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The old man-Part-V (Grand-Pa and grand daughter)

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My name is Honey, only 16 yrs. old. Today for the first time I am telling you my erotic story with sex wIth my Grand-Pa willy (My mom’s dad). Now myself Honey and my mm Paula shifted to our mom’s dad place as we have planned so to spend my vacation here. My Grand-Pa Willy loves mom, me and all our children very much and always helps us in everyway. But today I will not bore you. I am going to tell you the secret. Right now I look like a 20 year old flower and look very sexy and hot. I have got fucked many times.
My Grand-Pa’s last help to me is very very sexy type. Now I feel like taking cock in my pussy every day and night. Now I am completely addicted to sex. Feel like having sex every day.Willy has retired. Now he is 63 years old but still looks young.
He takes great care of his health from the beginning. This is the reason why even today he looks like a young man. It was a few days ago that I had gone to Willy’s room early in the morning to clean it. He was sleeping on the bed and was also snoring. But now it was morning and Willy had to be woken up. My Grand mom Nicole had woken him up and had gone. I had to wake up Willy.
Me: Willy , get up ,Wake up.
I spoke but Willy was sleeping and caught hold of me and hugged me. I was wearing sports Bra and Skirt. Willy hugged me to his chest and started caressing my cheeks. Started kissing me. He was considering me as his Nicole.
Willy: Come Nicole love me. I told you so much last night but you did not give me your pussy.
Willy said in his sleep, he thought of me as Nicole. He pulled me close to him and started pressing both my breasts. I was surprised to hear Willy’s pussy-fucking talk. This meant that even at the age of 63, Willy still fucks Nicole. He kept sucking my lips with his eyes closed for some time. Then his eyes suddenly opened. When he saw me he immediately left me. He was embarrassed after seeing me.
Willy: Hey Honey daughter, What are you doing here?
Honey: I came to wake you up but you.
Willy: Honey, I thought you as Nicole. Please
Honey: No problem Willy , Old people also have desires. I won’t tell anyone what you did to me.
After that I enjoyed the mischief done by my Willy. How he had caught hold of me and kissed me on the lips. How he kept kissing me for a long time and pressing my oranges. Now, after a few days, I also started feeling like getting fucked by Willy. Next day I went to his room at night. Because Willy was very fond of watching cartoon channels.
Honey: Willy, Should I also watch cartoon shows with you??
Willy: Honey, What is there to ask in this? You have your own house, come enjoy
After that, I sat on the lap of Willy and started watching cartoons, he sextended his hand towards my legs and started caressing my thighs.
Today I wore a see through negligee. Slowly Willy put his hand and reached my panty and started rubbing my pussy. I started saying “..aahh. Within some time I also started feeling sexy. It seemed as if Willy had already maintained the mood. I also did not stop them because I was feeling good. Willy also kept enjoying and then inserted her hand inside the panty and started fingering her pussy quickly. Within 5 minutes I started going crazy.
Willy: How are you feeling Honey? Are you having fun or not??
Honey: Willy, You are a Sex Hercules man. I am having a lot of fun.
As soon as I said this, Willy became aggressive. He quickly got up from the bed and closed the door of the room. The TV kept on so that everyone in the house thought that I was watching cartoons with Grand- Pa. But now he was going to have sex with me.
Willy removed the panty and climbed on top of me and started kissing me everywhere. I was also addicted to sex. I had had sex before, so it was nothing new for me.
Honey: I love you Willy, Fuck me tonight, begging to Grand Pa for fucking my pussy
After that I also started supporting him. Willy started pressing my breasts and fondling my boobs with his hands.I became sexy and started saying “Ah……, I knew Willy was going to fuck me hard today.He was pressing and massaging my breasts in circular motions with his hands. I was getting great pleasure.
Willy: How are you feeling Honey? Are you having fun or not?
Honey: I am having so much fun Willy that I can not sexpress.
Friends, my body was very beautiful and sexy. I was very fair and smooth. Willy was enthralled after seeing my youthfulness. He touched my stomach with his hand many times and kept caressing it lovingly. My navel was as deep as a pussy. Willy ji had a big fire in his heart to fuck me today.
I could clearly see the fire of lust in his eyes. Becoming aggressive he started sucking and kissing my navel quickly. Started inserting fingers and tongue in the navel which was as deep as my pussy. Willy quickly started sucking the navel as if it were a pussy. My body started trembling. Now started moving up. My two breasts and it’s two nipples were tightly erect with pride. When Willy took my breasts under his control, i.e. took them in his hands, another wave of sexcitement ran through my body.
Willy: Daughter Honey, Today I will give you a lot of fun by fucking you. You support me.
I also said of course Grand-Pa. After that Willy quickly took nipples of my boobs in his mouth and started sucking them. When Willy started sucking quickly, I also hugged him. She started holding his shoulders and pressing them to herself.
For a long time, Willy kept sucking my nipples in his mouth. I kept saying –Ahh….. Willy hugged me to his chest and loved me a lot. After kissing my cheek several times, he bit it and kissed my neck and eyes several times, now sex was to happen at any cost.
Willy: Daughter Honey, Now I will fuck you but don’t make any noise.
Honey: But why? if granny knows about it.
Willy: She will not come. Nicole has gone for marketing. Just don’t shout.
After that Willy opened his short and took out his humongous 10 inch+ cock. He started shaking his penis vigorously with his hands in front of my eyes and then started to putting it in my mouth.
Willy: Daughter Honey, Please suck my dick.
Willy had a powerful penis of 10 inches which was 2.5 inches thick. I had sex fever, so I was finding all this very sexy. I also held Willy’s penis with my hand and started mouth fucking it quickly. Willy happily lay down on the bed and I started sucking his penis by whipping it with my hand, He was also having a lot of fun. Due to lust, both his balls had tightened and became hard.
I also used to press Willy’s balls by caressing them with my hand and was sucking the penis with my mouth. Willy held my head and pressed it towards the penis due to which the penis entered my mouth till the throat and got stuck. I couldn’t breathe for some time.
Then with great difficulty the penis came out of the throat. Now I too was feeling like getting fucked. I made Willy’s bulbous pinkish cock head even more red by sucking it for 15 minutes. Now Willy became full of enthusiasm.
Willy: Come Honey, My cock has been waiting for your pussy for so long. Come and ride my cock.
I quickly climbed on Willy’s stomach. I caught hold of his penis and inserted it into the hole of my pussy and when I started sitting down, Willy’s 10-inch wrestler’s penis entered my pussy till the bottom of my pussy.. I started groaning because today I was getting fucked after a long time. The hole of my pussy was closed but today the hole was opened again by Willy’s cock.
Willy: Ah Honey, You are very beautiful, Give me the juice of your pussy today as my cock demands from your pussy..
Honey: Willy, fuck me today like a whore. feel like having sex with your wife.
Both my tight white smooth breasts were still captured in his hands. Willy was pressing my breasts and fucking me while sitting on his penis like a cow girl, bouncing up and down on his cock. The dark circles around the nipples of my white breasts were looking quite sexy. Willy was twisting my nipples with his fingers, which was giving me a different kind of sexual pleasure.
When 20 minutes passed, Willy got tired of pushing into the pussy. Now I had to take charge. Now I leaned forward and started kissing her cheeks and lips. Then I also started fucking. my pussy was fucked deep inside by Willy’s cock. Then he panted and ejaculated into the pussy. I also released my sex jism on Willy’s cock and now we separated and cleaned all our mixed juices from his cock and my pussy and left his room with Good night.


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    My Grandfather fucked me after school while waiting for my Mother to pick me up , he was encouraged by my Grandmother who was so bloody horny and she used to eat my cunt after he fucked me and use a cucumber on me, Cheers Emma.

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    I also want an old guy to fuck my tight little pussy

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      I want them to fuck me hard until I can’t walk, choking me as I call them daddy~

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    Wow I wish I was your grand pa I wood fuck you all the time