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My step-mom 2

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Here cums part two. Thing I start doing to my step-mom bras and panties.

This went on for months, watching my step-mom undress at night and getting into the bathroom right after she showed smelling mer fresh warn panties. I started licking her panties where they rest against her yummy sweet pussy. When I getting close to cumming I wrap her panties around my dick dumping my cum where her pussy sits.

I want more so much more! When I’m left home alone I go through her panties drawer rubbing her bras and panties on my hard dick, so soft feels so good.

I dream I’m sucking her beautiful tits kissing my way down to her sweet pussy. Sliding my tongue between her pussy lips flicking her clit. She starts rocking her hips, her pussy rubbing up and down on my tongue. As she starts to orgasm I slide my tongue inside her wet creamy hole. Licking up all her sweet pussy cream.

I get on my back, she takes my very hard cock and slides her tongue around the tip then sliding into her mouth all the way down to the base. Moving her tongue around my dick still deep in her mouth. She slowly starts sliding her mouth up and down up and down. She’s still working my cock when she lightly drag her finger nails on my ball sack, and all of the sudden I exploding my cum coating the inside her mouth. She starts sucking my dick really hard getting every last drop of cum out of my dalls. My dick falls out of her mouth and she has this sluty look on her face as she swallows my hot load. Then we start kissing she tastes her pussy on my tongue and I tast her cum flavored tongue.

If only she knew what I was doing to her bras and panties, and what I wanted to do to her. It’s been 30 years and I sill get hard thinking about what I want to do to her. Mmmm!!!

More to cum!!!

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