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Don’t get mad. Get even. Part II

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This was going to be a fist time for Leona and Max. Not even teenagers yet. I know both are on cloud 9.

I went to the Airport to pick up the little shit. Even though my brother died in the middle east, He had a house in Okinawa Japan next to a Marine Corp base. His plane finally came in. He had a female Marine Sergeant with him. I went up to her and introduced myself to her. She took the assignment to watch him, so she could get a free trip to the states and have a few days with her folks before having to report back to Okinawa. She said she thought she got a good deal out of it. She said out of respect for a fellow marine that died in the service to his country, I will not tell you what I think of his son. But, heaven help you. She checked my ID and paperwork and she brought some forms we both had to sign showing that she is handing the boy over to me. She then handed me a folder of all of his papers, bank records, belongings shipment tracing etc… and said he has one suitcase and the rest of the belongings will be shipped to me

I then greeted him with a sweet smile and offered him my hand. Hello Leo I’m your Aunt… He interrupted me. “Shut up bitch, I hate you and your life just became a living hell. Remember I’m the man, now let’s get my luggage.” He caught me off guard. I didn’t expect that from such a little boy. I should have from the phone calls, but seeing him in person was different. He won’t catch me off guard again. I replied to him, “Yes sir.” I thought it would be fun for me to play along with him. At least until I get him home. We picked up his suitcase and he made me carry it for him and I walked in back of him. This little shit was so full of himself, he reminded me of my brother and 10 times worse, easy. We had a good 5 hour drive out from the Airport to the Lake Cabin. I decided to live there for a while. I had my service take care of my home while I was away from it. After an hour of listening to this little shit tell me how I stole his dad’s inheritance and tell me what he will and won’t do. Basically he won’t do anything I want and he will do whatever he wants. He then commanded me to drive through a burger place because he was hungry. He had me get him enough food for 4 boys and I knew there was no way he would be able to eat it all. I just said, “Yes Sir.” I got him what he wanted. He ate half a burger, a few fries and half a shake and split 2 sodas and the rest of his shake in my car. I stayed polite and extremely pleasant to him and continued driving to the cabin. Lucky for me he fell asleep on the way.

I woke him up as we got to the cabin. He got out of the car and said, I thought you lived in a big fancy house in a gated community, not a log cabin out in the middle of nowhere. I said well this is it, as I opened the door. Your room is the one at the top of the stairs. I fixed it up and I got everything brand new just for you. He walked and said don’t forget my bag. Then he went up the stairs. I left his back in the car’s trunk since he won’t need it. He came out of his room pissed off yelling, what gives with this shit that’s a girls room. Are you that stupid you can’t get anything rite. I walked up the stairs and into the room. I said there is nothing wrong with this room. He said are you stupid, just look… SMACK I slapped him hard up one side of his face. He just rubbed it and looked at me in shock. I said go take a shower and get ready for bed. It’s been a long day and I am tired of listening to your mouth. Now go. He just gave me a look like he wanted to hit me, but I think he was also in shock a bit. He went into the upstairs bathroom. When I heard the shower run I slipped in and took his clothes and threw them away. I left a fluffy towel for him to dry off along with a short baby doll sheer nighty with a matching thong.

I heard the water shut off, then a few minutes I heard him yell “What the fuck!” He came to the top of the stairs saying with the towel wrapped around him, where’s my clothes and where’s my suitcase? I walked up stairs and into the bathroom, yanking the towel off of him on the way. He followed me in the bathroom trying to cover up his little penis with his hands on the way. I held up the night and said put it on. This is what all good little girls wear to bed. You don’t need any of those nasty boy clothes. I threw them all away. He started yelling ” Fuck N… SMACK-SMACK-SMACK I shut him up quickly with a few hard smacks on both sides of his face. Then told him that he will no longer use that language; it is unlady-like. From this point forward he is to think of himself as a girl, dress as a girl, act as a girl. A good, sweet, proper girl. He stared down stairs with nothing on. He was definitely going to try and be defiant. As he got half way down the stairs he said in a low voice “Fuck You.” I know now he is definitely scared of me. I picked up the baby doll nighty and went downstairs to find him. He was in the kitchen trying to open the refrigerator. I put the nighty on the table and said you will never get it to open. I then asked him if he knew what a survival cabin is? He said ya, dad taught me. Survivors are people that prepare for the end of civilization, so it would be a cabin isolated with fences and traps and stuff around it. Yes, I told him. My dad had this cabin to be one. We used it for vacations at the lake, but he felt it wouldn’t hurt to be ready just in case. All the food is locked up and there is no way you can get to any of it. If you want to eat you will do what I say. If you want to leave the cabin you will do what I say. Basically you have no choice but to do what I say. It is up to you on how hard you make it on yourself. SMACK-SMACK I had to give him a couple of more good hard smacks. He said what was that for? I told him, 1 was for not putting your nighty on yet and the 2nd one was for what you said coming down the stairs, I heard you. I then pointed to the nighty and raised my other hand high in the air. He quickly grabbed the nighty and put it on. I said now isn’t that much better? He just gave me a dirty look. I raised my hand and he shielded himself and started saying in an almost crying voice. Yes, yes. it’s better. I then got him an apple. He said that’s it? I’m hungry. I told him he should have eaten all that food he had me buy instead of trashing my car with it. You need to watch your weight, I want you to have nice curves like little girls should develop. He said no matter how you dress me, I’m a boy and that is how I will grow. I said go to bed and I will see you in the morning.

First thing in the morning I went up to wake him. It’s time to wake up sleepy. We have a busy day. He woke up and said “what do I put on today?” I said whatever you want, your dresser and closet is filled with clothes. He went to the dresser and opened the top drawer, then he opened up the other top drawer then all the others. He looked at me as he was holding up a bra with one finger and said “are you kidding me. I don’t have tits.” I told him if you look close you will see that all of them are cup size AAA otherwise known as training bras with a little padding so you won’t feel bad with other girls especially in front of boys. As your breast grows I will increase the size to what you need. He then looked in the closet and said there are only dresses. I told him that it isn’t true that there are skirts in there. I said now go shower, you will wash every morning and evening, then dress. First I have to give you some vitamins to keep you healthy. I was actually giving him medication to stop him from going into puberty, and to stop the male hormones. I also gave him medication to feminize him and get his breast to form and grow. I was starting him on a double dose this week and then next week I will double it and see how that goes. After he washed up, I gave him his injections and had him swallow some vitamins. He then picked out some cute panties and bra and put it on, then a cute skirt and half tee. I liked it, now his belly is showing. I gave him an orange and some juice for breakfast, then we then spent the morning teaching him how to apply make up. Then a healthy low carb lunch and spent the rest of the day doing yoga and teaching him to walk. For the next six months going over everything to make him a sweet little girl. I pushed him good when he did bad and smothered him with praise and rewards when he did good. He gave me a lot of bucking and tried to fight it, but he finally just gave in.

He then started really taking pride in doing his makeup right and picking out the right outfits for the day. He or should I say she noticed her tits were growing, I let him/her know how proud I was that he/she was developing so beautifully. I then moved on to teaching him/her how to be a sexy little girl and how to tease and turn on men. He/she seemed to really like the lessons on how to be sexy. The thought of getting men excited seemed to make him/her get little hard on’s. He/she had beautiful hair just past the shoulders with blond highlights, and his/her body was starting to develop a nice curve going from the chest to the waist. With the makeup on he/she was one of the prettiest little girls you would ever see. Without puberty hitting her I managed to soften her speaking in a high range. She would be so sweet to me and give me a big hug every morning excited about what we would do that day. I finally started to let her watch t.v. but only the videos I selected. They were all about how to apply make up and about how to dance and behave, with a few on how to excite you man and I slipped at least once a day of a little girl stroking a grown man’s penis or giving him a blow job. She seemed to always get excited over those. After several months I decided it is finally time to test her and show her off a little. I was so nervous about this. I told her that we would go into town together and I was taking her to do some shopping. She got so excited she jumped up and down and said really, I said yes really. Then she ran over to me and gave me the biggest hug. I told her we would go first thing in the morning. She was up on time and put on her favorite little sexy black skirt with a red half tee and no bra today. I asked why and she said the bars push down my breast so flat you can’t see them. I said ok, let’s go. The closest nice mall to us was a good 2hours away. We drove there and when we walked by Claire’s she stopped and said may I have my ears pierced. That made me so happy and I felt so much stress leave me. I said yes, let’s do it. So, we went in and she was so excited about getting them pierced. Then she just wanted to look all around the store. We left with several ear rings, bracelets, lip gloss, and glitter. She was so happy. We then walked down the mall hall and I noticed some young teen boys looking at her. We walked past Victoria’s Secret and she said can we as she pointed to it. I said not yet, let’s go into that one. I was pointing to the justice store. We went in and she saw so many cute outfits that she liked. I would only get the ones with no pants or shorts, skirts or dresses only. Then when we got to the panties and bras she was very happy to be getting a larger cup size. We stopped and each had a small salad. I whispered to her, “Did you notice the boys looking at you when we were walking around?” She smiled and said not just boys. The man across from us finished his food right after we sat down and he is still there and won’t take his eyes off of me. I asked how do you know it’s you he’s looking at and not me. She looked up at me and smiled and whispered, “Are you the one wearing a short skirt with your legs open?” I just smiled at her and said you little slut. Then we both started giggling and got up and left.

On the way back to the cabin we stopped at a few places so we could strut around a bit and she really learned to get boys and men excited, after getting them excited we jumped back into the car and went to the next place. Finally got back to the cabin in the evening. She gave me a big hug and a kiss for giving her such a great day. She then went up to bed. After about an hour or so I heard crying coming from her room. I went upstairs and found her sitting at her makeup table with her head in her hands as she was crying in them. I asked her what was wrong. She looked at me and asked, “am I pretty?” I told her she is beautiful. She then stood up and raised her nighty and lowered her panties, and said what about this. No man will ever want me. She started crying again. I was thinking that all this time I was doing this to get even with my brother and the little monster he created. Now I just wanted this sweet girl I created to be happy. I went over and started hugging her and kissing her face telling her that it will all be ok. I can fix this. She asked how while crying. I then said you know I’m a doctor right? She said I thought so but you never go to work. I let her know that I have a clinic and other doctors work there for me. I just took some time off for you. I can’t get rid of that for you and give you the most beautiful little pussy any girl could hope for. She looked at and stopped crying, can we do it now please? I said we don’t usually do it without a lot of things happening before that and I will only do it if they are over 18. But, I do a lot of free work around the world for places that can’t afford proper medical care and I have made a lot of contacts. I know some people I can get to help me, so no one at my clinic will know. You will have to be patient for about three months, then I can do it for you. This made her so happy. I told her that I would be right back. I went and came back to the room with a box. I said until then this is for you. I opened the box and there was a shiny silver little but plug. She asked what it was. I told her and said it will help in the future when you are with a man who will want to put his cock up your behind. This will make it go easier and you can enjoy it more without the pain. Now bend over. she bent over with her hands on the foot of her bed. I slid it up her ass hole, it took a little force at first, but then slid right in place. She screamed a little and said it hurts. I told her she will get used to it. now pull up your panties and hope in bed. she climbed in bed now with a smile on her face. I told her not to forget to clean it twice a day when you shower, then put it back in and always have it in place. She said yes mam and went to sleep. Well I guess that ends my plans to set up men, one a night, night after night for her to have sex with and not have the men know she had a cock. Then when they got there they would have been so pissed off that they would have beat the shit out of the little monster. Now she is like my own little girl and I need to make her happy. I never saw this coming.

It’s been just over three months and I have everything ready, I moved us back to my house. There was no more need for isolation and I knew I could trust her. My clinic is shut down for a couple of weeks so I sent them all off on a cruise as a bonus for good work while I was absent. I had my contacts flown to the U.S. and now I have everything in place. I had her put under anesthesia and got on with the surgery. After the surgery when she woke up she wanted to see it. I told her when we change the dressing, but this is a lot of swelling and discoloration, just like I told you. It is normal and it will go away and then be fantastic. After all the swelling and discoloration was done she was on cloud nine. She wanted to go to the beach and wear little bikinis to show off her wonderful camel toe. I had to calm her down and let her know that now she would have to use some more plugs of all different sizes and weights. This time they will go in her new pussy. This will test it to make sure no touch up is needed and strengthen it as well. She seemed a little disappointed at first. I then said that there was no reason we couldn’t still show off your camel toe. She got very excited, so I took her shopping again. This time for swim suits, and she picked out several sexy bathing suits. She got very excited and a week later we went to the beach. She had picked out one that was like a thong on the bottom, from behind you couldn’t tell she was wearing bottoms. The front showed her newly formed camel toe. The top had no padding. It just snugged around her little budding breast. She had all the men looking and several wives smacked their husbands and some picked up all of their belongings and went further down the beach. Several gentlemen actually tried to pick her up, but I had to intervene several times. A few men wanted us both and I did feel a little tempted. However I didn’t feel she was ready yet. Just a couple of more months. I changed some of her vids to pure sex between little girls and grown men. I knew I had to get her ready. She wanted to know when. I asked her if there were any boys in the neighborhood she liked. Her reply was “gorse, no I want a real man” Has I questioned her a lot to find out her taste. It seems the videos I was showing did their job too well. She liked men with some grey and didn’t care about much else she wanted to try them all. It looks like I created a SLUT. We went out more letting her practice her teasing and she was becoming an expert at it. I noticed during the laundry that her panties were very wet most of the time. On our last outing to the beach she put our beach blanket down next to a man and his son. We struck up a conversation and it turns out he is raising his son by himself. We had a nice day getting to know each other, there was no doubt the father (Don) was interested in me. The son (Max) was about the same age as Leona. He was already madly in love with her. She had him follow her around like a puppy dog. The poor boy had a difficult time hiding his hard on. He was a very cute little boy who looked just like a younger image of his father. As we left the beach, they packed up to leave as well. We went over to the showers to wash the sand and salt off and put on our clothes. Leona told me that she couldn’t find her panties, I said it ok just put on your skirt without them. That made her smile big and she did as I said. Then on our way to the car, Don asked us if we would like to join them for dinner. So we accepted. We followed him to a really nice Italian restaurant. We had an enjoyable dinner although Max did drop his spoon 3 times during the meal and took a lot of time picking it up from under the table. After dinner I offered to pay for our half, but Don said not to bother it wasn’t costing him anything. It turned out to be 1 of 3 that he owned. Before leaving I did get his phone number. On the way home I told Leona that I had a confession. I told her that I saw Max sneak her panties out of her beach bag. She then gave me a huge grin and said I have to confess something too. I know that he kept dropping his spoon and it took a long time for him to pick it up. When he went under the first time I spread my legs open to give him a show. I then said, “that’s my little slut.” It was a fun drive home. She said I hope he has fun with my panties. I did use a lot of perfume this morning and I was rubbing them into my pussy the entire way to the beach. I was feeling horny. I told her that Don gave me his number, would you like to see Max again. Leona said I don’t care about him, but I would love to see Don some more, a lot more.

After we got home I told her that her 13 birthday was in just over a month so I would have something special planned for her then. She said she can’t wait that long. I said then we will celebrate it this Saturday. She woke up all excited and she got dressed in her most sexy outfit. I also sleazed it up a bit with a very sexy outfit and I guess we both went a little heavy on the makeup and perfume. She said where is my surprise? I said it will be here soon. She said, “Is it what I think it is?” Maybe, you have to wait. I had a nice birthday feast with too much food, sweets, and punch both with and without alcohol. The doorbell chimed and it was the only two guests Invited for her party. I opened it and it was Don and Max. She greeted them and the kids grabbed some food and punch and went out back and ate around the pool. Max said, when we drove into your neighborhood my dad was surprised he had no idea that you would live in such a high class neighborhood and when he saw the house, he said well we know that they are not impressed with our money. Which is good, they must really like us then. Leona said we never thought about money, if we didn’t like you we never would have invited you. Max then said your pool is like twice as big as ours, if I knew you had one I would have brought my swimsuit. Leona said that alright we swim all the time without any. The walls are too high for anyone to see into the backyard. Don then asked me, is she seriously suggesting for them to go skinny-dipping? I replied, no that’s not it. She is just letting him know that tonight we will all be skinny-dipping. Is that alright with you? Don just chugged his punch down and nodded his head yes. Now let’s cut the cake. So, we sang Happy Birthday to her and let her blow out the candles. When I went into the kitchen for a knife to cut the cake Leona followed me. I am so happy to see Don, but why is Max here and I bet Don thinks he is her for you and if not what do we do with Max. “OMG, OMG, You brought Don her for you, didn’t you? And you expect me to do that little boy, I don’t think so. I finally took Leona by the shoulders and said don’t worry Don is her for you. He doesn’t know it yet but he will soon. This is going to be so much fun I am really excited. Then Leona said what about his son is he suppose to just float around in the pool nude with a floaty while I’m fucking his dad. I said calm down. Don it here for you, but I want to have some fun too. Max is here for me and I can’t wait to see their faces when they find out. Leona said I’m not telling them. I said, no one is. After the cake take Don by the hand up to your room. If he seems confused it won’t last. As soon as you take your clothes off, he will have figured it out. I am going to take Max by the hand and give him the happiest day of his life. Then we can all meet in the pool for some evening relaxing to get our strength back for a night of pleasure.

After we had the cake, Leona walked over to Don and took him by the hand and started to lead him off to her room. Don asked where are we going? You’ll see Leona said. Max started to follow them, I quickly stopped him, I took his hand and said there is something I need to show you this way as I led him off to my room. As we went into my room I locked the door behind us. I felt it was the safest thing to do since I have no idea what he will do. Then as I stood behind him with my hands on his shoulders, I showed him my king-sized bed. I was also slipping my clothes off at the same time. He walked a few feet over to the bed and said it’s a big bed. I think my Dads is about that size. Then his eyes grew big and his mouth dropped open when he turned around and saw me standing there in just my bra and matching panties with matching garter belt and stockings. The poor boy didn’t know what to do. He started stuttering and inching towards the door. I took him by the hand again and said my sweet little Maxy you’re heading the wrong way you belong in my bed. Then I lowered my lips to his and slid my tongue into his mouth and gave him a passionate Kiss for a good two minutes. It was the first time I ever gave a one way kiss. He was just frozen with fear. I told him to relax and loosen up. Max was still stuttering and trying to say Leona as he pointed to the door. I then said I know you are in love with her but she is with your Dad. You are here for me and you will be in love with me before we are done, now in the bed mister. He just walked backward to the bed and climbed up. I then undressed him and thought, I know Leona is having more success since I haven’t heard anything from them. Once he was laying on my bed with an impressive little flag pole standing straight up for such a young boy. He was a good 6-7 inches. Don must really be something. Anyway, I just slid moving very sexy over to Max and started Kissing him again. Then I told him you can now take off my panties and bra and get to know my body. Once he finished I started kissing him again and he is now kissing me back and a quick learner, not bad at all. I was truly enjoying our tongues swimming around together. He was moaning in pleasure and we were only kissing. I then moved down to his manhood kissing his chest stopping only a moment to suck on his nipples and slid my tongue around his navel. I then gave the tip of his mushroom a kiss on the opening and looked up at him. He was smiling like a kid in a candy store. I then gave it several kisses, I could feel it swell. I then thought I better act fast. So I gave it a nice long lick from his testicles to the tip and then placed my lips on it sucking as I slid all the way down it. I started to bob up and down on it over and over, swirling my tongue around it why I sucked on it. I was only on it for like a minute. I didn’t even get to play with his balls yet and he was already ejaculating into my mouth. He had a good three streams shoot out and I sucked and swallowed each one down. This was not easy as I was trying not to laugh as he kept saying, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, it just happened. I told him it was alright, that is what was supposed to happen. I was sucking on it to make it happen. his cock was still oozing some cum out. I went back to it and licked it all up and swallowed it. I then went back up to the head of the bed and told him it was his turn, and yes I had to explain that meant to go down and lick and suck my pussy. He tried, but I had to teach him how to do it by giving him step by step instructions. Once he finally got going it was fantastic and he didn’t want to stop. I finally got him to move up onto me and plant his cock inside of me. It might not have been gigantic but it did feel very nice and once I got his hips moving it got even better. I started moving my hips in rhythm with his and he was moaning for the both of us. I was just starting to feel good and about to moan. Then he just ejaculated again, This time he blew a good five loads into me and it did feel nice, but I was really feeling cheated. He then asked, “did I do it right? Did you enjoy it? was it ok?” I told him that it was fine and it felt nice, you just have to learn to not ejaculate so soon. He looked confused. I said do you know what ejaculate means? He had an idea but wasn’t sure. So I explained that the white stuff was his baby seed, and when a boy and girl want to make a baby then they make love, you know fuck. That’s what we were doing. When the sperm goes into the girl she gets pregnant and then in nine months a baby. He just turned white. Then started up again, OMG I am sorry I didn’t mean to get you pregnant, don’t worry I will do the right thing I will marry you. He was just so cute I was actually falling for this little boy. I just hugged and kissed him deep and passionately. Don’t worry I’m not pregnant, I am on birth control. It stops me from getting pregnant until I want to. He then said, “You know I do love you. I love you very much”. I just said Kiss me Maxy you are a fantastic lover. Then it’s been a couple of years for me now. We just laid there kissing until I finally heard Leona and her man going out to the pool. I then told Max, It’s time to go swimming.

I was so anxious to hear how Leona’s first time was. I know it lasted a lot longer than mine.

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    What a delightful twist to your story. And a wonderful ending.
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