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Maid story –Part- X (Making daughter a Pros)

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I am Joel and in tour programme with my daughter Monica. She is looking much more sexy now with her 34-24-34 vital and much more matured. Anyone can go crazy just by seeing him once. She looks like a heroine from a movie. The special thing about her is that she is a number one slut. I am also saying this because she has been fucked many times in front of me by my son and of course by me.
In this hotel where we stayed had many people from outside countries. There were also three Negroes. All of them were dark, muscular man, just like the one seen in a blue film.
In the afternoon we were having dinner in the restaurant of the hotel below. Monica was wearing a top from which her breasts were looking very nice. She was wearing very tight jeans. Those three black people were also there. They were staring at Monica with lustful eyes. When Monica saw all three of them staring at her, she also started enjoying them.
Monica started seducing them deliberately with her boobs and gesture of her vagina. Joel said to Monica – Monica, these are not good for you, you should remain gentle otherwise…they will crush you.
Joel used to talk openly about sex with Monica and she replied – Don’t take tension Dad… just watch and enjoy… you know everything that I am, I am… I have eaten many cocks till date… What will these guys will do with me? Monica ignored my words and started showing them her beauty. Monica was a slut. When was such an opportunity going to come for her again or not?
Three stranger Black bulls were looking for a sex opportunity for her pussy. After some time one Negro named Abraham came near our table and sat down. Neither of us said anything. He started eating food with us. When Monica looked at him and smiling, Abraham placed his hand on Monica’s thigh and started caressing it. He really had the courage, he was caressing my daughter Monica in front of me. He offered both of us to hang out with him, so we both agreed.
After ten minutes all five of us went for a walk. Abraham had a big car. In that car, I sat in the front and Monica sat between two negroes named Linkon and Joe at the back. I was looking through the mirror. Both of them started caressing Monica’s thighs. Monica also became horny . Her hand was caressing the penis of Abraham. Joe was fingering Monica’s pussy.
Then when our car passed in front of a liquor shop and bar, they stopped the car. Linkon, driving the car took me inside a bar to get liquor. We must have stayed inside for only ten minutes. By then Monica was already half naked in the car. Her top was off.
When both of us came back, I saw that Monica was sitting on the lap of Abraham and both Joe and Abraham were kissing her. I did not react anything after seeing Monica. Whenever we have sex like this, we take care of each other. I also supported my Monica as we have made beforehand.
Linkon turned the car back to the hotel and within some time we all proceeded near the hotel. Monica wore her top and we started going inside. After those negroes came into the room, all five of us started drinking alcohol. While drinking alcohol, they all were playing with Monica’s body. Monica was made to wear only bra and panty. Now Monica had also become hot. She sat on Lincon’s lap while drinking alcohol…put her lips on Lincon’s mouth and started kissing.
Joe started caressing the breasts of Monica very mercilessly. Lincon took a sip of liquor in his mouth and poured it in Monica’s mouth and started making her drink. Then Abraham pulled Monica and he also started having the same fun with my Monica. After having fun like this for some time, Abraham also removed Monica’s bra and panty and made her completely nude.
Monica’s body looked as if some angel from heaven had become naked in front of me. Ah, what a beautiful fair body… my penis also got erect after seeing her breasts. Within a few moments all three Negroes also became naked. All of them had average ten-inch black penises which were terribly erect.. Monica took Abraham’s penis in her mouth and started sucking the penis. After sucking Abraham’s penis for ten minutes, Abraham ejaculated in Monica’s mouth. Monica drank all the sex jism of Abraham.
Then Linkon inserted his penis into Monica’s pussy. That bastard had inserted his penis into Monica’s pussy without protection. Tears came out of Monica’s eyes as soon as she took his thick 10 inch humongous cock in her pussy. I too was stunned when he inserted such a big cock into Monica’s tight pussy. Monica also let out a loud sigh. Monica started shouting – Leave it ummm… ahhh… hay… yaah… leave it… But Lincon did not stop, Lincon stopped only after inserting the entire penis inside Monica’s juicy pussy. After some time, Lincon’s penis started pumping into Monica’s pussy. Monica had also engulfed full 10 inch cock in her pusy and she started moaning and enjoying the penis play .
Then Joe inserted his penis into my Monica’s ass after applying sufficient oil in Joe’s penis and Monica’s ass hole and Monica started screaming loudly. Although Monica was comfortable with ass fucking by her dad and brother but it was too much for Monica to take the humongous dick of a Negro in her ass. Then from the third place I inserted my penis into my daughter Monica’s mouth. Due to this, Monica’s voices stopped coming out.
At the same time, the nigger picked up the whiskey bottle, poured it on my penis and started making Monica drink the liquor from her dad’s penis. The penis had entered Monica’s mouth, so it became necessary for her to drink . Monica started enjoying this and she started enjoying the cock inserted in both her holes. Perhaps his pain had reduced.
Now all three bulls were mounted on my Monica together. Now, every four to five minutes, those three were fucking my Monica’s hole with their cocks one by one. Sometimes one nigger was inserting his dick in Monica’s pussy, while the other one would start fucking her ass. The third one was fucking Monica’s mouth by putting his penis in her mouth. The round robin fucking by the Negros continued. Intoxicating sounds of fucking started coming in the entire room. Monica’s intoxicating moans were echoing throughout the room.
Monica was shouting with pleasure – Ah fuck you bastards… fuck me… Those niggers kept fucking Monica like a whore for two hours. Monica’s fair body had turned red due to sex. Joe who was hitting Monica’s ass… had turned Monica’s breasts red by pressing them.
Then all three of them took out their penises and made Monica sit in the middle and one by one started putting their penises in Monica’s mouth. The sex jism of those black bulls started coming out. Those three black people were squirting into Monica’s mouth one by one. Monica drank all three’s sex jism. After turning holes of Monica’s pussy and ass into a manhole i.e spreading the hole at maximum all three of them went out laughing after some time.
Monica was lying face down on the floor. I cleaned her pussy I told her – Come on Monica, let’s leave before those three come back. Monica said- Stop…for the first time today I am feeling like a whore. Even if the pussy gets wide open today, it will be okay but I have enjoyed at most and not satisfied till now.
After some time, all three of them came back to the room drunk. The orgy of sex started again. All three of them started fucking Monica vigorously. This time my Monica was also enjoying. By now I had masturbated twice while watching my Monica’s sex as I have not got the chance to put my penis in Monica’s hole. Now I started enjoying seeing such big cocks. I took out a nigger’s penis which was inserted in my Monica’s mouth, took it in my mouth and started sucking it.
Monica was laughing at me while having sex. the penises of these bastards were very thick. Somehow we both reached our room and slept. When I regained consciousness after some time, I saw that Monica was smoking a cigarette. Dad want some sex? I also gave him a wink. She offered me a cigarette. I also enjoyed smoking while lying on my Monica’s lap. Monica started rubbing me with her breasts.
Monica wanted to become a heroine in films, but she knew that in the beginning she would have to come out from under the dicks of those who got her work in films, she would have to become a prostitute. Despite this, I was sure that he could not get anything more than a B grade film. All these sex show has been video recorded by both Joel and Monica separately as per direction of Honey. The family is degrading where dad makes daughter a pros. Later….


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    My daughter and I are still reading your stories and the little slut gets between my legs and eats my cunt and fucks me with a freshly picked cucumber from our garden.Told me she was to horny to go to school today and wanted to read more stories, so I let her stay home. She has just turned 12 and is certainly waring her sloppy cunt out Between our K9 and our little ponies. She started at 6am with me and it’s now 4pm and her bald cunt is red and swollen, 💙💖💓💕💗 Emma from Aus.