pretty mad. Rohan loves me, but God knows when he’s angry, he’ll rape anyone. And I’ve been there enough times to know that getting raped by him really hurts.

So I decide to go the next best thing – my mom.

I trotted back downstairs and found my mom bent down scrubbing the floor. I was just about to go to her, when I noticed my brother standing behind her, barefoot.

Karan was just wearing boxers. His eyes told me he was in the same situation as me. Horny, and looking for a perfect excuse to take on a home pussy.
“What kind of a woman are you? Your feet are so dirty”
He kicked my mom in her butt as she was on all fours. She fell forward.
“Women are supposed to be beautiful and pretty. You don’t even work to make money, can’t you at least keep yourself neat?”
He and I locked eyes again, and smirked together.

I chimed in. “Mom’s been really careless recently. Yesterday, she didn’t even tie her hair before cooking.”

Karan kicked her again. “I’ve told you about this before.”

He bent down and pulled her up by the hair. “If there’s even one strand of hair in my food, you’ll be very sorry.”

Her mouth was open as she was literally getting pulled up, and it looked so inviting. I started stripping. It could start any minute now. “Karan, enough with the threats. If you’re gonna be stern, be stern now.” I bent down too. “We’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Karan nodded in agreement, and fished his dick out his fly. It was gorgeous. 8.5 inches. Pink, thick, veiny. My mom’s nightgown was pulled up enough to give him access, and he thrust in. No lube in our house.

Mom started crying. She kept mumbling about how she was sorry. I held her head in place and thrust my dick inside her mouth. Now I’m at a respectable 7 inches and I’m good with that, because it’s enough to shut her up.

We continued our assault on her till we came, after which no more words were said, and we both went our separate ways. It was never about her dirty feet or hair in our food. It was just an excuse to do what we wanted to do. Everyone knew it.

Part 2 coming up soon

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