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Peeping Tamara

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Another reversal, of a girl doing the sorts of things you expect from boys, so she gets away with it, for a while…

“Uh!” I dropped my phone, and looked back. “Don’t you knock?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’re taking a nap in here.” he backed out, pulling the door.

My brother, Darren. Thank god I was just barely started, and hadn’t even gotten my panties down yet.

He knocked.

“What is it?”

“Sorry, but before you fall back asleep, you have a pencil sharpener I can borrow?” At least that gave me a chance to push my phone under my pillow, so I sat up.

“Huh! Yeah.” I checked my hair, and pulled it out from being mussed up on the pillow. “I think it’s right here in my backpack.” Scooted over, and checked, trying to count the seconds until my phone locked, and the screen went blank, with my hip over by the pillow, but it wasn’t in the zipper pocket. “Uh, check the desk.” I pointed, and waited until his back was turned, to check on my phone.

“Which drawer?” I dropped my pillow over it, but too late, he looked over. “Hey, what are you hiding under there? You weren’t sleeping in here, where you, and.” He sniffed, “You smell funny.” He pulled my pillow back.

“Hey!” I grabbed my phone before he could, and held it down. Face down, the way i dropped it before I shoved it under there, so he still didn’t see.

“What were you looking at on there?”

“None of your business?”

“I bet it was porno, wasn’t it? You’re sweaty, and it smells like horny girl sweat.”

“Uh, how would you know what that smells like?”

“My girlfriend used to sweat like that when we fooled around?”

“You have a girlfriend?” I shook my head, then scoffed, “Yeah right.”

“Not any more, we broke up.”

I changed the subject, so I jumped on the distraction. “Oh yeah, what she dump you for?”

“She didn’t dump me, I mean yeah, I got on her nerves, and bugged her about the stuff that bothered me about her, too.”

“Like what?”

“Like, what’re you looking at on your phone?”

“I told you, none of your business, but who was she, this ex of your’s?”

“Well, it doesn’t matter any more, but. I guess it still bugs me, so you mind if I ask you some stuff?”

“Like what?”

“Like what girls look for in porn.”

“Well, you know, regular stuff.” I looked away, but held my hand over my phone, even though it was still face down, on my lap. “I guess,” I shrugged, and tried to play it off.

“No, I don’t know what’s normal stuff, for girls. I only ever had 1 girlfriend, and I’m not really sure it is, even normal for her to. Like.”


“Huh, men.” he rolled his eyes.

“Sound’s pretty normal to me.”

“Yeah, but, you know. Lots of men, all at once, and just one girl?”

“Oh, gangbangs?” I shook my head, “I don’t know, maybe I can ask my friends, but one would be plenty for me.”

“One guy?”

“Yeah, if he was the right guy, I guess. If he wasn’t too creepy, or nosy.” I poked his tummy.

“Yeah, huh.” He laughed, “So, not to be too nosy, but. That’s what you’re looking at, on the internet?”

“Huh, yeah. And, I guess. I better ask you anyway, since you’re here, and.” I finally turned my phone over, held it up, and tapped the screen. “Don’t look!”

“Well, you can’t show me if I don’t look.”

“No, my pin number.”

“Oh.” She turned around, so I could tap the corner, sweep over, then diagonal, and up, halfway. I’m not going to tell you, which way, or what my new combination is now, but I changed it, anyway. Can’t be too safe on the internet, especially on sites like this, with all the pervs here, and all your comments.

So anyway, I said “Okay,” and showed him. He shook his head, “Is that dad’s?”

“No? Of course not, why would I.”

“I don’t know why you’d have one of dad’s dick picks on your phone, but that’s their dresser.” He pointed, and tapped the screen. Which made the video play. “What the, you made a video?”

“Yeah? I couldn’t be in the room to take pictures, so I just set it to record, and stop it when I get to the good part. Don’t your recognize him?”

“No? But. Huh!” Speaking of the good part, he dropped his pants, and held it up. Pulling it out to get it hard, then letting the skin slip back from the warm looking pink head. “He’s not circumcised.” He turned his head. “Hey, if that’s not dad, than what’s he doing in their room? Is mom sleeping with him?”

“No, she wasn’t there either. You sure you’ve never seen him before? He’s your friend.”

“Well, I can’t see his face, and it’s not like I look at my friend’s dicks, and butts, but. Oh.” He pulled out the sock drawer. Dad’s sock drawer, and put it up on the dresser to reach down, and pull out the magazines underneath. “Doug.”

“Now you recognize him?” Too bad he didn’t bend over low enough to see the look on his face, but I had to set it up carefully, in the window sill. So the screen was covered up by the side of the window, and the camera on the other side peeked out beside the blinds, where he never noticed.

“No, but who else would know where dad keeps his stash?”

“I don’t know, you, me?” Maybe mom, I don’t really know.

“I mean besides me, and I think I’d recognize you, even if you made a video of yourself.” He sure watched it a long time, before he looked over, at my hand, in my lap. Between my legs, with my skirt pulled up, to get it out of the way. “Huh!”

He stepped back, and ran right into the end of the door. “Huh!” I spread my legs, and leaned back, “You don’t have to leave, but you mind closing the door?” He shook his head, and waved around behind him, but he didn’t look back. He just found the doorknob, and pulled it out. Stepped back, and pushed it shut, then leaned up against it. “It’s okay, if you want to watch, but why don’t you get your’s out?”

“My boner?” He covered it up, and told me he was hard, and the same time, but I just nodded.

“Huh, yeah. You know, I like watching boys whack off now, but. Huh!” He unzipped his pants, and I licked a little drool, starting to wet the corner of my mouth.

“Well, why don’t you pull your underwear down, if you want to watch me. I can’t see your.” I just hopped up, and he stopped. Looked down, and dug around in his fly, while I flipped up my skirt, and shimmied them down my hips. Then, I hopped up on my bed again, and spread my legs. “Look,” my lips open with my fingers. “Now get it out. Unbutton your pants, come on. Huh!” I was so excited I couldn’t wait.

Of course he’s circumcised, too. Just like dad’s, but a little shorter, a lot younger, not nearly as hairy. Okay, I lied. He’s lucky it wasn’t dad humping the dresser, or him on the bed with a nudie mag held up, but this was way better, because he knew i was watching him, he’s looking at me, and he has no idea how long I’ve been playing with myself, watching him looking at dad’s porno mags, and beating it like a redheadded stepchild, but Doug.

He didn’t get as many chances to sneak in there, since he doesn’t live here, but that made it easy to set it up ahead of time. Dad doesn’t exactly say well kids, your mom’s not here, so I’m gonna go and spank the monkey in my room now. I was lucky the one time I caught him watching Skinemax late, and what the hell is it with old guys, anyway?

I mean, yeah. I know they grew up with magazines, and soft-core on late night cable, but there’s this new thing, called the internet? Yeah, you can even search for whatever you want, but they don’t exactly have exactly what I want, because it’s kinda weird. Okay?

I don’t know them, any of those guys on the internet. I mean yeah, I know who Peter North is, and it sure was impressive how much of a wad he could blow, at once. You have to think that he saves up, just to make sure his balls are full, and only does a shoot every other month? I don’t know, how long does it take for nuts to fill up before you have to let loose, or it just leaks out in your sheets at night?

“Huh! I’m hot.” he took his shirt off, “Aren’t you hot?”

“Oh, yeah,. I laughed, “suave, but if you just want to see my bra.”

“No, of course I don’t want to see your bra. Come on.”

“Turn around.”

“What for, so I don’t see the combination on your bra?”

“No, so I can see your tush, and bend over. Spread your legs, not your butt. I don’t want to see your butthole, I want to see your nuts, and your ass at the same time. Huh!”

He looked up, from between his legs, all frog-legged out with his shoes still on, and his pants stretched tight over them, but really, I wanted to see what he would do for a chance to see me topless. “You don’t need to keep your skirt on now.”

“You better take off your shoes, and pants too, then.” But I tried to remember the last time, we’d been naked in the same room together. It had to be a long time ago, because we’re too young to care. Oh, what’s those? I don’t have those, i have this. See?

That’s a long way from masturbating together. “Huh!” I just had to get something inside me, so i settled for fingers, and. “God I’m so wet.” A little came out with my knuckles, and ran down my taint, to my crack.

“Can I see your butt, too? Don’t get up, just hold your leg up, huh. Yeah, your butthole. How come it’s not pink, or brown at all?”

“I don’t know, I don’t look at my own butthole. Your ex girlfriend, did she have a pink butthole?”

“Yeah, or red, but a little dark, red, Huh, uh!”

“No, don’t! Uh!” I grunted, and hunched when my fingers slipped out, but it was too late. “Don’t waste it! Huh! Uh huh!” I managed to grab his legs, and his knees shook, but he caught himself on the bed. That made him let go, but he had at least one more good spurt left in him, and it jumped! Twitched, and the wad shot high, but I closed my eyes, and held my face up when it hit my hair.

“Mhn!” i licked my lips, but only a little string touched my forehead, and it didn’t even get all the way to my eyebrows.

“Nh, uh. On your, ngh, face?”

“Huh, I don’t care, surprise me.” I blinked, but he already had. He grunted, but held it back. Pinched right under the head, it swelled, and the hole flared open like a nostril breathing heavy, but nothing came out. “Uh, hah! Huh!” He let go, but held it down. So, the last of it ran out all together, and left a thick thread before it landed, hot wet, and sticky, right on my chest. “Huh!” he shook another drop, so it swung up, and hit my cheek, then squeezed the last of it out. “Huh! Uhn!” Then, he put his elbow down. Turned, and half crawled, standing up, to lie sideways on my bed. Panting, out of breath. “Huh, we probably shouldn’t have done that.”

“Huh?” I felt the big thick jelly, and ran my fingers down, to rub it between my tits. he missed, but that was easy enough to fix. “Yeah, i guess, but. I don’t care, if you want to do it again, and again, I will.”

“Ngh,” he swallowed. “Huh, I don’t know. I better think about it.”

“Huh, okay, then get out, while you go think about it. I better go wash, my hands. Before i do something stupid, and get myself pregnant. I’ll bring you the pencil sharpener when I’m finished.”

“Okay,” he got up, and bent over to grab his pants, so i couldn’t resist slapping his tushy, but he jumped, and ran out before I could goose his balls, too.

“Huh!” Oh well. “Maybe next time.”

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