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Abusive step-dad

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A story about a girl [11], her younger step-brother and her Step-dad.


My mom married my step-dad two months ago and he has two sons. Both my step-dad and step-brothers are very kind and sweet towards me and mom. I am currently in school still with my female bestfriend Sammy [11], we are the same age.

Currently my mom works fulltime at an administrative office and my step-dad works parttime but has nightshifts as a security employee. My oldest step-brother Jeffrey [19] goes to uni and goes out quite often and sometimes comes home drunk. He is pretty cold compared to my step-dad, but still takes care of me a bit. My other step-brother Jamie [10] is younger but way more bubbly and cute. He goes to the same school as me but a class lower.

After my mom got married I was happy to have a big full family again, especially because I couldn’t even remember my dad. My mom goes to work very early in the mornings, so my step-dad makes sure we have eaten breakfast and even drives me and my youngest step-brother to school everyday. After school my mom picks us up and makes dinner for us. My older step-brother gets home a bit later, mostly just on time to eat dinner with us. This been happening for weeks now, which was cozy and great until my step-dad has been doing different towards me.


It’s an usual start of the day and my step-dad wakes me up to get ready for school and then wakes up my little step-brother [10] whom I share my room with. I see him rolling from his bed with only his little cute boxer on and a small stain on the front where his little pp is hiding. I giggle at the sight of it and get out of the bed myself to get ready to take a bath. My step-dad opens the bathroom door and gives me one towel and tells my little step-brother to join me in bath. I look at my step-dad shyly and tell him I rather not want to bath together, since I’m a girl. My step-dad gets annoyed all of a sudden and gets mad at me.

“You think you are any better than my son? Or do you think because you are a female you should be treated differently?

He raised his hand up high and I immediately protected my face in case he was going to hit me. I apologized and said it wasn’t what I meant and he manipulated me to still share the bath. He undressed Jamie and then me and lifted me into the bathtub. He left us there and we started to wash ourselves. It seems Jamie liked to share baths, because he was curious about me and started to poke me a bit. I slapped his hand away shyly and just covered my body with my hands a bit. Then my step-dad came back into the shower, totally naked. I screamed and closed my eyes. I felt my cheeks becoming red and I heard my brother excitedly laughing and telling my dad he has a big penis. My step-dad laughed and wasted no time. He stepped into the bathtub, but there was no space, so he lifted me up and placed me on his lap before sitting down. I even felt more shy now, since I wasn’t used to seeing people from the opposite gender, let alone seeing both my step-brother and step-dad.

“My pretty Berry… Why are you so shy? Even your little brother is comfortable and enjoying this.”

I didn’t give my step-dad an answer and just went mute for a moment. And then my step-brother looked up at my step-dad and was asking me why girls have such a weird looking penis. My step-dad replied and asked him what so weird was about it. Then my step-brother poked at my pussy and I squirmed by the touch. My step-brother obviously liked my reaction and kept poking at it, harder and harder until one finger poke slides into my pussy, making me cry out and scream. He got scared because he didn’t expect it to hurt me and apologized for hurting me. My pussy still stings and I tried to get out of bath, but my step-dad pulled me down again, but I landed on his dick. I felt the hard tip pushing at the entrance of my pussy and I felt incredibly uncomfortable.

“Ste- Step-dad, please can I get out?”

My step-dad got angry at me again. ” I told you before many times, to not call me step-dad, I’m your daddy.”

I nodded and apologized and asked again if I could get out. He told me to clean myself first before we could go out of the bath. My step-dad softly began to grope me underwater and I was flustered by this. I didn’t hate the kind of touch, but at the same time I felt very uncomfortable. But then my step-dad touched my bumhole and was softly poking it, just like my step-brother did poke my pussy a few minutes ago. I squirmed and wanted to scream out again, but I used both my hands to muffle my scream and looked at my step-brother to look if he heard it, but he didn’t even look at us. My step-dad even went a bit further by pushing a whole finger in and I really began to cry hard by this stinging pain. I begged again to him if I could get out of bath and then he agreed and let go of me. I got out of the bathtub and this time I saw my brother look at us again, especially look at my body and I saw my step-dad do the same.

“Jamie, my sweet son. You wanna learn how to be a man today?”

My step-brother nodded excitedly and stood up. My step-dad grabbed my step-brothers pp and started touching it aggressively. I was shocked, uncomfortable and most of all confused. I was in the bathroom standing naked, water still on my body and looking at my brother crying and squirming around. I immediately felt bad for him and started slapping my step-dad to let him go. My step-dad didn’t appreciate that and grabbed my hair and pushed my head into the water, making me unable to breathe. I slapped around and tried to make him let me go, until I felt like passing out.


Hi everyone, my nickname is Strawberry Milk, aka Berry~
Thank you all for reading my fantasy (short) story, I hope you liked it. I am actually 23 year old female and I got many likings, kinks & fantasies just like the story I wrote for you all up there. This is the first story, but I will continue from this point in the stories that are next to come.
I am not sure yet how many stories I will write yet. I am also very new to writing stories in a foreign language, so if you have any tips for me, let me know~

Are you also curious to what will happen after I pass out?


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