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The old man-Part-IX (Wife got fucked hard by rag picker)

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My name is Honey, only 19 Yrs. old, newly married to my hubby James aged 25 yrs. It is the story of our sin, we went to harras on Rag picker in the street who is black like an African and has sex with me in front of my husband in my house.
There was rag picker who use to night stay infront of our house in a shade, he was a 65 year old thin old man and looked like a black African named Thomas and now both of us started planning to have fun with that old man. We both had decided in our minds that we would lure him with money and clothes and then see what happens? It was night time and all the neighbors were about to sleep. Then I went to that rag picker and told him, we have some clothes for you, if you want to take then you come with me and after listening to me he immediately started walking with me and kept following me and then We both reached our home.
Then my wife Honey was wearing a suit at that time and she was looking very beautiful at that time, her figure size is 36-26-36 and her entire figure was clearly visible from under that netted suit. He kept looking at my wife with his eyes wide open. Then we called him inside and made him sit on the ground and we brought some old clothes and we also gave him money.
Then we asked him whether he has eaten food or not, then he said, not yet, sir, after hearing this from his mouth, my wife told him that it is okay, you have food and go, anyway it is very late now and then we told him to eat. Brought it and gave it to him and my wife told him to sit down and changed her clothes, I will come right away, saying this my wife went inside to change her clothes, but when she came back, the rag picker was eating food when he saw my wife he became astonished as Honey came out in Bra and Panty which showed her big boobs, only intention is to seduce the old man.
Then I laughingly asked him what happened Thomas? he suddenly got nervous and said nothing, but we had understood and this was also our plan of seducing him..
Then I told him that no problem Thomas, I know that my wife is very beautiful and sexy, why did you also keep looking at her? So he said, yes, if you don’t mind, let me tell you one thing, your wife is really very beautiful. Then I asked him- tell me, do you have a wife?
Now he told me that no sir, she had passed away a long time ago. Then I told him that there is no problem, you can take my wife for tonight. Friends, after listening to me, he was completely surprised and asked me, what are you saying, sir? Where in and where this? I can’t think of them even in my dreams.
Now I asked him why you didn’t like it? He said that yes, I liked it a lot sir and then I told him- tell me whether your penis gets erect or not? Then he said to me, Sir, why are you asking me all this in front of your wife?
I told him that it was because my wife wanted to see your penis and it was her idea and now after listening to my entire statement he turned towards my wife and said yes madam, my penis would become erect, but then? Then my wife started telling him that it is okay, for today you make me your wife and you can do whatever you want with me, but before that I like to compare the penis of my hubby with your old cock.
Honey- I will get two cocks inside and Thomas you first you get on top of me and fuck me very hard, then my hubby. Today, the whole bed should shake due to the thrusts of both of your cocks in my vagina, both of you give me very powerful thrusts and then both release your sex venom inside my pussy but as soon as one of you take out your’s cock, the other cock must go inside my pussy. Then come near my mouth spread your semen on my mouth and boobs.
The rag picker Thomas is completely nude now and I am also naked, Honey started shaking Thomas’s penis and I was happy to see that rag picker’s penis in my wife’s hand, my wife took out his black African 10 inch+ penis. Then I saw that it was about 10.5 inches long and about 2 and half inch thick. My wife was now continuously shaking that old man’s penis.
Then I too had already taken out my 6 inch penis and was shaking it on my own and the old man was standing very happily and looking at his humongous penis. After some time, the old man got two or three strokes from my wife’s hand and now he ejaculated in my wife’s hands,I saw that a lot of semen had come out from his penis and now my wife held my penis and Honey started masturbating me too, after about two minutes I also ejaculated.
the rag picker was now completely naked and tried to come near my wife and kissed her. Then again started kissing my wife’s neck and cheeks like an animal, he was enjoying my beautiful wife completely and then he immediately held my wife’s hand and placed it on his humongous penis and now he said That madam, your hands are so soft that it feels great, please shake my penis with these hands, my penis is longing for you.
Then my wife Honey was mesmerized by Thomas’s humongous cock and told him that in your youth, You must have fucked and taken at least 200 pussy of different colors, white and today an African cock too in my pussy will serve. Then he said, Madam, you are very amazing, by the way, let me tell you one thing, if you want to get something done for money, then you can earn a lot of money.
Thomas penis was now erect and shaking. Now he said, Honey, you take it in your mouth, right? I have never put my penis in anyone’s mouth, it would be fun if you help. Then my wife placed her mouth on that black African Thomas’s penis. Bowed down her face and Honey started sucking the rag picker’s penis by placing it only on her lips, today the old man’s life had become successful and he placed his hand on my wife’s head and slowly started moving her head up and down on his penis. After some time, his entire penis was going into my wife’s throat, he now held my wife’s head and started forcefully hitting her mouth on his penis.
Then my wife was trying very hard to remove it, but Thomas hand was not being removed from her head, then the rag picker was forcefully fucking my wife’s mouth in front of me and I was also watching the old man Penis force in my wife’s mouth.
Then Thomas asked me, what happened sir, did you like my style? Look, I am fucking your wife forcefully and your penis got erect after seeing this, it seems that you like getting your wife fucked forcefully by dirty men, some dirty man should tie your wife and then lying on top of her, fuck her forcefully and he is not stopping and is forcefully fucking your wife like a dog, and your wife is just taking the cock like a whore, without saying anything. he again started moving his penis inside my wife’s mouth in and out and this continued for five minutes and then the rag picker ejaculated semens insideHoney’s mouth and honey took it in agulp.
My wife had orgasmed from it twice and now Thomas started asking her, why my queen, did you like my force? From your looks it seems that you had a lot of fun and get ready again in some time, your husband likes force and we will do the same, holding both your hands we will fuck you hard.
Now Thomas picked up my wife and threw her forcefully on the bed and suddenly lay down on top of her. He held both my wife’s hands in front of me and started trying to kiss my wife forcefully. Then my wife started trying to avoid that dirty rag picker but Thomas Started kissing on the boobs. My wife was trying unsuccessfully to free her hand from her boobs, but that dirty rag picker was not even allowing her to move, I asked my wife- Are you happy with this? So my wife nodded her head and said yes and now smiled, that rag picker was still kissing my wife’s white boobs and his black body was looking very nice on my white wife, seeing which I was very happy. And my wife was also very happy to have his company and that was all we both needed.
Then the rag picker held his humongous penis in his hand and started rubbing it on my wife’s pussy. My wife started refusing him again and again but seeing my wife’s pussy he had probably gone completely crazy and seeing my wife he said Shut up you whore, today you are my wife and I will do whatever I want.
My wife was trying very hard to move away, but the rag picker did not even allow her to move. He after rubbing his penis gainst the labia of Honey for a while, without saying anything, he placed his penis on the pussy and gave a very strong push that his entire penis slipped inside my wife’s pussy at once, due to which my wife moaned very loudly. A scream came out.
Then he immediately placed his hand on my wife’s mouth and took out his entire penis and pushed again. My wife was now feeling a lot of pain, but the rag picker was not bothered by it. Now he kept pushing my wife very fast as if he was running,. He was still holding my wife’s mouth and he was pushing so hard that the entire bed was shaking.
Now my wife was just taking the hard thrusts of that dirty rag picker. Then he started asking me why did you like it sir, did you enjoy it? Do you like my penis going inside your wife’s pussy and I have closed her mouth so that she cannot scream, why do you like this? I forcefully inserted my penis into your wife’s pussy and today I will also give her my child.
After saying this to me, he started inserting his penis into my wife’s pussy even faster and his thrusts were so fast that due to each of his thrusts, my wife would rise about one foot, this continued for some time. And then the rag picker said, Sir, my sex water is about to come out now, if you want, should I make her the mother of my child? Would you raise a rag picker’s child?
After saying this to me, he suddenly became stiff and poured all his semen inside my wife’s pussy and for some time he got tired and lay down on my wife, but till then my wife also did not move from under him and she said to me Wow, I enjoyed this kind of fucking so much that I want to do it again, I have got complete satisfaction from this fucking, wow, his humongous cock was more sexcited than sexpected and he has fulfilled every wish of mine, wow you. So enjoy very good old man sex while fucking young This was my wife’s sex with that dirty rag picker in which he made my wife very happy by fucking her and completely satisfied her thirsty pussy.


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