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I Raped Mother and her lovely daughter Part 2

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I played with the mother before I played with her daughter

I was happy as hell I was about to have the time of my life but before I continue I will like to mention that I don’t care about what you think of me like I mention I was a horny and perverted teen I mean I had a beautiful asian milf and a 12 year old girl in front of me both bound and helpless as well as blindfolded so of course I will take advantage of this situation what will you guys do if you were in this situation? It’s not everyday you will find a big breasted asian milf and a lovely cute 12 year old girl tied up and gagged I felt like I won the ultimate lottery now let’s continue

Both girls were laying on floor quiet the only sound I could hear was my heart beat which slowly started to beat fast I try to calm myself down I was about to fuck a milf and take away her daughter virginity so of course I be a little excited about this situation but I wanted to have some fun before I did it this was the only chance I will get to have my way with them

“You know what I have decided to help you girls” Aya heard my words and sounded relieved I kneel down helped her up I got behind her I grin “Help you feel more comfortable of course” With the scissors in hand I used it to cut through her bra I was not going to waste my time to untie her then tie her up again it won’t be fun that way right not to mention the knots were nicely tied I can see why she had trouble getting free so I didn’t want to ruin it I finished cutting through her bra I slowly removed it and boy it was a wonderful sight to see her boobs slowly went down and look like they were getting bigger I mean the bra was just hiding and supporting her wonderful tits

In one move I took off her bra and her tits lightly bounce once removed (Holy shit! Aya how big are your tits like dam they nicely bounce up and down) I thought to myself Aya massive tits were now in the open and it was a beautiful sight to see Aya raised her knees up to hide her breasts but she couldn’t hide them massive breasts of hers I placed the scissors against her neck but I made sure I didn’t cut her I just want to play with them not hurt them “Put down your knees and just let me to what I want okay just go with the flow and no one will get hurt unless you don’t care what happens to your daughter” I could tell she was frightened for herself and for her daughter so with no choice she obeyed what I said she lowered her knees again revealing her massive tits once more “Good girl” I give her a little kiss on her right cheek now with no time to waste I groped her breasts and it felt fucking amazing I not sure it I can describe it well but I will try

Her tits felt really soft and jiggly my hand sunk into her lovely breasts they had a nice jiggle it’s almost like see a Jell-o wiggle when I shook them I honestly didn’t know her cup size but they were pretty big that my hand couldn’t fully grab her breasts after I groped them for a while I started to pinched her pink nipples and pull them “Mmmmm!!! Mmmph!!! Hmmph!!!” Aya muffled while I pinched her nipples honestly her muffling made it more hot and exciting “Now then how about this area” With the scissors I cut through her thong I was a little sad that thong looked great on her but I had to do it to see her pussy I removed it she try to hide it but she couldn’t her sweet pussy was full on view it looked nice it was clean she had no pubic hair I placed my fingers down there I lightly touched it Aya try to move but I grab her and kept her in place

With my right hand I groped her tits while my left hand I rubbed her pussy while doing so I kiss her neck Aya twitched and moan through her gag it made really made me excited it felt amazing doing this to her since I had fantasies about this that I couldn’t believe this was happening I felt like Aya was about to cum she was shaking down there and was struggling around trying to stop me while she struggled she accidentally tapped my dick then immediately move her hands away I stopped because it hurt a little I didn’t realize while I having fun playing with her that I didn’t notice I was fully erect there was a big bulge in my pants I placed her down I walked to the door I was a little bit of pain so I decided to remove my pants which I did I had on loose boxers so my dick had room when it was fully erect I turn to look at Aya her beautiful body fully exposed I wanted to play with her more but there was one more person I had to play with next

I walked towards her I kneel down Hina was laying on her stomach she didn’t move or made a sound while I played with her mother I flipped her over “Mmmmph! Grrrtfff!” She lightly muffled “Okay sweetie let’s have some fun be a good girl or else something bad will happen to your mother understand” She nodded but I could see she was very frightened about this situation but it didn’t matter I wanted to have my way with her

I grab the scissors and cut through her T-shirt removed it then cut off and removed her nice pink panties I had Hina wonderful 12 year old body fully exposed seeing her lovely naked body made my already erect dick get more erect and twitch a little seeing Aya naked body was great but seeing Hina naked body made me really excited since again it’s not everyday you see a lovely 12 year old girl naked body

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    Hurry up and rape her young virgin cunt , then get mum to lick your cock clean of her virgin blood and your cum .

  • Reply Jdollar ID:1ie00enmzrj

    Part 3 please

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    This is a very close to my number one sexual fantasy to fuck a very young virgin her mom and her grandma at the same time and hopefully get them all pregnant

    • Zandy ID:16oihueov9c

      A fantasy of mine as well

    • Danny Z ID:iy7o154k09

      Sounds like a great Saturday night,

  • Reply Greasemagnet ID:8bw8pby20d

    I hope you took pictures you can share
    [email protected]

  • Reply Kitty ID:7nu6wvq6i9

    I like your stories they made me really wet fantasizing about it but can we get to the good part please?

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    You absolutely have to fuck that 12-year-old virgin first. And then you let mommy suck your cock clean and fuck her and then you come back for round two and for both races this could be a weeklong marathon