I fucked one of my closest friends in high school

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Me and her were best friends until it got freaky

My name is Garrison and this is time I fucked my best friend in high school. I’m putting her fake name her name was Bethany and she is so pretty she made blush every morning I see her in the gym. Every morning I would sit next to her because she was my friend and we both like each other a lot so me and Bethany talk a lot during the days. Later on the next day it got really freaky between me and her she sent me a video of her boobs and pussy. I got say they were amazing so she ask me to see my dick and I sure so I showed to her and she love it and that she ask me to put it inside of her. So we made a schedule of when we will do this in school now this was hard and a bad idea but we both wanted to do it. I found a place in the gym locker room and we both started kissing each other and taking each other clothes off. She was so wet I had to lick her pussy her moans was amazing. After I lick her pussy she suck my cock and she was a amazing at it. After she was done we almost got caught but it was a close call. When she was ready to be fuck I ask Bethany are you sure you to do this and she said YES DADDY. So I slide my cock deep in her wet warm pussy and fuck her hard. I fucked for about 10 mins and cum inside of her. She loves every minute of it. Me and Bethany barely talk anymore. If there is a girl out there who is willing to freaky with me by sending nudes to each other or doing other things then add me on snap @ g_conliffe21

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  • Reply GDC

    Thank you AP but me and her move on

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    Any friendship that tries to become a sexual relationship (even casual ‘friends with benefits’) risks navigating new dynamics. Clearly, one of you wasn’t clear in your own mind with yourself about what you wanted.
    You both need to find a neutral place and -talk- candidly. If you can strengthen where you were you might be able to go forward to someplace new. Maybe, better.